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Phillip Yung

Hey! Thanks for sharing. 

In general, this is a very nice. The production quality is top notch and is extremely smooth. The remix is great with the vocal samples punctually entering and exiting throughout the tune. There isn't many negatives points to this song, but here are my two cents worth. 

Yes, this "tropical house" or "uplifting dance" music is gaining some steam. If you are going to ride the way, try to be a little more creative than what's already proven to work. For example, this particular song uses almost the exact same synths and effects as other producers like Kygo. I honestly wouldn't have known it was you who did the remix if I hadn't looked at the artist name. Try to find something that makes you YOU, instead of playing it safe and following someone else. I browsed through your later work and I actually liked those more. Don't be afraid to take this new wave of music into your own hands and do as you please. On another note, it's a nice song that would definitely fit a party or club. 



This classic by 2Pac sounds like a completely different track, with just a few trace elements left, aside from the vocals! I enjoyed the instrumentation. It's a little strange to make an inherently melancholic song sound so happy, but a 2Pac fan is a 2Pac fan, nonetheless. This definitely stands out among the huge pool of remixes out there - great job :)

Ty White

Interesting. I was turned off at first by the flat electronic beats -- felt like I was entering a bad downtempo lounge dream. Then once the instrumentals hit, I was surprised and pleased. I still think the build-ups (like around 4:30 & the outro) feel a bit cheesy and forced, but you've generally done a good job putting a new and fun spin on the track.


Nu disco is up there are one of my favourite genres so I was going to like this track whatever it sounded like to be honest, as long as it has some nu disco elements.

It turns out that I love it! The remix works extremely well and I'm a sucker for the saxophone so I love that you have implemented that into the remix too. 

I cannot wait to talk about it on my site in the coming days. Thanks for sending it across, great job. All the best for the future!

Olga Knapinska

It takes a lot of courage to release a remix of such a fascinating track. But this version of 2Pac's "Dear Mama" feels really fresh, it's like experiencing the same feelings again, but in a different way, which in my opinion is brilliant. The remix sounds somehow extremely optimistic, yet still serious, and I love it.

Indie Band Guru

The smooth acid jazz sound is beautiful and intoxicating.  I am not sure if the "Dear Mama" track is the best mix for it though.  The genres kind of clashed a little to me.  Definitely good production work though.


Wow, wasn't expecting the tropical mix that I got.  I was expecting to cringe immediately considering the source material, but this remix works like it should -- adding something new while complementing the original song.  

Mike Mineo

The heavy bass drum and key trickles immediately give Boehm's remix of 2Pac's "Dear Mama" a delightfully tropical feel. The intro is excellent, alluring and quite different from the original -- just as a quality remix should be. The primary beat is reminiscent of Swedish pop groups like Air France and The Tough Alliance, who always sound like they're floating on a tropical-colored cloud. On this entertaining remix, the club-based percussive beats that start around 0:40 begin the extremely well-executed meshing of these tropical vibes and club stomps with Tupac's classic "Dear Mama" delivery.

"Dear Mama" is a classic in its own right, and this remix breathes new life into it. If you're like me and have played "Dear Mama" quite a bit throughout your life, it's really cool to hear a new stylistic injection with the song's classic elements in mind. Excellent work! I'll be posting this on in the very near future -- look out for this on there, and reach out to if interested in my digital PR servicing.

Shamal Ranasinghe

I really dig this remix. Well done. It makes the original song more fun. You should share this around to the other hip hop folks on Fluence who also like the electronic sound. I'll refer them to you below.