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Get Back Home by Longneck Strangler

Donal Scannell

You guys definitely seem to be getting things going locally in Detroit - best of luck with your album launch gig. How can you translate that beyond detroit? A great video for a song that follows the rules of what works on radio is a good place to start. Six minute plus songs aren't really the way to do it. I'd stop saying you're not country and just embrace it. It's a such a popular  genre with a built in market - you guys aren't mainstream by country terms but at least embracing the country tag will make it easier for people to find you. What is it about you that has people flocking to you locally? What songs do they like the most? That could be the clue for how to take it further.

Miranda Johnson submitted media.

It's Elementary by Rigbi

Ciaran Steward

There's some great potential for the track, it's got a lovely general feel and the distinctive vocal certainly works to your advantage. At times I'm not 100% about the guitars, particularly the guitar that plays the riff at 18 seconds at which point I find the sound a little too treble-heavy.

Also, it could probably be a good 30 seconds shorter for the recorded version, though this would be the right way to go for a live performance. However, it's a good track and I completely agree about the Garden State feel - shame you've just missed the boat for Braff's latest film, would have been a great fit!

Brent Faulkner

Strong vocals - I like the 'youthful' and energetic sound conveyed through the performance.  Like the artist's description, I agree this would be a perfect fit on an eclectic soundtrack like the Garden State soundtrack was.  Garden State 2 seems unlikely, but definitely a hipster/indie styled film would be the perfect home for a track like this one.  But film soundtrack aside, the song is solid and highly enjoyable on its own.  


Nice percussive pop rock that fans of The Dodos or American Authors will surely enjoy.