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Zero Life Experience by The Organ Grinder's Monkey


First things first, I love that name for the band -- it's INSANE!  Most importantly it stands out among the crowd.  Next, I'm relieved this fits more with the 'glitch' and 'electro-indie' descriptions than shoegaze because mass amounts of noise without any clear vocals is often a turnoff for me.  "Zero Life Experience" has shoegaze moments, but they never interrupt the vocals.  Overall, quite interesting.  I'd like to hear more.

Shamal Ranasinghe

i don't really listen to this kind of music so can't be helpful here. I would send this to Alan Poyer on Fluence if you haven't already, and he can recommend other people.

Sean Adams

I like the music's mixture of seriousness and silliness, it's a bit like Radio Dept having a party in Thom Yorke's house whilst he's on holiday, but not too sure about the auto-tuned vocals. Be interested to hear other tracks.