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Lilac by PHANT


Wow this is great! 

I love the chilled, melodic vibe and cannot wait to write about this on my site in the coming days. Thanks for sending it though and keep up the great work! 

Steve Marchese

Excellent build to the first drop and a nice amalgam of a number of styles, as if M83 decided to do really well thought downtempo track. It's kitchen sink production in the best possible ways and I can see a track like this appealing to a really broad audience. For what it's worth, I like the art direction of the graphic as well. There's continuity with the music. Lovely melody. Nice work. 

Kevin Hugger

What a lovely opening that reminded me a bit of Brian Eno, a few passages in however and the dynamics stepped up considerably to affect a Slow Magic blissed-out vibe. There are traces of alien voices throughout which adds to the mystique as their words are comprehensively encrypted. This is one that probably needs several listens but I could imagine doing this unhurriedly with several cool ones. While ‘Lilac’ may lack a distinct hook it never lets up in its delivery of breezy twists and turns. In the process Phant prove that they have it within them to innovate which will ultimately mark them out from the crowd.   

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