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Bruno Natal

Thanks for reaching out.

In Brazil there's tons of blogs covering just EDM. One of the most respected ones is Bate-Estaca:

And DJ Sound and Deep Beep sees a lot of traffic:

Some smaller blogs are:

And if you want to get a high fee, Warung Club is your place to go:

Hope it helps. The video looks beautiful.


Valida Carroll

You should hook up with a licensing company to get your music into TV and film...I would suggest Hidden Track or whoever does the licensing for other dub step/hard bass artists....Look up the soundtrack for Tron or Matrix...see who administers these artists...also look up who are the music supervisors for the sci-fi films in which you'd like to see placement for your music and then reach out to them...send them a package with One-Sheet...Your music is the perfect fit for sci fi adverts...You just need a good licensing deal with someone and they will do the rest...Even Kobalt could use use, I'm sure...You already have a good amount of internet presence....and a nice fanbase...You just need a little extra push. 

Jason Drake

Love the video.  My initial response was that I could see this on the more highly trafficked art and design blogs such as This Is Colossal, Juxtapose, Design Boom, Beautiful Decay, Indulgd, and BOOOOOOOM.  I could also see this on MTVu and MTV Hive for the college demographic. As well as lifestyle and tech blogs like Boing Boing and Gizmodo. 

Brian Hazard

You know I love your music, and now I'm gaga over the video too! Hypnotizing. Vocals are a great addition. Never heard of Metal Mother before, but the voice seems vaguely familiar. Pacing is spot on. Nice laid back synth solo at 2:30, and then silence. Aww yeah, we're back! You always know just how long to keep a vibe going before changing things up. Again, nothing but good things to say. Thanks for sending this to me! I'm happy to share it.

Chris McGarry submitted media.

Mind of a Beast by The Glitch Mob

Brian Hazard

You tricked me into thinking it was going to be a piano-based track! Great opening build. It's amazing there's room in that heavy mix for such a thin lead melody, but it works, and contributes to the massive overall sound. This is a really nice progression on your established sound, which I recognized immediately. Love the breakdown around 2:45. Aww yeah, here it comes! BOOM. And then you take the arrangement further with the thick chords and arpeggio, when all I was expecting was the main vamp again. NICE!

You'll hear nothing negative (or constructive, for that matter) from me! It's fantastic. Really looking forward to the album!

Taylor Barnes

This track is extremely well produced.  The Glitch Mob has spent a long time working on this album and it shows. This fast paced drum and bass style is definitely a departure from the overall sound of their previous album 'Drink the Sea' which had a more downtempo feel to it.  I really like the way this piece gradually evolves and small nuances and elements are gradually introduced, such as the synthesized pad sound that's introduced around 1:50.  


Glitch Mob have done an incredible job of honing their sound to be instantly recognizable. Their tracks (while full of grit and grime) consistently have a sonic clarity which is not easily achieved when working with such extreme frequencies. Overall this track is a banger and definitely something I'd expect to hear at any reputable EDM festival. 

Sahpreem King

Did that just happen? In 4 minutes and 11 seconds, I became a GLITCH MOB FAN! Wow, this song has got EDM festivals and major motion picture placement written all over it. Stellar production and arrangement! The melody was so catchy; I may have to seek medical attention to remove it from my head. I was completely blown away and I believe music supervisors and concert promoters will be too.

The Glitch Mob has taken me on an intergalactic journey into my subconscious and the ride was phenomenal. I especially loved the surreal imagery of the video with the face submerged in water…sheer genius. I would love to hear more of their work and share it with my tribe of artists and other music business pros. 


The track's incredibly well produced - I love the glitched up section in the middle! The video is excellent. I think that my personal tastes have moved on from the 'bigger' Dubstep snares and synth lines but they still have an army of fans here in the UK! Having said that, I'm sensing things moving away from that on the underground side of things here.

Valida Carroll

Epic. I love everything about this...The music, the video...Great!

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