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Mountain by Cold, cold heart

Brian Hazard

So wonderful. It reminds me of my teenage years listening to This Mortal Coil and Red House Painters records on boring weekday afternoons. Very 4AD. The pacing of the arrangement is just perfect, and the production takes it beyond mere chamber music.

I know that's not a helpful review, but I reposted it on SoundCloud, and I'll share it with my followers on Twitter. I'm sure they'll love it too. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Cougar Microbes

Sparse instrumentals and delicate melodies collide effortlessly on the track. The piano playing throughout is restrained which adds a sense of anticipation that, perhaps intentionally, is never completely fulfilled leading the listener (or at least myself) to listen to it over a few times,  With the introduction of the strings around the halfway mark there is a clear focus on dynamics and the slightly distorted guitar that follows is a layer that for me brings the song to a fantastic crescendo.

Some listeners may possibly critique the guitar fret sounds heard later in the song but personally I feel it adds to the authenticity of the piece. 

A link to Explosions In The Sky can be found although this is slightly lazy as, besides both being instrumental acts, Mountain deal in a slightly different music range. 

Well done guys! Hope to blog about this one

Leks Maltby

On "Mountain," the latest offering from upcoming indie darlings Cold, Cold Heart, the listener is immersed in a sea of delicate piano melody and acoustic guitar that is equal parts haunting and beautiful. Purely instrumental in nature, Cold, Cold Heart paint a vast landscape with a fairly bare-bones instrumental arrangement. Gradually, a string section and some very subtle synthesizer work creeps into the track, creating intricate layers of density to flesh out the song. Distorted electric guitar echoes in the back of the song, recalling the soundscapes created by the Canadian indie-folk outfit Evening Hymns. Melodically, the group keeps things fairly simple for the five-and-a-half minute running time of the song, ultimately fading out into a blissful silence at the end of a beautifully tremendous gradual crescendo.

Mee 丰

Hello Robert and all,

I'm a fan. I love your music. And, I'm planning to share it with a music supervisor via as I lead our music licensing division here in the US.

Please make sure you upload more music to your Amazing Tunes profile when it's ready, and I'll keep checking to see if there's more there so I can share it.



Tom Johnson

Found this really interesting. It reminded me a little too much like Sigur Ros at the start but really like the way all the static comes in. It feels different and intriguing which is always nice. There are some great blogs covering this kind of thing, use hype machine to find the ones that cover similar music and reach out to them, can definitely see this getting some coverage. 

Bob Manning submitted media.

Megan by Cold, cold heart

Josh Deane

This is gorgeous... I dont know what the market is like for music like this, but it seems to me that video sync and straight up scoring is your avenue, no?
Have you written any topline vocals over any of this stuff? A bueatiful female voice could be pretty special on top of this. 
Also, have you thought about messing around with interesting samples and drum programming underneath something like this? it's just begging for it.
Keep up the good work. real music in the making. 

Scott Cohen

Beautiful atmospheric music.  I love it.  You obviously know it is not mainstream so you will need to work a niche to build your audience.  What is the plan?

Achal Dhillon

This is something rather special - I'm only at the introductory segment, but even now I can tell that this is just a beautiful song. I'm a big fan of the so-called instrumental genre, but traditionally on the heavier side of things; your Mogwai's, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Three Trapped Tigers. In terms of technical proficiency, musicianship and production, I'm absolutely lost for words and in the best possible way. Consider me a fan. Admittedly I'm at a loss as to how one would market this sort of music, but I would be pretty happy to find out. Please get in touch as I'd love to book you for one of our shows and/or include you in one of our compilation releases.

Garp M

I'm a sucker for drawn out single notes so this one got me from the start. Kind of dawdles a little in the middle (2:20 mark) though. Crescendo doesn't crunch like it hints at. Would like to witness live.

Ciaran Steward

Honestly one of the most raw, emotional things that I've heard this year. Send it over to and I'll give this a full review. Would also recommend sending it out to any new music blogs etc. Big thing for you guys to do now would be to search for people making similar music and try to organise perhaps some collaborations or gigs so that you can help grow your audience.

Emilie Lorre

Beautiful melody, full of emotions. The first minutes of your song gave me the chills. It's relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. I can easily imagine your song in a movie soundtrack. I have quickly listen to your other instrumental songs on soundcloud too, and they are all good. Great job !

Ari Herstand

Beautiful strings in the introduction. Just gorgeous. I love the imperfections in the strings. Such a lush mix. 

Would like to hear what you could do with a vocalist. Not to say this instrumental isn't powerful. It is. A vocalist would just bring the entire recording to another level. Heighten this even more. 

Do you do any scoring for film? If not, you should. Work with indie film directors. Emotional sonic landscapes are every filmmakers dream. 

I would have liked to hear a bit more variance in the second half (at the 2:35) mark - when the arpeggiated guitar comes in. I like the descending chord pattern (which is the first time we've heard that), but it tires after a few rotations even with the additional sonic elements (of distorted guitars). 

It truly picks up at 4:00 and I would have loved to hear drums power in there as the final explosive conclusion to this statement. 

Sigur Ros does an excellent job on Takk of incorporating tasteful drums at just the right moments to truly lift the recording to the next level. And they incorporate vocals as an instrument. Another sonic element which I think you could experiment with. Take a listen to the first few tracks on Takk to get a sense of this. 

Overall, very beautiful. I listened a few times. Lovely. 

Bob Manning submitted media.

Wolf Eyes, you're staring by Cold, cold heart

Marcus Brooke-Smith

Really beautiful piece very well put together and very well recorded. Opening reminds me of Untitled era Sigur Ros   but before halfway through it's very firmly in Explosions In The Sky territory. This is a good and bad thing as these bands are 2 of my favourites and your music is all the better for following in their footsteps. That being said it gets too close for me, it becomes almost distractingly similar, especially on that final 0:40 of heavier guitars which sounds like a lot of EITS crescendos (Your Hand In Mine being the most obvious example but it's used across their work). The main point of difference is the lack of drums which is welcome but for me personaly you need to do more to differentiate if you want to find your own path, even the name is reminiscent of track titles used by EIST . But like I say it's very good music and I'm sure I will listen again.

Liane Chan

It's a very emotionally moving instrumental with a nice slow buildup and subtle blend of sounds. This track has the feel of water breaking on the beach. It has a melancholic feel that might make it great for a dramatic scene.

Matthew Linsky

Intro has a nice feel, it settles in really nicely.... but I expect lyrics. Don't get me wrong, instrumentals are great - but "Jessica" this is not. The arrangement is very nice, but I want more from you. Do something to catch my attention! Make me feel it! Grab me with your music and refuse to let me go! 

On the plus side: good musical sensibilities. Nice arrangements. Most of all, this song displays a great feel for dynamics - the ebb and flow of it all.

On the downside: Redundant. Non-linear song form. 

Areas to immediately improve upon: Find a way to make a sonic statements early & often.

Kier Lehman

Beautiful sounds that evoke strong emotions. The recording is done very well and gives a nice space to the sounds and let's the piece breathe. This could definitely be score to an emotional piece along the lines of how Explosions In The Sky worked for Friday Night Lights (I wrote that before reading the reviews on your souldcloud). Great work playing the guitars and piano off of each other and great layering of the sounds. Beautiful work. 

Chelsea Schwartz

Very relaxing, I could sleep to this. And I mean that in a positive way.

Wynona Grant

This track has an amazing versatility about it - opening on a really atmospheric vibe with so much yet so little going on underneath the bare instrumental.

The reverb on the very minimalistic electric guitar creates a fullness that isn't necessarily there and it really works. 

Potentially reminiscent of something John Mayer might put down in the early idea stage of writing a song!


This track caught me in the right mood. It was like a warm accompaniment to my melancholy. The wailing guitar acts like an ebb and flow, and it evolves beautifully as the track progresses. If this mood can be captured consistently in other tracks, you're definitely moving in the right direction.

Andrea Young

Not at all what I expected given your comments about it being "inspired by feelings of anger and hopelessness when seeing someone intimidated and afraid.."
It sounds much more embraceable than that.

Sweet, melodic, mellow, quite charming and beautiful instrumental
Love the solo piano start
Would include this in my music curated playlists, on a radio show.
I'd think it would work well for sync opportunities.

Indie Band Guru

Very beautiful song as background music,  It had a trance inducing effect.  The only thing I would have preferred is if the excitement of the distorted guitars that begin at the 5:02 mark would have been used a little earlier

Trygge Toven

This is a beautiful piece.  From a music supervisor's standpoint, it would show potential for a composer but as the song itself it wouldn't have too many licensing opportunities.  Although Explosions in the Sky comes to mind and they've been licensed a lot in the past.  The main difference here is that the piece doesn't grow exponentially as is needed for many types of media.  This track could work well for film or tv but is not right for promos, trailers, or ads.

Alan Poyer

A soothing stream of sound where the soul melts peacefully into place. 'Wolf Eyes, you're staring' begins with the pianist leading the progressions to establish the world until a moment of reflection is found with the gentle guitar strums at 1:21. 

Building gracefully, and subtly adding line after line; Cold, Cold Heart weaves a blanket to to shield you from the biting cold of winter and the harsh elements which we find ourselves in - sometimes without even knowing it. Comparisons to Helios and Caught in The Wake Forever are sure to arise as this group progresses.

One thing that may help the flow is to revisit the idea of ending with the distortion apex at 5:02. Because all the previous lines were added so gracefully, for me this entrance doesn't quite fit with the rest of the beautifully crafted arc. Perhaps one idea could be to shift back to the piano-centric lead which began the piece to give it a more rounded flow and a sense of closure? Just a thought - and thanks so much for sending this! I'll definitely do all I can to share the love and support. Really excited to hear about the upcoming EP as well, as well as the good things in store for your group's talent.

Bill Cummings

Very nice again, obviously a little sleepy to begin with but that's the style, very atmospheric and gradually envelops, again could work as a soundtrack piece....

Bob Manning submitted media.

Stand/still by Cold, cold heart

Steve Marchese

Gorgeous and moody, it straddles the line between post-rock emotion and ambient introspection. The moments when the individual guitar string plucks sneak out are a nice, organic element. They ground the piece. There are elements of very early Sigur Ros here and I believe that if you wanted to appropriately soundtrack the pain of loss (with the optimism of going on) you've successfully done it here. Very nice effort. 

Craig Roxburgh

I will be perfectly honest. Instrumental music is not something that regularly grabs my attention, but this track really tugs at my heart strings. In terms of production, it is utterly flawless and well put together. Please commend whoever did the mixing.

From a musical standpoint: you guys truly manage to capture that feeling of being truly alone in the world after losing somebody important to you. Your usage of a simple chord progression captures the unwavering feeling of being lost in the world - having chord progression would loose the desired effect unless you wish to demonstrate the progression in emotion. I do like how it gets slightly more intense towards the end of track as of the realization that you have just lost somebody kicks in - if you let the song go on for any longer you would have needed to start demonstrating a change in emotion. 

I will say this: it is not going to be something for everybody so don't try and alter your sound to cater to a wide audience. Rather find that niche of dedicated listeners and play to them. Your fans will grow your brand.

Bill Cummings

Beautiful soundscapes...They could work on a movie soundtrack too. Does your work have any vocal accompaniment or is it all instrumental?

Wendy Redden

Really beautiful guys. I really love instrumental tracks and this one is lovely. This would be great set to a video displaying your creative motives for this track. Please let me know when you guys get an EP out. I haven't written any posts for instrumental bands yet but that doesn't mean I won't. I post what I like. Thanks for sharing! Good stuff! 


Not a huge fan of instrumental tracks, however this is quite interesting and calming, also when listened with the context given below, it gives the record an added layer. 

Emilie Lorre

Beautiful melody. I've just found it a bit long. 3-4 min would have been enough for me. I think it could be a good instrumental to go with part of movies with beautiful & wild landscapes.

Søren Lund Korsgaard

What a wonderful track! Very soothing with longing, heart wrenching ambience. I can definitely hear the inspiration from losing someone dear - it also sounds a bit like stargazing and getting that feeling of being alone in the big universe. The only thing I''m not sure totally works for me is the noise guitar that is introduced around 4:13 and builds up towards 5:11. I don't like the way it falls out of rythm at 5.00 and the abrupt way it disappears shortly after. It feels a bit unfulfilled. Right now it builds to nothing really - maybe it could actually build to something - a bit of a climax? Or something more subtle like a reverb sound or a sound resembling a small implosion. Will be following your moves on soundcloud from now on :)

David Brisbois

I like it. What is the intended application? Are you considering composing/scoring for film? I would recommend you do. Perhaps develop this song as a theme which you can expand upon for a very good indie film project headed to the festival circuit and see what comes of it.  

As it relates to my feeling for this tune - the music here is very emotive - a powerful soundtrack to that moment you mention. While it would be easy to categorize as extremely melancholic, it is also easy for me to imagine a new beginning while listening. As you've envisioned, it is a moment of loss, so there is that component - but also in the ending of something is at least the potential for a rebirth or a new beginning of another. 

I saw this as a soundtrack for short time-lapse piece where you look over a city as she wakes up for the day. ;) 

Claudio Gallo

Thanks for sending this over. Lovely warm sounds, I think it would fit perfectly for a movie soundtrack. Reminds me of Mono, Sigur Ros, EITS - great job.

Nicola W.

Wow. This is instrumental music with heart and soul. This music is relaxing and yet has a sad mournful tone to it, like taking a journey through a person's last days of life until a gentle passing. I could imagine this music being used for film or TV soundtracks with its emotive tones and ability to tell a story. Much different to the music I usually listen to but no less compelling. 


Beautiful track, I was waiting for some sort of drop. But it really doesn't need it. Those wailing synths paired with the echoing, really give this a interesting sense of longing but also optimism. I like it. This is something we'd be more than happy to include on ilovepie. Thanks.

Olga Knapinska

I feel like instrumental music can be either brilliant or terrible. Moving or boring. This one is definitely brilliant, moving, smooth, and beautiful. I would love to listen to this tune everywhere I go, because it has that amazing, calming effect, perfect for the moments of reflection or meditation. I'm definitely checking out your music after this fantastic experience! 

Andrew Nast

This is great. Have you scored to film yet? Let me know if you need some leads for placements.

Ikey Owens

Very nice piece...I really enjoyed the transition from the feedback intro into the slide guitar restatement of the melody. I also really love how few instruments are used to get such a melodic and psychedelic soundscape. It's always a challenge to put a piece if music like this together...well done!

Tim Chipping

Fantastic to hear something so unhurried and yet still captivating. So much space to think in one piece of music. Lovely stuff.

Heather Willensky

Some really lovely ideas here. The piece is nicely structured and the tones have nice, clear lines. I like the stripped-back prettiness of the piece, although because there's no real crescendo, I feel like the themes that you've so carefully structured never really resolve themselves. Have you listened to Manual's first album, Until Tomorrow? He works with some similar instrumentation and concepts and I think you might draw some inspiration form his songs.

Andrea Young

I very much enjoyed listening to your composition.  I think your tags are right on - cinematic, instrumental, ambient.  I could hear your music as the soundtrack to a movie, no doubt!.  I don't hear it as commercial radio, but I'd bet that's not your goal anyway.  If I can be of any help to you, let me know!

Sean Adams

This is really gorgeous. Thank you for sending it over. Gonna check out some more of your tunes now.