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You and Only You by The Anchoress

Søren Lund Korsgaard

Thanks for this submit submission. Really nice and dark synth pop. I dig the way the track builds and get more intense and noisy in the end. The dark bass line works really well over all. The same goes for the glitchy vocal effects. I do however find the female voice as well as the chorus a bit boring. 
Good luck!

Alan Cross

First of all, I should mention that I'm a sucker for this sort of British pop (I was a fan of Mansun back in the day, too). And I completely agree with the comments that this is a more feminist version of Lana Del Rey. Good quote. 

So how to break into the North American market? You'll need a radio plugger (I can give you some suggestions for both Canada and the US if you email me at and you should definitely target NPR. They like this sort of stuff.

Getting blog placement is also important. An exclusive debut-style reveal on one of the hipper sites (Brooklyn Vegan, Sterergum, Gorilla vs. Bear, etc.) might get the buzz going at a grassroots level.  I'd be happy to post the video on my site ( as well. I also work for 102.1 the Edge, the second-biggest alternative station in North America.

Andrea Young

I can see why this is getting attention!, Its got that Sia/Lana Del Rey type of thoughtful, intelligent and rich electronic alt pop sound.  Send a high quality mp3 to and I’ll find a place for it on shows and playlists. For me the video doesn't add to it, its something of a distraction, and I preferred to listen to the track without watching it, but possibly I am missing something in the lyrics, I don’t quite get the connection. Thanks for the submission, good luck!

Bree Noble

Even though this doesn't completely feature the female vocalist, it is an engaging song and we'd like to air it. Please send us a private message on Fluence and we'll work out the details.

Stephen White

Very interesting mesh of synth-pop and indie, with slight undertones of the Human League and Depeche Mode. Nicely produced, 

Mee 丰

Hello, great track, and we've already been playing it on Amazing Radio.

Kier Lehman

Good production. I like the rhythm tracks and the simple synth hook melody. The chorus has a lot of voices going on and could probably benefit from mixing those for a bit more clarity and feature the lead voice more prominently.   I like the build built into the song too. My main note would be to simplify the chorus vocals. A lot of times simplicity helps, especially when trying to combine music with media. If something is too complicated I can draw too much attention. 

Shamal Ranasinghe

Thanks for sending this to me. The fact that you sent it to me means something to since if you believe in this artist, that's a huge signal for me. I've listened three times already. I'm going to share it with Nazlee too and my followers.  Song, vibe, and video made me harken back to an edgier Chrissie Hynde. Thanks again for sharing. I'm going to recommend some other folks you send this to on Fluence.

Hugh McIntyre

The music was really interesting and on-trend, the vocals and the lyrics were alright, but I really wasn't into the video. I see what you were going for, but it didn't do it for me, sorry. To me it was like a joke, while everything else was pretty serious. Another video might fit better.

Kristin Schloesser

THANK YOU for helping me through my Monday email flow. Love this track, threw me back to Missing Persons & even reminded me of my friends client in the day, the band Garbage. definitely a chill vibe, which i think is on trend, needed & marketable. i'm torn between wanting to "modernize" the sound in the production, off top, and calling it perfect. probably means, don't change a thing. haha great track. run with it!

David Choi

I can see this being used in an end credit of an action movie. Cool track with a mysterious vibe. Could hear this on KCRW. Not sure about mainstream radio. Wish I could understand the lyrics a little better, but I understand its a stylistic thing in the vocal. Music video seems to be geared to be more artistic than trendy or something engaging to the average person. Don't see it going viral based off the video, but I will say the song is stronger than the video. The chorus is catchy. Maybe remix it to be an EDM song to try something new?

Ed Cohen

The song and lead female vocal are good, but the male harmony vocal does not blend well,  Make that wor, and you may have a winner here,

Pedro Costa

Thanks for your submission!
I really like this song. Great hook and vibe.
Almost authentic 80s sounding which could be great for source music on films or tv shows set in the 80s.
As an artist single the one thing that bothered me were the vocal mix. The female singer's vocal track was not processed very well, with lots of fluctuations i volume. While at times the backup male singer was over taking the lead. Also I would only keep the make vocal on for some phrases of the chorus. It should not be in the verse at all. Perhaps in the pre-chorus on specific key words.

Also if the right opportunity presented itself my licensing company may be interested in pitching it for a sync deal. Great potential here. Looking forward to what this artist does next.
All the best,


Anthony. J Haworth

Ok here goes love the track but not the mix or production .
The song has vast potential and I can name three artist waiting for this song to record but not in this condition ,you need to remix slowly get your sound volumes right get everything in place and it needs to be done slowly and it needs a master,,,you have a hit on your hands so don't waste it...good luck ...just remix remaster.....

Andy Edwards

I love this. Given who's involved, I am not sure if there is anything meaningful I can add, other than if you find yourself needing a bit more budget this sort of project could find help from The Momentum Music Fund.  I found it really useful for a project - although creatively very different - but with similar commercial potential; i.e. good team and some resource, but a little extra made all the difference.

Something to think about: the YouTube channel is a bit sparse.  Three videos uploaded a year ago and then a new one all of a sudden. Might be worth thinking about how you can feed more content and build her profile without resorting to make-up tips and stand-up comedy.    Whether that is live or acoustic, or sound check stuff, etc

Alan Poyer

Thank you first of all for your excellent press release; all the details needed are included and I appreciate the full bio link. Please feel free to send an album link to and I'd be more than glad to help out with the release on my socials and personal music blog. I'm excited to dive into the album further and thanks for sending my way!

Sean Adams submitted media.

Heather Willensky

Beautiful track, really lovely production too. I've long been meaning to check out more of Ed's work and this should push me into exploring his catalogue! 

Andrew Evans

I liked it. I like the chorus yet for some reason also found the track didn't hold my attention the whole way through. A touch plodding but the chorus is worth it.