Young Wolf Hatchlings

Young Wolf Hatchlings

Young Wolf Hatchlings

YWH. Born in Toronto. Raised by wolves. Multi-Platinum, Award-winning artists. Instagram: YoungWolfHatchlings

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The original track is a good base to work with because it's such a catchy song.  This version -- with its slowed down vocals and more percussive production -- is likely to get some plays just because listeners will want to hear another take on "Habits", but it won't leave a lasting impression like so many of the remixes before it.  Maybe it's a case of being too late to the party.

Radio Flote

we're always excited about new voices...sounds great, good beats, nice energy....that kid voice could use a lower volume maybe? upto you though! :)

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is great. I'm on my second listen. I didn't think I would like this from the first few seconds, but it switches up and gives me a good pop groove. It's a got a bit of wub-wub with sugar. I'm having fun with this song. Thank you for sending it to me! I favorited the track on SoundCloud and will be looking out for more. 

Brian Pokora

I really like this, would be keen to hear more

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