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Andrea Young

I have to be honest and say I had to watch the video 3 times and then get on your website in order to really understand what STATE does.  Now that I understand, I really like and support the concept. But for me, somehow the video didn't quite go all the way in communicating how I would use STATE or why I would want to. And I actually enjoy following my friends with hashtags/tweets/fb to keep up with what they are up to (strangers not so much). So I would see STATE as a place to state my opinions in a broader context. Really like that.  
Suggestion on spreading the word would be to get some master communicators involved in using STATE (for ex Kare Anderson).  And catch fire by somehow aggregating opinions (sort of like what did).
hope that's helpful!  thanks for the opportunity to view the video and state my opinion.

C Bret Campbell

A few more clues as to what it is all about in the video would have helped me, though it was compelling enough to watch all of it, it was pretty vague.
Are you charging for the app? If so, give away a few hundred copies with a "facebook sign-in post" for some quick social sharing.
A series of even shorter edits particularly including the most humorous cuts could go a long way. 30 seconds fits in a youtube add (have you seen the add on youtube in which a musician has bought ad space for his music video? it's quite good and I've watched the whole thing a few times).

Mike B

I like all the cut scenes and I do understand what's going on because I'm present in the social media but it could get confusing....  Not sure the message to go to is clear and I don't think that message gave m ea solid reason to go to

Zac Abroms

Not entirely sure what the application advertised is offering, but I found the ad pretty amusing and I'm curious to check it out. 

Eric Danton

Clever video that aptly sums up the clutter, noise and, often, futility of social media. I don't tend to gravitate toward YouTube often, so not sure a cliffhanger ending (what happens next?) will do much to lure in users like me.

Pedro Seiler

you need a strong presence in twitter, facebook, instagram to begin wth.
relevant stories, user with strong online presence, like ambassadors.
a good PR and some live events as well. then it has to be organic...

Gustavo Mini

1. Catchy tagline when promoting.
2. Plus adequate DIgital PR with influencing bloggers/facebooker.
3. Pay for a good media plan.

Andrew Nast

For me personally it's more about creating a social circle within social media. Fans of something are obviously awesome, but a network of people working on common goals is the best type of "follower." If you wish to become something massive, you need to have "the thing" that makes it, or, it has to compete with something and do it slicker. Win over the trend setters with some usefulness that benefits them. If you want to be focused in size, provide some value to compete.

Until I download the app (which I will try to do tonight), I'm not sure what this app is, or why it's unique and/or awesome. What are your goals? I need more info and insight to suggest how to spread the word.

Michael Brandvold

You breakthrough by knowing your audience and giving them what they like.

Indie Band Guru

That video is a good start.  Now get it to go viral.  Spread it on all those social networks that you made fun of.  

Joshua Smotherman

If you can get bloggers talking about this, I think you can pick up quite a bit of traction. Most bloggers love expressing their opinions... I would also suggest crafting videos/ads/promos catered to specific markets/demographics. You would also benefit from allowing bloggers to interview someone(s) from the company to discuss the platform, inspiration, motivation, and goals. The video above was humorous and did a great job at piquing interest..but I'm still not sure what the product is about and why I need to go use it...

From this specific video, I am not rushing off to go download the app. I'm left wondering what's the purpose of this? ...despite how humorous I found the video.

Country Fried ROCK

I pick and choose the socials that work for me and my audience.  I find that my 3 primaries tap somewhat overlapping, but essentially different cores, & they are manageable and fluid.  I don't get caught up in having to be everywhere (I'm there, but I engage in a limited space).  I'd rather connect directly with my people in the places that are working and develop those relationships.  I don't try to be all things to all audiences.

In terms of spreading the word, I found the video amusing, but I'd rather know what you are, than what you are not.  I find the "what we are not" vibe of the piece a bit snarky and condescending as the video goes on.  Maybe smaller bits of it in separate pieces, but 90 seconds goes from funny to hipster in a bad way.

Ryan Whyte

Do something different. Don't do the same thing everyone else has done incrementally better. Reimagine or recontextualize a universal idea in a way that is fresh and engaging. If all else fails be the first to produced good content around some emergent facet of the zeitgeist. 

Jason Simpson

An interesting concept. Breaking through the noise is something we all need to figure out, especially when trying to influence. First and foremost, having a dedicated core of beta testers to try out your service and get involved is the first step. Build some momentum around your campaign. Name recognition and spreading the word are the name of the game. Look at this app. It's generated a bit of controversy, with people raising questions about paying for people's opinions, but the word has gotten out, with a lot of people hashtagging and tweeting about Fluence. Could be seen as an example of all press is good press. So, organizing viral campaigns would be a good first step. This video is a good start, also, as it is slick and very well made, plus it's funny, which always goes a long way towards getting shared. Don't overlook Tumblr, Reddit and Pinterest, as viable social markets, as well. You might do a bit of research, and figure out when the best times to post this kind of media, to the various social media networks, for maximum impact. For instance, I've heard 1:00 p.m. is a great time to reach people with social media posts, as people are just getting back from lunch. Remember to take into account different time zones, for whatever market you're trying to reach, and maybe tailor each to the specific region. Some kind of infographic might be useful, if you have that data, as they are easily shared across various social media platforms. And also, and it looks like you already understand this, but good graphic design cannot be overstated, as things that are sharp and classy (like this video), get shared a lot. Enlist some typographers. Also, consider finding other websites that deal with this sort of topic, and look into running some ads on their page. And, lastly, find others interested in what you're doing, and like, favorite and RT what they do. It's an easy way to build a niche, that spreads awareness of your product/brand, without being pesky. A harmless, and actually helpful, way to raise name recognition and brand awareness. 

Record Rewind Play

I'm not sure I have broken through all the noise. Seems you either have to get one big lucky moment, or find enthusiastic supporters who don't already have massive networks, but are still trying to grow their own audience.

Shahid Buttar

That's the million dollar question. Campaigns that create incentives for sharing seem to work well, as can targeted outreach to specific individuals with broad followings. I think your video would be especially well received among artists, authors, and content producers of all kinds frustrated by the rising cacophony online.

DJ ReMike

I try to use my iPhone settings to disable push notifications so that I'm less tempted to open any social media apps. Always looking for other ways to keep it in check though because it doesn't always work. Looking forward to checking out the State app!

Phillip Yung

Hi! Thanks for sharing. 

I was pretty confused at first since I was not expecting an ad. I usually get things that are related to music, since that is where my expertise is. 

The ad seems very well done. It incorporates a good amount of humor and a wide variety of human interaction with today's social media. The production seems great and it kept me interested for the full 1:33, whereas a lot of traditional commercials I just skip or not pay attention. Though I am not really experienced in critiquing commercials, it serves as to be memorable through the humor and wittiness, which is one of the tools to make a good ad/commercial. 

Nice work! But in the future, I would suggest submitting things music related for me. Thanks! 



Maria Mouk

incroyable! :) this is a good place to start...

Eric Chen

It starts a little slow ... first 10-20 seconds are key for me but I really got it towards the end.  Still a little confusing as to what is though ... I think the "nobody cares" cry is really effective for getting the audience to relate.  

Heather Willensky

Persistence, mainly. Very rarely will an isolated social media interaction generate enough of a signal to break through the noise, but by working with other influencers (artists, bloggers, co-release labels, etc) and making enough noise simultaneously we can carve out a space and get heard.

Greg Savage

I think the video was great. Not only was it shot well, it was entertaining. The best thing you can do is continue to produce good material and share it, people will catch on.

One thing you could do is breakup social media antics into their own. Just about everyone does selfie's, everyone takes pictures of food, everyone is in the restroom on social media...

Well, almost everyone. You could totally make funny parody videos about that and get tons of attention because it's where most are now with communication.

Keep pushing these videos, they are bound to go viral

Gabriel Candiani

is funny and it makes the point very real  love it


I guess being know for something else before you get "personal" on posts and expect people to care?

Jason Drake

Great production and comedic value. Makes me want to check out the website/product/app.

Brent Knopf

i think humor is probably the best way to break through all the noise.  I like how this video is funny, good work.   Maybe place the "shh I'm working on a tweet" subtitle on top of a different part of the screen because the contrast isn't great there.  

Stephen O'Reilly

I think this video is too long. Perhaps have a shorter version.

Eric Oehler

I...I don't know what to make of this.  I usually expect to be reviewing music, since that's my area.  Social media expertise is a bit, um, weak for me.  I mean, if I were good at it, my own band would probably be a lot more popular.

It's a clever ad, although the central gag of "everybody's tweeting/hashtagging/instagramming all the time" has been done by a number of high profile advertisers already in various forms, so it might be tricky to stand out and not have someone think you're a funnyordie video.

Steve Marchese

I think you're starting out on the right foot for sure. Quality of craft and memorable content are what shine through and you have it here. I'd suggest cutting down the runtime a bit (a few simple edits and you're near 1 minute which will help). You have a super credible board of advisors which I'd gracefully leverage with modesty and tact. The space is crowded for sure. Well placed FB post boosts; smart promoted tweets all help and regular content creation is the key to YouTube if that's in your strategy. You should enter and try and win a Webby :) That's the fastest way to break through but it's very, very hard to win. (full disclosure, I'm EP of the Webbys:)

Pedro Costa

My expertise is more specific to the music industry.
My opinion is that having a product that really stands out will drive the virality of the product. But unfortunately I really don't have any marketing expertise to assist here. Best of luck with your new venture!

Drew Thurlow

This is hilarious and I'm immediately going to check out what exactly is "State" app. This reminds me of a Portlandia sketch. 

If I have any criticism I think it could be :15 shorter. 

Taylor Barnes

This is a great ad. Captivating, interesting, and relevant. One issue I have is that it's unclear what exactly Slate does. It just pops up with a white slide and a link at the end with no clear way of how this will solve all these social media issues. However, if you sought to draw the viewer in with as little information as possible, you have succeeded. I am definitely interested in learning more about Slate. 

If you have any more questions for me, or would like me to give you more thoughts on your product, please don't hesitate to ask. My personal email address is

Thank you for that hilarious video, hope to hear from you soon!

Scott Cohen

Cool.  I will try it out.

Marni Wandner

OHHHHHHH my goodness, words cannot explain how much I like this.  Wishing there were a bigger Like button on this.  Wishing Like buttons didn't exist.  Even though I've created a company and career our of digital marketing and social media, this is how I feel every. single. day. I'm downloading this app right now and would love to be in touch with you geniuses who created it and this brilliant little video... I'm at  Or you can find me on Facebook/Twitter/HipstaPintsagram...but don't - just email me:)

Drew Tewksbury

Well done!

Brian Hazard

Hilarious. And I definitely relate to ALL of it. It may have been a bit longer than necessarily, but I guess you had to get that full crescendo in there ;). I'm left wondering how State is different, or what it does. Maybe that's the point? But I'm worried that's a dead end. And it seems too long to go viral.

I'd prefer to see a video the same length, with the first half the same as it is. We get the point after a good 0:45. Then the second half showing how State is different.

In any case, I'll tweet out the link and do my part to spread the word!

Kami Knake

This app could be cool, but the examples in the trailer annoyed me. Maybe the voices more than the people. Sounded way to valley girl and personalities that annoy me. 

Eric mcLellan

Cool video.  Funny stuff, especially for anyone who has experienced social media and lives in this century.  I'm not sure what the app they are advertising actually does though.  

Sahpreem King

This was a fantastic commercial regarding social media. It illustrates the amount of self importance that comes standard with social media and pokes fun at its relevance in society. However, from a psychological perspective, human being's self image is in many ways tied into how others see them, and when the importance of outside opinion is necessary for personal development, the opinions of others matter.

The State App appears to be a social media mechanism based on opinion, which is a refreshing way to create community.

Ikey Owens

this was really funny!

Luke Ebbin

Cool- utilize all the tools you make fun of in your great promo video.

Matteus Ã…kesson

Feedback on the video. It is too slow. after 2/3 of it when the intensity picks up one gets the point - "this is annoying and frustrating". You should get that across in the beginning so we get that you are about to unveil a solution. Unless we get this hint within 5 seconds the video will probably never go viral. 

You SHOULD be able to make a viral video because almost everyone using viral social platforms will recognize the problem immediately and many will like So it's worth trying to make a more effective video. 

Feedback on I am excited about the promise of it. I love the shift from relationship to indexation. (I'm reminded of the problem with our too-smart search engines that avoid showing us stuff that we are looking for because we - and our friends - never saw it before or showed interest in something similar. But that's often why we are looking. ) Beautiful visualization. I expect you will continue to develop it. 

You need to state ;) much more clearly what state does and how it is different from, say, Twitter or Google+. The manifesto should be clear - it isn't clear. Nothing is really clear. I feel relatively confident that you connect people trough the index of subjects and opinions, not previous relationships. No friends or followers. But I am an unusual person with an unusual ability to see pattern and deduce things and handle complex things. Others will not be able to see the difference. You need to say something like: "Social media connect you to others through your selected relationships. State connects you to others through keywords in your stated opinions. This changes everything." 

I know you are trying to say this on (before signing in, home), but you are failing. It isn't possible to distinguish clearly why this is better than Twitter or G+ for instance. You need the positive statement about's key connective function, not just the negative "you don't need followers". THe problem may be that for you "opinion" has become selfevident as a function, in your daily parlance. But for most people it's just a fairly common word that can have lots of different meanings - "keywords" "subjects" - or "tags" - would work better. 

I also think the explanatory video once you have signed up might help more than the others I've watched. 

Re: sentiment diagram. Blue - Red scale is intuitively unfortunate. It should be Red - Green or some other colour. Red signifies danger, loss, warning in statistical graphics. Heat too, yes, but it doesn't work like that here I think. 

Breaking through: 
Except for redoing the video as I suggested above: 

You are note using social media effectively now. 
Use the blog. Instant fixes: 
- More Share Buttons on every blogpost, please! Find a plug in. 
- twitter and Facebook profile buttons on Home-page need to move to the header menu, and you also need G+, Linkedin, Youtube, and other profiles. Yes you know you do. This isn't about minimizing your work. You want people on your blog and on state, and you use the platforms to drive traffic to the blog. 
- Make it possible to make comments on the blog. I know this seems strange but it tells people that it IS a blog and not just a page. You could also use this opportunity to allow people to select to comment using their login, which would be an additional way to get people who are actually interested to signup. 
- Use a twitter-feed in a prominent place to show your own tweets and use twitter to give updates (like tiny changes to the interface, new trending topics - things that give people the feeling of what is going on.). Your blog has very rich posts. This is for the telegram style info that gives people the sense of having the very latest information about you. 

Long shot
Create a plugin for wp, drupal, and other platforms to allow people to use as commenting tool on other people's blogs. 

Strategically smart: 
You definitely want to work actively with, Quora, and similar services - those contain the right people, who really care about opinions. 

Invite everyone with a blog, magazine, newspaper, anyone writing op-ed pieces personally. Paul Graham wrote "Do Things that Don't Scale" and that is one of the best pieces of advice ever. Because they always work. Scaling is obviously good too, but you don't start the car in the highest gear, you start in the lowest gear. 

The sentiment that people are totally fed up with social media and almost start hating eachother because of it, is very strong and right. You should make this a mission, or even a crusade against the stupidity-inducing passivizing boring depressing social media.... Create the conflict by stating what the others do wrong. How they are ruining conversation for humanity. Make it sound really awful and sinister. And create the image of you as the underdog that is out to fix what is wrong with both search AND social media, with Google, Facebook AND Twitter - simultaneously. It's outrageous enough to create interest. 

The crusade is of course also the basis for the PR campaign. 

Yahel Carmon

Think to yourself whether your contribution is unique. If it's been said a million times before, why say it

Ethan Bauman

Very topical, resonated with me.  However I didn't really get what the app would do for me.  Call to action was a bit disjoint.  I went to get the app b/c of the fee paid here, was sufficiently curious/feeling obligated to go check it out.  If I just saw it on YouTubve, probably wouldnt have.

Hannah Parvaz

This is a good and captivating advert but I don't really think it conveys any kind of message of a new app? This just seems like a social media hating thing and I think State is aiming to be a bit more high brow than that.
I wanted to look more into State before I commented. The State manifesto says that it is not based on followers, but connections is just the same thing, aren't they? I'm not entirely sure that, when networks grow larger and more people are using this, how it won't turn into some kind of popularity contest in order to see opinions. As it says, the more you state the more important your opinion is, but is that necessarily true? Does that mean that the people that have been on longer and stating things for longer have a more important opinion that the people who have newly joined? How will it be stopped from turning into a popularity contest? It feels like a visible version of whisper, almost, with its popularity section.
I'm not really sure how this is too different from any other kind of social media platform. I like that the adverts and 'about' videos are very current and slick, that's perfect. I am very interested in seeing where it goes, and I have signed up.

Manik Rathee

This video was great - really funny and definitely accurate. The problem is, I have no idea what State is and without any inkling about it, it's a big lift for me to seek it out and find out more.

As for breaking through the noise - I ruthlessly unfollow people that share content that's irrelevant for me. I might like Person X, but if all he does is post selfies, I don't follow them. 

Dudu Fraga

I suggest you find the influencers, but not the normal kind of freak-I-have-tons-of-followers, but the ones that are influencer but are starting to get seek of all the noise and useless content on social media. 
Try to find people that want to leave Facebook or already leave it.

Other great target is journalists, a lot of then, at least in Brazil, are tired of the superficial discussion on social media. They can be a great focus for you.

And a last idea, is to use two main events in Brazil. The world cup and the elections. This are great opportunities to start a conversation, a discussion about this themes. Is two great moments where brazilians love to have opinion. 

Kevin Hunte

I don't know what this app is about abut I'm going to find out. Great video. Very intriguing. 

Now I'm off to the app store. 

Shamal Ranasinghe

Really well done product video. Hits home and crescendos nicely to the punchline. 

Bruno Natal

I'm a big fan of the tool  and the concept already and have an account since it was still in beta. My problem is that I find it a bit confusing to use, I never know when to use it, I don't really get what to do when I go to the platform and I have a hard time replying to stuff I get from friends. I can see this being very strong as a commenting tool, generating a lot of insights, but as I said, I have a hard time figuring out how to use it. Probably my fault, for not putting enough effort into it. But still, if it were easier, I'd be using more. Happy to hear more about it.

Wiley Koepp

Brilliant ad that keys in on obsessions and frustrations we all feel on a daily basis. Addressing the question, for a small business, it's all about relationships. Establishing honest, real relationships with your social media just as you would face-to-face is how to break through the noise of millions of fluff social media connections.

The best example I've seen recently is Pinata Protest, a punk band out of San Antonio, Texas.  All four members and their tour manager spend a great deal of time on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook while they're on tour. Each of the 5 guys has a slightly different audience and appeal, and their constant, dependable access via social media allows their fans to go on tour along with them. In the process, they are building a stronger brand for themselves.

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