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Chris Euton

Chris Euton

electronic musician. artist. producer. bassist. designer. sensei.

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Chris Euton submitted media.

Dissolve The Line (ft Chanel C Corpuz) by Digital Slumber Party

Mike Mineo

"Dissolve the Line" is a bubbly electro-popper with immediate melodic appeal. The vocals are airy and supplementary rather than domineering, allowing the eclectic instrumental tendencies to shine through; the warbly synths, neon-tinged keys, and charismatic percussion comprise for a fresh-sounding result. Both lyrics and vocals are relatively minimalist, which I agree to be a good choice despite CORPUZ' commendable performance. It makes for a very hypnotic effect that works well with the generally upbeat but slightly nocturnal pop feel -- nice work here. Reach out to me at if interested in help promoting this. Good to hear from you again, Chris -- always appreciative of your submissions.

Chris Euton submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

This is a good start.  I like the melody and the beat but they need to be bigger at the beginning, which is your chorus.  The drop at 1:49 is already revealed at the beginning.  If you want that to be the drop then pare back the beginning so that its more minimal, thus making the drop more dynamic.
Some verses would be good for this song it feels like the chorus just repeats.  Then you could create a verse section of the music that carries from the chorus and that would make the song more of a journey.

Chris Euton submitted media.

After the Dust Settles by Chris Euton

Chris Euton submitted media.

Red Tape by Chris Euton

Matthew Kratz

What I liked:
Nice layering of sounds
Interesting sound design
Cool mix of rock, electronic and symphonic sounds/feel
Spooky, dark, creepy

What I think can be improved:
The piece would be much more dramatic if it built up and broke down more
The digital bass sounds need to have more texture - some are thin sounding
The drum loop and general rhythm of the piece becomes repetitive
The different sounds need more definition
At times there are too many overlapping bass sounds
A more minimal, "less is more" feel would add to the eerie vibe

Chris Euton submitted media.

Metrostars by Chris Euton (ADeight / DigitalSlumberParty)

Drew Thurlow

There are some interesting sounds here, and some good dynamics. The theme melody is really strong. I think it could be a little more interesting with a dry sound or two to provide a contrast to all the reverbated/ wet sounds. Otherwise a solid and complete laid-back dance track!

Eric Chen

Liked the melody alot

Chris Euton submitted media.

Midnight Pressure by Digital Slumber Party

Mike Gillespie

I quite liked what I heard here, and will definitely look out more. In fact I just did - and am confused because on YouTube this track is called "Close Call" and "Midnight Pressure" is a totally different track! Not sure what's going on there and doesn't particularly matter as far as giving some feedback, but it is a little confusing. I don't know what if any advice I can offer on the music itself. It's well made and well produced and interestingly, I found the piece on YouTube titled "Midnight Pressure" (which isn't the same as this one) kind of infectious and it's still with me a few hours after first listening. 

I could see your work potentially working well in certain Film and TV projects and would be interested to know if you perform the work live. I imagine an intense, dark, moody live show working well in the right environments. The temptation might be to go all multimedia and heavy on the visuals, but suspect a really strong light show might work as well depending on the nature of your performance. 

I think you need to think about who your "like" artists and scenes are out there and where you fit...where's your audience, who are they, what other music are they listening to. From a quick look online it feels like early days for you guys - so really good and important to think who that audience is that's going to lap this stuff up. I suspect they're out there, so go make some connections with potential fans and other artists.

dimm Summer

Hi there.
First, thank you for taking the time to send this to me.

I like the track! Kool vibe, good evolution of sound altho it gets more interesting towards the end, but keep it up! YouTube is a pretty shitty sound-source, but overall here a few notes:

1) There's an odd mute at 00:33 just before the first drop, I understand you 're looking for a palette-cleanser here to ready us for the drop-delivery, however the 'mute' is adding a beat that should not be there. If you really want this silence then i recommend making sure there isn't any extra 'beat' added, than remove the 2nd reverbed snare at 00:32 just before that mute. So in essence what you are doing there will be ,making the requisite 'room' available for the sonic effect you are trying to achieve. Does that make sense?

2) The mixdown needs some work, but as I mentioned this is YouTube so I'll take it with a grain of salt, however, a really good mixdown (and master) will sound good even on YouTube, The say to fix the mixdown is to round off all low end on all instrumentation that is not the bassline synth. There's a lot of atmospheric elements like verbed-out snares, synths, effx, these all need to have the low end rounded off and some more selective EQing carved out to get a mix down that is less muddy (example at 1:03 and the reprise).

3) the low end is very muddy, i'd suggest choosing better kick drum and basslines to use. the quality of those chosen instruments will go a long way to dictating the rest of the mixdown as those to elements take up the most headroom and thus impact the mixdown first.

4) Aim for more separation on the mix (this will happen when all of the above are done to free-up more headroom for the mixdown and stop all eh elements competing for space.)

So overall, we're looking mainly at mixdown issues and replacing the instrument samples for he kick and bass with better-made samples.

Gear used to audition:
RME Soundcard
Mackie Big Knob
Sure SR840 headphones

Chris Euton submitted media.

Falling Curtains by Digital Slumber Party

Matthew Kratz

What I like:
The live drums sound good
The track goes through many changes/sounds
I like the groovy vibe
Good mix of Rock/Symphonic/Electronic sounds/feel
Drop at 1:03 is DOPE - this section should be your centerpiece

What I think can be improved:
The main melodic theme at 2:15 needs to be at the front of the mix
I think the track could break down more 
Adding drum fills at the parts where the song changes
The transitions between sections could be more dynamic and dramatic
The wormy alien filtered sound is overused
I would love to hear more digital edits/stutters in the mix
Drop at 1:03 is great but the track loses energy after that

Chris Euton submitted media.

Illusional by Chris Euton (ADeight)

Matthew Kratz

What I like:
Dub sections are cool
Drums are mixed well
I like the interplay of the melodies
The track breaks down and builds

What I think can be improved:
More delay to add to the dub feel
The synth, drum and bass patches need more texture
Electric guitar sounds thin
The main melody needs to be forward in the mix
Add guitar licks and bends to give it more texture
Add more dynamic transitions between sections

Chris Euton submitted media.

Safe Sirens by Chris Euton (ADeight)

Matthew Kratz

What I like:
Nice melody

What I think can be improved:
Drums sound thin 
Drum mix needs improvement
Feels very loop oriented 
There are not enough melodic changes 
Transitions between sections should be more dramatic

Chris Euton submitted media.

Dravidian Daydream by ADeight (Chris Euton)

Christopher Euton

The most amazing slice of digital audio in existence! are those real guitars?

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission.
I enjoyed some of the textures used in this track. The arrangement was could use further development. It felt like it stays on theme A throughout. The bridge attempted to add interest but seemed to lack focus. Try adding more dynamics to the arrangement and instrumentation. And writing a B section. The production could also use some polishing. The mix at times could have certain instruments come forward as they were doing more unique parts, that would add to the interest of the listener. I wish I knew what your goal is for this song and your music so that I could give you more specific pointers. It was an interesting listen but I just can't see an application of it in it's current form for anything specific in the music industry. Wishing you all the best!

Eric Oehler

Got some nice bounce in this track.  Real potential here.

My only comments -  there're a lot of musical ideas going on here, and occasionally it feels like a few of them don't really get time to develop.  We get 4 bars and then they;re gone.

I'd like to hear more sonic modulation on the sort-of-plucky lead, since that seems to be the main hook.  Could be just adding a little delay or reverb occasionally, or a filter sweep or something.  Just so it's not exactly the same every time.

Mixwise this is good.  Could maybe use a bit more separation of instruments in the midrange and a smidge more definition on the top end - with all the big fuzzy analog sounds in the low mids they're sort of dominating much of the track's frequency space.

Great track.

Scott Cohen

This track is perfect for synch.

Chris Euton submitted media.

Falling Curtains by ADeight (Chris Euton)

Matthew Kratz

I already sent notes on this one

Chris Euton submitted media.

Scented Secrets (new 2013 mix) by ADeight (Chris Euton) / DIgital Dlumber Party

Christopher Euton

Have you thought about re-releasing this?! 

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this!

Listening through right now - I really enjoy the right-side piano octave descant line at 3:05; it's a beautiful touch to give the apex that much more impact.  

Overall, I think there are a lot of outstanding ideas in this track - a look at cohesion and pacing of the flow would allow the listener more time to breath and grasp the ideas presented. Perhaps it would be a good idea to consider shifting 1:29 - 2:10 towards the beginning before :12 to give the build needed to capitalize on your grimy, atmospheric opening twelve seconds. Plus that filter on the 2nd and 4th beats is suuuuper perfect : ) Want more!!

If you'd like a more detailed expert breakdown, I would definitely recommend sending this to Brian Trifon ( - Trifonic) for his incredible ear and advice. Also feel free to write me anytime ( if you're interested in being featured on our blog or would like any more recommendations! I'm following your SC, and I'm excited to give the Digital Slumber albums a full proper listen this week. Thanks again - cheers!


Great track, really atmospheric without being pretentious. Like it a lot. 

Eric Oehler

Really nice atmospherics on this one.  Very chill.  I dig.

My only quibble is that the main drum pattern is a little frenetic.  There's a lot of kick drum work in there for such a chilled track.  I mean it's a fairly standard break pattern, but especially since we don't get a ton of "body" to the kick, we're getting a lot of the click in the same sort of space as the snare drum.  Perhaps yanking a few of the pickup kicks would open up a lot of room in the mix.

The ananlog harp sound at the end is great.  Very Juno-60.  I'd love to hear that EQ'ed such that it stands out more from the piano (or EQ the piano such that it doesn't bury so much of the harp).

Scott Cohen

Sounds cool.  What is the plan?