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Revelator by The boy from the crowd

Nix Cooper

Very quirky. I love it. The video is simple but effective. Love the fuzzed up guitar mixed with the lighter bits of the track. I can see this fitting in well with a Some Weird Sin clubnight in London. Good, edgy modern fuzzed up blues. Want to hear more.

Craig Roxburgh

Your sound really reminds me of a modern twist on the sound that the The Rolling Stones were chasing after in their early days - before mainstream success. It has a very gritty hard rock sound to it, and there is that noticeable influence from early rhythm and blues, and a penchant for the energy of some of the harder stuff to come out of the Delta blues movement. You have something that works really well here: keep at it.

Jeff Miller

The style that's embued through the video gives it a great throughline, but musically it seems... desperate. It reminds me of late-80's alt-rock, in both a good and bad way: it squarerly could end up next to Dramarama and Echo and the Bunnymen on the radio, but there's nothing about the attack that's fresh to me.

Paulie Hips

Yes! Right away, I thought Fugazi meets Hot Snakes! Also reminiscent of some of the later Cave In releases circa 2001-04 .   I appreciate this tune on so many levels. 1) It is incredibly commercially viable. 2) It is vocally repetitive, but the music makes the listener forget. The music, AND the range of intensity the singer breezes through throughout the song make it a non-issue. 3) The Musicianship is fantastic 4) Perhaps well, not perhaps, actually the most important point of them all, Honesty. I believe these guys %100. When i can tell a band is enjoying what they are doing, I am so IN! I don't even have to be crazy about the style of music they are playing, but there is a certain respect to be given to people who are actually playing what they love, and love what they play every night. Not only do I actually Dig this tune/sound a lot, i can tell that they do to. Not a lot of bands doing this thing right now either. Kind of a newer San Diego Punk Rock style, mixed with an early L.A. Punk Rock Style, maybe a little surf stuff deep  down in there waiting to come out too. The drums are spot on and spastic- heavy, with a very "on time" Mitch Mitchellness  to it. Guitar tone, FANTASTIC! The pseudo distorted bass on top is real nice. The really interesting thing about this song "Revelator" by Boy From the Crowd, is that you can do one of two things the entire time this song plays out. Dance, or Mosh. Oh by the way, I  mean dance like actual DANCE-ing, not like what the friggin straightedge kids call whatever the hell their turrets arm flailing wackiness is. All in all, I would play this on my show, my fans would dig it, and I can't wait to hear more!

Chelsea Schwartz

The Boy From The Crowd sounds like they came straight out of CBGB's in the late 70s. I appreciate the simplistic black and white video set-up and overall punk rock attitude. It's take an extra bit of oomph to sound full as a duo and you guys have pulled it off brilliantly. Will keep an eye on this project.