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Shamal Ranasinghe

This kind of music is not really for me, but I can see your passion and talent come through. What would have been good for me would have been to see you really take my breath away in the first 90 seconds. The piano work was too tame and not complementing your voice as much.

Carl Thewlis submitted media.

Andrew Nast

Curtis, you have a great voice! If you're in the So. Cal area, I'd love to do some writing with you. I'll give you a follow on twitter, let me know what you may need help with!

Andrea Young

Thanks for introducing me to this talented vocalist, excited to hear much more from him! Can definitely introduce him on an Aspenbeat 'new music' radio show.  Amazing voice and style, and great presence!  Thanks for your submission and please keep in touch regarding release of his EP and other projects.

Carl Thewlis submitted media.

Marni Wandner

What a voice - you're a natural talent. It sounds effortless, and so cool to see you playing and singing it live - felt like I was in the studio with you (thanks for inviting me!)  The song itself is beautiful..I.'m no sync person, but I could so see this in a film or TV program.

From a marketing prospective, I love that you flashed your Facebook URL in the vide, but it was too quick!  I'd make sure it stays up for at least a few seconds and maybe add it a tiny bit later, so I can already be sure I want to check out more info about you. And same at the end - leave it a few more seconds on this kind of thing (and makes sure to annotate it if it's not already, so people can click through.  

Love the tea bit at the end :)  I felt like I got to know you a tiny bit.  And now I'd really like a cup of tea.  Good luck to you!

Eric mcLellan

nice vocal and song.  Fallout Boy, Elton John and 

Wiley Koepp

Very pretty song. Curtis' voice is smooth, warm, and strong--great for pop and/or musical theater. The piano is well-played and the performance is solid.  From a more musically critical point of view, and this is nit-picking, I'd like to see this song produced a bit more to take it beyond just the piano-vocal presentation. It's not that it's lacking anything, but I think that to make it on radio, or make it stand out above the fray.  I'm thinking specifically of Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man," a recent smash hit solo piano/vocal song. Bruno had both his popularity and his extremely dynamic vocal performance.  With "Where Love Lies," Curtis does a great job...I don't think anyone *wouldn't* like this song...but I don't know that this particular performance has that Bruno-stellar-performance pop to it.  But again, I'm nitpicking so that there's something constructive to take away from this. Nice job. Beautiful song.

If you're interested in further promoting this song, or Curtis as a performer, please visit my website: - we've promoted hundreds of artists and reviewed as many albums since 1995.

Wiley Koepp, Owner/Editor
Coyote Music

Brian Hazard

Hey, you made your video in iMovie! Just used that same type style yesterday. ;)

Wow. Amazing voice, and an amazing song to showcase it! I'm a bit jealous. :)

Strong bridge too. I was worried that section would disappoint, but it builds nicely back into the closing chorus.

I was going to say it might be 30 seconds too long, but it actually ended 30 seconds before the video did, so it's just perfect!

Great work, and I can't wait to hear the final version! You could go so many ways with the production. I'm envisioning a OneRepublic (as opposed to One Direction) sort of vibe.

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