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Blow by Kaisei

Sean Adams

This is very epic and a great video - congrats.
I'm not too sure how we'd cover this on DiS. Is there an album in the offing? No-one obvious springs to mind to send it to, but not too sure what introductions you're after. I'm on sean@drownedinsound.com if you want to try emailing me.

Wendy Redden

This is really good guys..the guitar riffs are tight.  If I could change anything it would just be the vocal volume on the chorus - I almost feel like it gets drowned out a bit when the music gets louder or like the singer is holding back a bit - but maybe that's just my perception. The video is really good, too - goes great with the song. I really enjoy the highs and lows of this song and even though it's over 4 minutes it holds my attention. 

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