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Artist, Investor, and Digital Genius to the stars (Lil Wayne , Common , G-Eazy, etc).
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Nobie Black Society by We People

A.j. Logan

Thought provoking. It's great to hear talented speak to today's problems and use music as that problem. Too much music today has high production value but doesn't say anything. This video once seen by the right people can hopefully lead to some healthy dialogues between people unafraid to give a damn.

Patrick Ross

Great flow, and strong message. Some powerful verses with some real substance.

Crystal Johnson

Really enjoyed this! Content was great, flow was on point and vocals were great! Enjoyed the visuals to this as well.  Definitely on the right track with this. 

Morgan Crozier

I dig it! It all feels very authentic and there's obviously a lot of thought put into the songwriting and overall production. Very well done, I wouldn't change a thing.


I really like the song and it definitely makes you think.  I wish that you wouldn't have used the "n" word in the song.  Especially this song.  Such a great message.  If you have a radio friendly version (I don't mind the swearing but I refuse to play anything that has the "n" word in it) I would be happy to play it.

Achal Dhillon

Hip hop that makes a statement on social inadequecies always resonates pretty well with me - while it's a genre I don't know tons about I think the clip is really well shot. Perhaps a little too reliant on the sample at the beginning and lyrically I think it could be extrapolated further into a bigger track. But I do like this.

Maggie Murphy

I thought the rap was powerful. I would have loved it without the f-bombs, just because that means I wouldn't be able to have my daughter listen to it. But I like that it had a message and  there was a fierceness to it. 

Frank Serafine

As a white American person listening to this, it occurs to me that that you're calling on black Americans to be more responsible and progressive and that we're all in this together. Humanity needs to be progressive and I think the song conveyed that message quickly and easily. The language and style is modern and directed at a specific demographic, but it works for that demographic. Plus, the production values were good and the singing passionate enough. Effective!

stan stewart

As you can see, I'm a white guy. So what do I know? I've only got my opinion and you asked for it. So here goes:
The tension between the f-word/n-word rap and the gospel-style female vocals is effective. At the same time, it leaves me wondering -- especially coupled with some of the imagery in the video -- what you really want to get across in the song (and video). Perhaps there are ways to make your intention clearer. The opening sequence is effective by itself. I think the opening visuals and lyrics when when you start the rap would carry more power without the bird being flipped in that opener. In the closing imagery, I don't understand the "titties" reference. For me, it took away from your "we the people" tag in the lyrics near the end. In other words, your message and your words/visuals didn't always line up for me, leaving me confused about what you're trying to emphasize in the song and video. If you're going for the "are we really better off", really send that message home. Maybe a visual that ties into that question.
Overall, I can see you've got a cool style, music that carries good energy, and effectively produced recording and video. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your work.

Lewis Lister

Fuze the MC thrives on this kind of classic beat where live-sounding drums and horns come together beautifully.  His delightfully complex rhymes are delivered with an almost tangible passion and aggression, without a hint of confrontation.  Ashley Joy's voice is smooth and powerful, but the short hook actually brings very little to the track.  Noble Black Society deliver conscious Hip Hop with a real message, without ever preaching or seeming corny, which is an art itself.

Maria Mouk

i like how all the pieces fit together. the voices are decent too. the ending of the video is a little strange.. but keep up the good work over all...

Mike Hoy

Great hook. Strong lyrics, and good video to go a long with it. 

Radio Flote

Great lyrics, rap section between 1:40-2:04 is awesome. sweet vocals.

Latanya Rene Barrett

Very cool. I think it has a strong point of view and I love the female vocals. 

Brandon Butch

This is a very well-crafted song and video! The sound of the verses are reminiscent of, dare I say, J. Cole. The hook is powerful and adds a lot of value to the song, while the verses/wordplay are on point but are too short. The song clocks in at just over 2:30 and while that can be seen as leaving the listener anticipating more music, it can also be viewed as underwhelming and leaving the listener unsure (leading to no follow-up listening of the artist's music). I'd work on crafting lengthier verses and adding a little bit more depth to the bridge/hook. Other than that, I think you have a bright path ahead of you!

Keep it up!

Ryan Chisholm

Man, this reminds me of GOOD hip hop in the late 90's. this is real. the verses are GREAT! i wish the chorus had a bit more of a hook... but the verses pack such a punch i'm not even mad.

I focus a lot on social media, so there is some work you can do here.

YouTube - since you sent me make sure that your "about" section is filled out with links to your other socials, sites and you have a bio. you should have this info in the details section of the video too. (with lyrics)

Twitter - looks like you've gone the follow for a follow route, which shows a large twitter following, but you are also following A LOT, so when I see that, i question how many "real" fans are following.

Also the twitter feed needs MORE personality. More pictures. Maybe add some performance vines, links to press when you get them, RT's from fans supporting.

Facebook - looks like it's early days here. I like what Sonna Rele does... maybe some examples to take.

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