Calvino Donati

Calvino Donati

Calvino Donati

t all came into focus in 1997 when at that time known as Nicely Put became dedicated to writing spoken word. To expose his verbal talent of expressions, Nicely Put would venture different spots around the Baltimore area searching for open mike sets. Upon his search he encountered one he liked named Cades Café.

After several performances Nicely Put earned his spot as a featured artist on May 19, 1998 during which time he observed that other poets did not have any background music to compliment their sets. So he decided to Dee-Jay his own collection of instrumentals. As he continued to play, the interest grew in his selection of music. People began asking questions as to whether the instrumentals were his production. That’s when the light bulb of creativity transformed and in the year of January 2002 to present, Calvino Donati has been producing,arranging and engineering music.

Recent Submissions

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Liane Chan

This track has sort of a sleazy nightclub feel, it might actually be perfect for a retro video game set in a casino!

Calvino Donati submitted media.



I like it.  It is a solid musical piece and I could definitely see it being used as a tv show or radio show opening.  I would definitely shop it around.  

Matthew Kratz

The track sounds good sonically and all the parts fit together well.
It would sound cool to double the synth part with strings.
I think some horns mirroring the baseline would sound great as well.

My main critique would be that it doesn't change at all.  With some vocals this could work really well as a hip hop track.

Calvino Donati submitted media.

GAME FACE by Donati

Andrea Young

I like this instrumental tune. It has a mesmerizing, captivating beat which I’m drawn to keep listening to over and over, with some unexpected horn (tuba?).  It moves along and is something of an ‘earworm’.  Just not sure where commercially it makes sense.  Though I definitely could hear a marching band playing this tune as they march down the field, not kidding!