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Tunnels by Tom Flash

Parker Crystal

LOVE the feel of this!!  This would translate EPICLY in a live setting, so I would be happy to pass this along.  In the meantime, you might want to submit to blogs like Indie Shuffle and The Wild Honey Pie.  You can reach out to Eric Weiner (TWHP) directly--he's very cool about interacting personally with bands.  If you have a Twitter handle, I'll mention you when I promote this.


I really dig this song.  I would love to play it on the station.  It is a solid song both musically and lyrically.  I am really excited to see what else comes out of this group.  

Max Schneider

You guys kill it with this one. I was intrigued by the simple, bare bones riff that  opens the track, but around the 20 second mark, when the dual guitars kick in with the melodic riff played in octaves, I was hooked. What can I say? I'm a sucker for twin guitars. Great tone on those as well. 
The composition and arrangement of this song stood out to me as top notch. I look for songs to grow and evolve as they progress and Tunnels does that masterfully. I love how the energy of the song is constantly building in a deliberate, controlled way until, after a surprising but not out of place interlude, it reaches a shredding, frenetic crescendo. I particularly enjoyed hearing the guitars get some shred time in. Killer job guys!

Jason Jones

Drenched with reverb.....   That had me worried until about 0:24.  Dist-guitar entrance was nice.

At 1:15, I'm sitting here listening, trying to determine whether or not I like this.  I haven't heard music like this in a long time.  Reminiscent of early 90's rock, with more reverb.

At 2:00, I think I'm figuring out what isn't sitting well.  The drums are mixed way, way too low.  I can hear the hi-hat louder than the snare, and the kit being played doesn't seem to be tuned well at all.  Perhaps I'm mistaken.

Maybe it's the copious amount of reverb applied...  Maybe it's just not my cup of tea....

Wow, the pumping is crazy at 3:25...  It's a wall of sound without much definition.

So, here's what I think.  The performances are awesome.  The guitar solo around 3:50 is very well done.  The singer sings well.  The drums (thought mixed low) are played well.. Very tasteful.

The reverb applied to the mix is .... remarkable.  It's almost as strong as the actual instruments, and it's a thick reverb, too.  I get where it's trying to go, but it seems the reverb applied everywhere might be the wrong type.  If done correctly, the reverb can provide the intended effect of making everything lush and long, without drowning out the actual performances.  If you listen to your mix, you'll notice there are times when the reverb and other instruments *completely* drowns out the snare.  This just shouldn't happen.  There are ways around it, without sacrificing the sound you're going for.

Keep going, and if you want a bit more advice, take a look at my website.  I'd love to help out.

Thanks for posting!  I enjoyed listening.

Scott Cohen

I like it a lot.  It is the kind of music I listen to personally.  One big challenge is that it is a very crowded field.  Do you have a good agent?  How often are you playing?  What would you like to happen with your career?

Brody Ramone

This track and I had a moment. It's sexy blues rock that needs to be featured on my show. Send me an mp3 and I will play it tomorrow!

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is a great track, super solid. Only thing I wish is that you'd put more in your description. I'm on my third listen, but don't want to navigate away to know more about the song, you, the band, your story, and the meaning of the song. I'm going to recommend Travis Keller, Chelsea Schwartz, and ask them specifically for recommendations on exposure. Also, for press check out Marni Wander and Mike Mineo. This also may be up the alley of Valida for her show on KCRW or may be too hard. I'm not 100% sure so check out her profile and see. You end up the song on a great rising peak. I'd love to see you guys play this live. Spread the word when you're playing out in San Francisco.

Kenny Gray submitted media.

Lose Control by Tom Flash

Paulie Hips

Chorus is fantastic. I would like to hear some backups. I know it's hard to find three chicks to hit certain notes, but hey, one can hope. Songwriting = pretty damn close to perfect. Hats off. Doesn't really sound like anyone off the top of my head. That never happens. I would listen further. And I'm a dick. Good job.

Chelsea Schwartz

Before I read that you're trying to blend dance and rock, I was actually thinking this was on the border of dance rock and hard rock. Nice Black Sabbath-like breakdown. Especially digging the Eagles of Death Metal-esque harmonies. Would love to hear more and pick a track for upcoming play on our radio show. 

Kimberly James

Hi guys,

Very good sound. It's in line with a lot of the very played Alternative that's currently out. Great job guys!

Kenny Gray submitted media.

You Suck!! by Kenny Gray

Kenny Gray submitted media.

Home by Tom Flash

Mike Mineo

Tom Flash's new track "Home" sports an immediately engaging guitar crawl reminiscent of Artic Monkeys. This dexterous and flavorful burst of art-rock is accompanied commendably by a variety of vocal fluctuations, which move quickly through various structural segments -- from near-screams in the verses to a fantastic, anthemic chorus that'll get stuck in most listeners' heads ("don't you wanna go home"). REALLY digging the exotic guitar flourishes around 02:20 and onward til 02:40, where the rhythm section shows itself as a great strength as well. The ambitious structure may initially be too overwhelming for some, but the track's fluidity is highly apparent after a minute or two. "Home" is a great blast of energy from a group of very promising alt-rockers -- nice work! Look out for a feature on Obscure Sound in the near future, and reach out to me at if ever interested in learning more about my digital PR servicing. -Mike