Hani Saigh

Hani Saigh

Hani Saigh

CK Lords | Poet

New Album: "All Nine Are Mine" Acoustic
Recorded in a Van down by the River in Big Sur

New Album: "The Last Bastion of Freedom" Rock/Electric
Recorded in Aptos, CA And Carmel, Ca 512

Linux Journal "Put Your Office in the Clouds"
SWANS, Portland MLP,
 Self Published Fiction:  
Strange Red Afternoon 2004, 
Out of Disorder 2007, 
All Nine Are Mine 2014
Songwriter/Musician: cklords "Wet" on "All Nine Are Mine" 2014
capitola, ca

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Hani Saigh submitted media.

Old School Yard by cklords

Bill Werde

i kinda sub this - enough, certainly that i clicked through and listened to some of your other songs - artemis, yonkers, capitola. i like that you sen rooted in being a singer-songwriter but you take these risks/experiments where you're creating some really angular and unusual songs. 
for this particular submission, i really liked the track - the slide-y guitar sound that forms the minimalist hook is clever enough. i'd remix it with the voice much higher in the mix though. it may just be the equipment your using but its hard to understand all of your words and i suspect it's a interesting story you're telling. plus, sonically, it just seems a little out of balance -- too much track overwhelming the vocal. 
also i think this track is interesting enough that id love to hear you flesh it out with a chorus that has some meaning and a good hook. you could have something here. good luck and thanks for the submission!