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Jahn Beadle

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Santa Monica

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MRG Management

Love the visuals, thought the song is fairly strong and I like the concept here but there really is a lot going on.  I'll have to break this into two parts.. First the video.  There is a ton going on here and it really lacks focus or continuity.  The overall idea is cool and the footage, effects and transitions are on point, there's just too much and too many.  This goes to the next subject, the song.  The song is 6 minutes long!  That's way to long in today's marketplace.  In addition, the hook is strong and there are points in the song that I really like.  The overall length works against you here in creating a focused, refined and finished product.  I do think that the hook and overall concept of the song is strong but I think overall it lacks a little discipline and focus.

Donal Scannell

There's a lot of good stuff going on here but there's too many mixed messages. You have an amazing voice - really distinctive and a great style to go with it. This song has got a great chorus too - definite hit potential. Editing is required. The song is far too long and doesn't know who it's speaking to. Here's an observation that nearly always holds true. Women make hits - they are your audience and I recommend telling your story to them. You're a man and you're tough but you're sharing your feelings and that's powerful. I think women will be more interested in that than your soft porn escapades - visually and lyrically. I'd recommend going a bit smoother with your image - less sports gear in the mix. You have a really distinctive voice and style that can take you places but to take full advantage of that you need to be clearly focused on your audience and your relationship with them. This track nd video are not focused on building a connection with an audience. Look for example at how much more powerful the video is when you look at the camera. Look into the lens, share your feelings, wrap them around that great chorus you've written, put a beat under it that people can dance to and you're much closer to breaking thru.


It is a good song.  I am a bit confused about the transition towards the end.  It seems a bit out of place.  The song is incredibly solid without it (actually I think that it hurts the song a bit).  I would play it on the station send me a copy.

Latanya Rene Barrett

The video is visually awesome but the song personally is just not for me. This was my first take on this video. I personally can't relate to the message of the song but can understand how it will do well in the pop/hip hop world. I love the contrast of color vs black in white in the video as well.