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Taylor Barnes

I really like this track and its classic dub/reggae sound, however I think it would be more interesting if the vocalist varied the pitch in his melody more instead of using the same melody throughout the song. The outro is well done and makes the track easy to mix out of if used in a dj set. I enjoy the song's minimal structure, but I think it could benefit from a few unique drum fills here and there to spice it up and keep it interesting. 

Valida Carroll

Overall it's a solid track...The production is tight...The beat has a bounce which is important with dubstep otherwise it feels too bland and boring...The rhymes are well executed...The thing that could add to this track is a hook...It's a little low on the high end...I could hear a really cool catchy synth sound somewhere in the beginning and maybe bring it back at the break and also at the end at 3:39. Something that will stick in people's head...A cool little melody....or even just a few tones that will resonate and hypnotize people. Also, the muted vox in the front are a little too can't discern what's happening...What is he saying? Personally I like it when I can understand the lyrics...But good job overall...The beat is great.

John Lashley submitted media.

Bad Mofo by Juakali

Hannah Parvaz

Really strong beat, good intro. I am not sure whether or not I am that Bad Mother, but I am sure a lot of people will answer yes, yes, yes! 

Marni Wandner

Whoa cool stuff...the beginning made me feel like I was in a movie!  I stopped play because I'm not sure I've much feedback to offer as the genre is a bit out of my wheelhouse.  Have you run this by anyone who specified #hiphop or #dub?  I like the track, just don't want you to have to pay if I can't offer the feedback you're looking for.  Good luck to you! 


Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good!

Eric Chen

I am definitely not the Bad Mofo although I wish I was.

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