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Serendipity by Luke Helmond feat.Corinna Covini

Andrea Young

Haunting.  Beautiful vocals.  Love it starting around 1:30.

Tim Chipping

It has a good late night mood to it. Corinna's voice is original and distinctive. Would really work well on radio. But this is a crowded area of music and I think the track would benefit from the individual sounds getting more of their own identity and to really grab me sonically. You could afford to take a lot more risks and really give the listener something they're not expecting.

Wiley Koepp

My second exposure to Luke Helmond's music. Ethereal. Exploratory. Emotive. This would have been great background music in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 

Ooh, a vocal! Breaks in around the 1:30 mark. Great female vocal for this vibe, leading the song from its ether into a solid, deliberate backbeat...but just for a moment, to get your blood pumping.

Still, Helmond's songs challenge me.  I like them, but I'm not sure what setting would be ideal for listening.  Maybe over the sound system at a coffee house, or shuffle during a flight, or perhaps on a long afternoon drive through the country.

Indie Band Guru

Pretty song with a lot going on.  Sounds come at you from every angle and then the haunting female vocal completes the track.  Good work.  We will share on our Twitter

Disco Naïveté

Sweet style - maybe try and remix/rework some more popular tracks in your style, it might help you got noticed. 

Shamal Ranasinghe

I really dig this track! I'm a sucker for more melodic, slow roll dub step type tunes. It was a long intro and switched up in a way that I didn't expect near the end. Nice work. Only thing is that I wish there was more going on to keep me locked in at the beginning and an even higher buildup to peak me out. But this is good stuff nonetheless.

Marni Wandner

Ooohhh, I love atmospheric and rich at the beginning...and then I love how it just melts into something more soothing just before the vocals come in.  The vocals are a really great contrast to the clear and lovely.  This song is dreamy....

Drew Tewksbury

like the ethereal nature of this. The vocals are out of pitch a few times though.... 

Geoff Saavedra

Great mix.  The reverb on the vocal does not overpower, the drums cut through.  I might like a bit more power on the kick drum like it has at the 3:28 mark.  For radio, I might cut the intro (the part without vocals) in half at least.

Aaron Frank

Really dig this intro. I can honestly say I've heard nothing like this. I can tell you've got some ambient/experimental influences. I'd try and bring those forth a bit more and maybe try some different combinations with the percussion. You could also try pitching the vocals down or adding some effects. Some chops might sound good toward the end, though that has become increasingly played out. The drop at 3:19 is amazing and I love the hi-hats around 3:50. Great track. Go weirder if you can. 

Greg Savage


you have an interesting sound. The track had a slow build, to slow for my taste, but once the vocals kicked in I turned it up. She has a lovely voice. Then at around 2:08 once the beat dropped, it was perfect.

I'm not sure what your goal is with this sound, but I can hear in you in ads, commercials, games etc. You should really look into that world (licensing). Keep up the good work. I'm a fan.

Lauren Gribble

The only thing I didn't like about this track was the bits of silence that you put in. I felt that it broke up its flow. The added vocals gave the song a nice touch and added an extra layer to jazz it up a bit. The different sound effects also gave it a nice calming feel. 

Hugh Platt

I thought it took a touch too long to get to the meat of the track, but it had a nice Vangelis edge to it that I really liked.

Ikey Owens

This is a really nice track....the sonics are all in line and the arrangement is really nice.  The only thing I can hear that needs work is the vocal. The time of her vocal  clashes w the track instead of joining it. I would reexamine how the vocal is compressed and eq'ed. It seems like you could boost the mids and even low mids a lil to bring it into the music more. B

Luke Ebbin

I like the track- good programming. Lost me a little at the vocal as I find her voice a little thin and tinny for this track. Someone with a more warm, fuller voice might work better for the track. She might work better for something more up tempo with less space.

Andrew Wise

When the song began, I didn't think I would like it, most likely because the buildup takes awhile. Once the track started to pickup speed, it good. I don't remember the hook after an initial listen, however.

dimm Summer

There's a LOT of raw potential here.

Let's start with what's solid:
The vibe is good, the overall emotion is great - I love the retro 80's sci-fi vibe going, visions of dark roads, laser-beam grids and feathered hair abound, and vocals are nice touch.

I do see room for improvement here to take this joint much further:

1) The mixdown needs more work. The snare is a touch too loud. It's well-formed enough so it doesn't need to be so loud. Lowering it a couple db will leave more room to mix the rest of the track.  I think you made it very loud because it gets drowned out once the rest of the music comes in (with bass) at 2:09. Consider side-chaining the snare to the kick/bass a little to let the snare peak thru the music.

2) Overall the bass (kick and sub) are very muddy right now, and it's important to have really round, clean low end on the kick and subs because these 2 elements eat up the most headroom on a mix. Getting these elements right first is key to getting the rest of the mix right. 

- What kind of sound card and speakers are you using? Right now it doesn't sound like they are getting the job done - as in most things, you get what you pay for and the higher-end the card and speakers the higher-quality the sound coming out will be...

3) Consider using better samples for the snare and kick, esp. the kick. It's of utmost importance to use the right samples for the kick. bad samples will just make the whole mix sound bad because all you will be doing is compensating for the bad sound of the kick in the rest of you mixdown. Same for any bass sounds...

4) The beginning piano-esqe motif doesn't really jive with the rest of the track, but it's kool... the track really starts at 1:14 and this is where the magic starts to happen. All the vibe lives in these transitions... you've got a real good knack for beat-less transitory mood music. Explore that more :)

Overall, I'd recommended nixing the beginning piano part, focus on the special vibes out establish after that first minute and build out the ending so it becomes a complete track. 

Thanks for sharing! :)

Gear used to audition: RME Soundcard, Mackie Big Knob, Sure SR840 headphones, SubPac S1.


Great concept here, you can tell Luke Helmond has a really solid grasp of evocative chord progressions and fluid transitions. 

From a dance floor and DJ point of view, the song needs a bit more structure, they're tons of ideas going on here, it'd be great to hear the really epic sections be expanded upon (1:43-2:37) and (3:33-close) and the really atmospheric sections dialed down a bit. 

Placement wise, we could certainly hear this being licensed and used within media which has an introspective, artsy feel to it. Perhaps a closing montage or outdoor timelapse type feature. We're feeling it!

Brian Hazard

Great to hear from you again Luke!

Love the huge drums. The "guitar" struck me as an odd choice, but it's growing on me. 

Really love the voice and tone quality, but there are definite pitch issues. On the other hand, it's nice to hear a real, not overly airbrushed voice with character. Unlike what we're used to hearing in EDM.

I know SoundCloud's encoding is partially to blame, but I find the master very fatiguing. It's incredibly loud for sure. I wonder if a little bit of gentle compression coupled with a dB or two less limiting would make for a more pleasurable experience, without losing any of the impact.

Quibbles aside, I love the track and am happy to share it with my followers. Thanks for sending it to me!

Sahpreem King

The track was mellow and laid-back. It had a good vibe, which I could imagine it being either a reflection scene in a movie or used in a commercial setting. Overall the production was solid and vocals gave the track an emotional stir.

Best of luck in your musical endeavors I recommend you submit this to a music supervisor or start shopping it for sync licenses. 

Luca Hamdoun submitted media.

Wiley Koepp

My raw, gut-feeling feedback. The intro reminds me of a Nat'l Geographic Channel special on the planet and cosmos--and that's not a criticism. It's a beautiful montage. As the beat kicks in, so does the trance-meets-New Age vibe. The sounds and visuals are pleasing and compelling.  The music itself doesn't develop a whole lot by the 2-minute mark, which really only matters in pop/rock. This is a more slowly developing piece.  Then the piece takes on a more destructive tone...the closing image of the Statue of Liberty breaking apart is *powerful*. Nicely done!

I like this piece, both musically and visually, though I'm left wondering it's intent.  As a work of art, it succeeds.  If the goal were to attain some number of YouTube views or iTunes sales, I'm less confident.  It's a compelling piece to witness, but I'm not sure it's engaging me to purchase or rave to others about.  More of a "conversation starter."

Wiley Koepp, Owner/Editor
Coyote Music

Tim Chipping

The start was terrific. Loved the space stuff. The kaleidoscopic images not so much. It all became a bit like Homer Simpson's first website - far too many disconnected things and cheap looking effects. Less is more. Stick to the classier images. The track is strong enough without all the distractions.

Greg Savage

Hi Luke,

I really like this track. It's simple yet, it doesn't get boring. There's a lot of places I can hear this track and elements of it being used.

I didn't bother with the visuals at first as I was moving some gear around. It made for perfect white noise.

Then, I sat down and watched the visuals along with the music. It's a work of art, great job. Very inspiring piece.

Eric mcLellan

Incredible visual footage which matches well to the song.  Sonically this instrumental would be excellent for video games, movies or documentary pieces.

Valida Carroll

Hauntingly beautiful....There is nothing I don't love about this...Music and visuals....Amazing!

Andrea Young

truly amazing video and music, a work of art!  Beautiful website as well. Tried to download the tune from soundcloud but link below doesn't appear to be working; got on youtube and liked it. Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback on this amazing piece.

Lauren Gribble

I loved the atmospheric vibe of the track as well as the visuals that went along with it. Everything flowed well together and nothing sounded awkward. I look forward to hearing more of your songs. 


Now this, is great stuff! It's nice to hear a bit more from Luke Helmond, it's giving us a good  feel for his range of styles. 

This track has a very psychedelic deep(esque) sound to it, it could be called house, but it's more than that. "Move Away" effortlessly builds tension bringing us to a peak before unfolding into a dynamic soundscape. 

The orchestration is very clean and well structured here; Luke know's music. Could certainly see this being licensed out for a number of things. Will definitely be keeping an ear on Luke Helmond, he's got a great vibe going!

Shamal Ranasinghe

Beautiful video. I really dig the video scapes. I liked the beginning part of the video more than the middle as I'm less a fan of the kaleidoscope thing than just stunning visual scapes and vistas. As I'm watching the video almost becomes a distraction to the great music in the 2:30 min mark and beyond. I would consider doing the video without the kaleidoscope effect. I think the music and images would stand on its own really well. I like the ending with your animated branding. Well done.

Kami Knake

Love the video! I'm a big fan of vocals with great music so I rarely listen to instrumental music although I do love Ratatat probably b/c they are a rock based electronic duo. I usually need guitars and songs with the synthesizers. But I do think there is a niche audience for this kind of music. It's very well done and I love the build. I'm a huge fan of dynamic range in songs. I would target fans of similar artists and I think you will find your audience!

Brian Hazard

Thanks for sharing this with me Luke!

The video is so hypnotizing, I almost forgot to type! I'm a minute and a half in, and it feels like the track is building towards something huge. Two minutes in, and it's sort of transformed. Guess I shouldn't be waiting for the drop!

Really cool strings and sidechaining stuff going on. I'm still wanting to hear at least a chord change. Ah, there's one at the very end, but not really a resolution. Interesting!

So I'm not sure what to make of the arrangement, but it's safe to say it not predictable! I really love the textures and the feel, and would be happy to share it.

Reminds me a little of Baths, fwiw.

Sean Adams

Much prefer this to the other track you sent. Much more intense. Will forward on to the guy who does our dance column.