Graham Alexander

Graham Alexander

Graham Alexander

Singer / Songwriter / Musician
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Broadway alum. I also own a few companies, soon to be announced.
Camden, NJ

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Graham Alexander by Romeo Blue

Jocelin Leige

I liked the video not my go to choice when it comes to music but I'm not complaining at all. You did a really great job with this project. I look forward to more that you will be considering on when you contact me in the near furyre. Goog luck!

Jerry Doby

BIG SOUND! Brings back some of the fun in music. Great arrangement, visuals were totally on point. This joint has legs. 5/5 over for me.

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Repeat Deceiver by Graham Alexander

Martin Bryant

Although it's maybe a bit more 'slick' that the kind of music I'd normally choose to listen to, this is a catchy song that will stick with in my head for a while now, well-produced, fun and with a well put-together video. I can imagine it working well on light rock/alternative stations in the US, and it brought to mind the work of bands like Weezer and Silver Sun. I'm not sure if this sound would work so well in the UK right now, but overall I'm very positive about this one.

Kimberly James

I love it! Very energetic and different sounding! Has anyone ever told you you have a Paul McCartney vibe to you? I love the take back to the old stage days. The song itself is a great marketable song, recording-wise i'd tune up the sound volume a touch more myself to give it an extra punch but other than that, terrific job guys!

Benji Rogers

Great tune! 

Chelsea Schwartz

I love everything about this. Great quality video that keeps my attention and super catchy pop/rock track! Would've loved to premiere this video on High Voltage, but too late for that now. Will definitely share from my personal Twitter.

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Jen Dan

Hey Graham!!  Thanks for sending me this intro video about your sound 'n' vision.  I really dig that you're originally from and still based in Camden, NJ and have reestablished the Victor Talking Machine Co. record label and are revitalizing the rock 'n' roll genre with your engaging music and entrepreneurial spirit.

In your video you include clips from 4 of your songs.  The first one, "Repeat Deceiver", radiates a straightforward vibe with catchy hooks and melodies that support your strong and heartfelt exclamations.  I definitely think your compelling vocals are the key to your sound; raw, but controlled, emotional, but not overly dramatic.  

Next song "Valerie" really caught my ear due its 80s throwback sound with a catchy, cycling guitar motif, the contemplative, mid-tempo pace, and of course your vocals that alternate between smoother and reflective and rougher, passionate cries.

You have a nice sonic variation going on with the representative songs; like on song #3 where you've included symphonic strings and a more mellow and reminiscing vocal flow (yet still urgently delivered).  I love  your bittersweet vocal delivery on the lyrics "Oh, how our lives changed / Reminds me of the time / when you were mine."

And on song #4 you crank out the rock 'n' roll with a horns section backing you - well done!  I'm enjoying the strutting tempo, more complex guitar line, emphatic drum beat, and your looser, down 'n' dirty, but joyful vocals.  You've got it goin' on!!

Lora Gene Dee

Reminds me of a time when rock was this simple; doesn't pretend to be anything else but music that seeks to be heard. I love this one 'cause it reminds me of the good ol' days of rock. Charming but incredibly edgy in all the right places. I heard the likes of Aerosmith and The Beatles at some point there and I think it's wonderful. It got me real intrigued how the band would perform live. It would be  nice and interesting how this kind of energy level plays out on stage. Keep up the solid work.

Heather Willensky

This is a nice reel you've got here. You're clearly talented songwriters, and you've got good production on your songs. I would suggest that instead of having a voiceover you might talk about the band yourself - I think it will come across more sincerely to promoters and labels whom you're pitching to. Also, You might want to create a shorter version of your reel, say 2 minutes, as that's a pretty good window to get your message across within. Keep up the good work!

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Third Wheel by Graham Alexander

Mee 丰

So much attention to detail and sheer guts! Super retro production value with an ambitious chord progression is courageous and wonderful. Coupled with your amazing business model, I'm in awe of you, Graham. 

In terms of tips, I can see you have an artist profile on and that your one and only song did get airplay on so... please upload this one to your profile and message me when it's there so I can favorite your link.

Let's keep the conversation going, I'm really curious about you as an artist and as a business person. I'll be in New York on May 8th, perhaps we can meet up before your show to chat?

Annie White

This is cute! Digging the chamber pop feel, and the simplicity of shooting it in a studio. Would love to see some back up singers to reinforce the vocals. Also more build up to the horns solo at 2:54 (levels on the horns could go up in general). Overall great job!

Bob Lugowe

I'l start off by saying that I enjoyed the song and the music video is very well put together and professional.  It looks and sounds great so you're off to a good start in that regard.  I do think you should have the music start earlier in the video and perhaps have the outtake scene at the end.  Because of the title and the way the video started I was expecting this to be an actual promo film and not a music video.  I would suggest changing the title of the video so that the artist name is first followed by the song name and then put Music Video or Official Music Video in parentheses since this wouldn't really be considered a promotional film.  

If you haven't already, I would hire a publicist to promote the album since you have some great looking content and the song is solid.  Perhaps run some targeted ads on Facebook and/or YouTube to fans of similar bands as well.  

Ari Herstand

Super catchy song. Very fun. The video captures the energy very well. Love the change at 3:13. I would like to have read along with the lyrics. Make sure to include them in future submissions.  

Will definitely see you live when you make it to LA. Please keep me in the loop and feel free to add me to your email list. 

Fred Pessaro

Hey there! This thing is really broad in scope with incredible arrangements, and I love that!  I think that what this song really needs is some balls to it... that can be accomplished with a really prominent low-end/bass line.  I feel like that would really juxtapose well against the horns and the strings and really fill out the sound.

I love the vocals... killer falsetto parts, and amazing range! 

This is not particularly something I would be into, but I can see the value there and hear good songwriting.  Good work.

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Good quality sound! Once this gets going it's a LOT of fun. I love the passion, I can really feel it but the intro/talking is a bit long and feels unnecessary. The track is a really good, catchy piece and I like how the backing instruments like strings have full feature instead of being shoved to the back, or not even in the video at all! Infectious passion comes from all of you in the clip. Back to the track, it's a wholesome whirlwind of fun and love, varied and a great vocal - I can tell you all had a real blast filming this! Well done!

Michael Hunter

Well that's a contagious song you have there!  Even though its general influences seem to be apparent - a Motown kind of feel to the rhythm, maybe a slight Dexy's Midnight Runners sound to the brass in the arrangement, and I don't know if it's just me, but maybe even a hint of a jazzier George Harrison to the melody line in places - it's still clearly an original song which is very easy to enjoy.

The vocals are emotive without being excessively so, the playing is excellent individually and collectively and it's certainly a full sound, again because it suits the song itself, without overwhelming it.  You're clearly all enjoying it too, as well you should, and that would have to inevitably influence the audience the same way.

I really can't think of any negatives.  The song, the playing, the arrangement and production and mix of brass and string sections all combine very effectively - I also like songs that have an opening line that hints at something that's already been said that the listener hasn't heard, so "I repeat...." works for me as a starter too.

The video works well to show the personality of the band as well, which is important whether you're "together" in a shot or not!  So altogether, definitely colour me impressed.  Hope things go well for you, because you have the type of music that could definitely be considered "commercial" but clearly has real heart and soul beyond that.  

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Select Clips from Repeat Deceiver by Graham Alexander

Craig Roxburgh

Superb music. I am detecting a really interesting pop meets jazz band influence in your music. Kind of like Maroon 5 stripped down their sound and combined it with "Uptown Funk". Would love to hear the full album.

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Repeat Deceiver by Graham Alexander

Paulie Hips

I love how this song starts out! (I made sure to write this write after the first 10 seconds) Question: Will it keep me interested until the end?
Wow. Well done Graham. It's going to take me all night to nail down everything I think this reminds me of. I mean that in a good way. It went from Paul McCartney via his RAM days( his grooviest days in my opinion) to something like, say The Libertines were actually good, and were able to write one perfectly structured , catchy PANTY DROPPER.  The cool thing, is that during this very British sounding  surface, he underlines it with this fantastic rather Bruce Springsteen-ISH gallop in the vocal delivery, and guitar... Until he turns on what I call the "POP NARCOTIC", which is reminiscent of what The Young Veins almost got to on their first release. Being from the Ca. Bay Area . This band reminds me of some local (and across the pond) Heroes and Legends, American Heartbreak. ( Saw em about 10-11 years ago when The NY Dolls were touring on their first album in 30+ years, they supported)

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Sarah Sommer

I absolutely love this. The lead singer is incredibly talented. His voice is surprising, dynamic, and just overall exceptional. The horn section definitely adds a punch to the track without being overwhelming and the instrumental guitar riffs are a perfect accompaniment to the singers passion. 

You can see how much everyone in this group seems to love what they are doing which adds a layer of fervor and animation to the music. It is often missed when a video is of a live performance especially in a studio but it is obviously these guys love what they do and love the music they are making. 

 I would love to hear more from this group and wouldn't be surprised to see an album blow up soon. 

Lily Kuo

Woah, this is a killer performance. 

Birgitta Bellman

Sounds great. I'll share it. :)

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is quality rock and roll. The video is well done, and I'm sure you all are a fun time live. 

Brownie Marie

Funky, soulful, and would be perfect for TV/film licensing. There were a few moments that reminded me of the late David Ruffin of The Temptations. The band is awesome, and cannot believe how young the musicians appear (if those are the actual musicians on the track, and not actors for the video). There is an intuitiveness in the musicianship that communicates confidence, trust, and experience with each other, and it's very special when a younger band has that. This song made me want to hear more from this artist.

Mike Hoy

Good funky tune. Great quality, driving bottom line, and wonderful horn section. 

James Moore

I wasn't sure what to expect here with the neutral studio opening to the video and the abundance of leather jackets; I suppose I was expecting something either a bit cheesy or extremely poppy, but I got neither. What I heard pretty quickly, and what I think is extremely unique (in that I don't know if I've ever heard this) is the Paul McCartney influence on the vocals...and this is such an extremely good thing! Not many people can unleash that kind of melodic, natural rasp and perfect flow and you did it perfectly. I've never heard the McCartney influence done so well. A little James Brown in there too. There's looseness in your vocal flow which shows total confidence.

This is really what makes your music special I'd say because barely anyone else is doing this kind of thing quite this way. Your positive swagger is your strength. Obviously, the music is extremely tight and well-written too, but it's your charisma and voice that are going to win people over. I think this song would lend itself to a stylized video as it sounded like a hit to me; so I have to admit there were times I was hoping for more than the studio shots - but it does look great.

There's really not much else I can say except that you're full on fantastic and I think this sound would be welcomed in many circles. 

Stephen White

A vibrant piece of funk-pop music, Graham Alexander and band seem to through the kitchen sink at 'She's Chameleon' with all the soul, funk and R&B influences of the musicians coming to the fore in way that sounds fun and honest.

Although, perhaps a more succinct or shorter running time would have benefitted the track overall and given it the "punchier" soul single feel.

Going Solo

Ok this is rousing. It's exactly the kind of song that I'd like to hear at the radio. Or in which I'd love to come across in a gig. I'm totally into the rock-funky vibe, it reminds me McCartney & The Wings. I would have bet on the fact that you were a British musican; it was pretty surprising to discover that you're from New Jersey. A good point in your favor: great music doesn't have nationality.
Just a little hint: remove the promo introduction from the beginning and put it at the end. Let people being hit by your music from the start.

wayne leeloy

HORNS! POCKET! nice work.  great vocal and groove.  felt like a 60's blues / rock / soul band from the UK.
always great to see a bunch of white dudes live in hte pocket w as much soul as this does.
its a fresh sound in today's musical marketplace and the horns are fantastic.  this should do really well in the college circuit.

thumbs up.

Radio Flote

awesome...kicking butt....and, what mastering does this song need? sounds perfect to us.

Bill Werde

This is one of the better submissions I've received here, particularly in terms of the tightness and ambition of the band and the vocal potential of the singer. This is an act that really has the potential to go somewhere.
Some (hopefully) constructive feedback: I feel like the vocals could be tighter, clearer, more enunciated occasionally in a way that might let them pack more actual lyrical punch. "She only wants a winner" gets a little space to breathe as a lyric; I actually wish it got a little more. I'd play with that a bit to see if you can't make that deliver more feeling, more sneer and attitude. Maybe try a quick bear of silence before ripping that line out? Maybe end on it hard stop, no backing music at the end? I felt, sometimes, listening to this song on repeat, that this was a brassier, less attitudinal version of the black crowes. And while the brassier part Is pretty cool for you and for the listener, the less attitudinal part isn't a compliment. This feels to me like a song that demands a bit more sweat and sinew then I ultimately got from the performance. I mean, this song is supposed to be the brass rock version of Cee Lo's "F*ck You," lyrically, isn't it?
Similarly, on the vocal enunciation tip, where you sing (I think?) "black jack do it again," especially the last time, the words kind of rush out. I think you're going for style points but I think it diminishes the impact of the lyrics a bit. 
So as much as I like the components here, and see obvious talent, the sum isn't adding up to be greater than the parts for me in that magical way that happens when I hear a smash. For whatever it's worth, I attribute a lot of that to the vocal performance. Again, to be clear: I think the vocal talent is a clear strength. I just would love to see you go back and work on some of the phrasing and pacing on this performance and see what more you can wring out of it. A little space here or there and I think you might surprise yourself. 

Kimberly James

Ahhh man, THAT is what music is about. I have said a million times that I miss artists going into the studio and jamming and creating magic. Where in the world did you pull all of that soul out of a baby face. I couldn't stop watching and want to see a live show now. You guys are on the right track. Thank you for the music!

Brody Ramone

Excuse me for a minute... I AM IN LOVE WITH TRACK! Everything for the funky soul beat, the vocals, the video, lyrical content EVERYTHING! Fantastic work- I can't wait to hear more from you!

Benji Rogers

Love that voice. 

Trina N. Green

There are a few things going on here (for me):
First: When I'm listening to something/someone for the first time, I honestly prefer audio only (instead of video) in order to not be distracted/influenced by what I think of the sound. That said, there's always the sensory jolt of when the physical image of a singer doesn't necessarily jive with the perception of the voice. I love it when those two things DON'T match because it shatters another tiny corner of peoples' beliefs. I read nothing about you, just clicked 'play' and initially thought (assumed) British soul singer (it's a thing, you know), retro in sound fashion, particularly due to the McCartney-like vocal tones: cue another shattered belief. And that's not a bad thing.

You've tapped into that sound that is really familiar and welcoming, funky and soulful with punch. The musicianship and song structure are solid and fairly flexible. Love the character of your voice; a few aspects of delivery could be tighter and maybe at 4:42 minutes the song runs a wee bit long. A song like this should be all "hit it and quit it."

Emilie Lorre

Wow, this song brings lots of energy! I like this kind of old rock sound, where the brass are added to electric guitars. I think your music is made to be played live.

Andrea Young

You and your band have obviously spent many many hours rehearsing, composing, perfecting  -- and it shows in your performance.  You are stars!  You have what it takes to make it to the top, and your look automatically makes you TV and media-attractive.  Love your and the band’s style, that’ll definitely work in your favor.  

The video grabbed me and kept drawing me in, it was crucial to the performance for that reason.  It made me want to know more about all of you, otherwise, I might not have been drawn in so quickly.  

You’ve got an amazing, caressing, immediately likable voice – and you and the band work it to great effect.  The song has great hit potential – it has great energy, musically on tone, makes me want to move.  Great job!

Chelsea Schwartz

Love the soul/funk rock vibe, especially those horns kicking things off. The "promotional film" itself is very middle of the road; I wouldn't use that terminology as it leads to expectations of something like an EPK.  Also the little promo tag at the beginning was distracting/confusing followed what felt like a long pause/silence before the song kicked off, might want to put that at the end to attract more people in right off the bat with those horns kicking in. Otherwise - GREAT SONG. Message me, let's get a MP3 for the radio show and keep a dialogue open.

Mike Mineo

"She's A Chameleon" immediately begins with an enjoyably full-bodied sound; feverishly soulful vocals, exulting brass, and a bouncy rhythm section comprise an abruptly infectious introduction to Graham Alexander's sound. The backing instrumentation reminds of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in its immediate infectiousness and semi-improvisational feel. The melodic range of the vocals doesn't fluctuate much, maintaining the same tone throughout, but this cohesiveness is welcoming considering the energy and variation inherent in the instrumental backing. The rock-laden sound with bursts of funk also reminds me of Paul Weller's solo material and with The Style Council; whenever those comparisons come up, I'm certainly enjoying it. Great work! Look out for a feature on in the near future, and reach out to me at if interested in details/success stories regarding my PR services. Have a good one! -Mike