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The Physical Dimension of Sound.
SubPac is a start up bringing the Physical dimension of Sound to the world via our seated and wearable tactile Bass systems.

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Legends x SubPac by SubPac

Phi Pham

I'm interested in using a subpac. It needs to be shown more in the video what it exactly looks like though.

Liane Chan

I do like to feel music, though I'm still not sure what a sub pac is! Still glad that help spread the word about it. 

Brett Napoli

The Subpac promo video definitely creates an aura of excellence around the product, especially with the world class testimonials supporting it from internationally well known artists all across the board. The intro was great ("I'm tearing up") for bringing viewers in. The only suggestions that we would make would be to describe the product more for viewers. What is it exactly? Is it for producers and musicians only or the general public? Cost?

As an awareness promo piece this video is top notch, but you could lose viewers who won't search further to find out if the Subpac is for them. Overall, we're psyched on it and will do further research, but will your typical viewer be so inclined?

Sahpreem King

This thing looks f'in incredible. Every music producer regardless of genre needs one these. You guys need to send me one. 

Brian Hazard

Sorry for the delay! I was out of the country.

As a mastering engineer specializing in electronic music, I've been really curious about the SubPac S2! I always check sub levels in my car, where I've got the subwoofer totally dialed in. The SubPac could very well be a handy shortcut!

I'm not sure if it would fit my Aeron chair, but if you want to send me one, I'd be happy to review it at! My blog is mostly music promotion related, but I have several articles on mixing that I refer my clients to all the time.

Regardless, I'm happy to help spread the word to my followers on Twitter! Thanks for selecting me!

Matt Mason

This video made me want to understand more about Subpac, but it would be helpful to get a better explanation of what exactly it is sooner. Also - who is it for? IS it just for producers / DJs etc. in the studio, or is this going to be great in movie theater seats one day? I think there are broader implications here that are worth talking about too. 

Can't wait to try it out - thanks for sending!

Martin Bryant

I assume you're looking for feedback on the ad here. I think it sells the product well. Nothing like endorsements from successful users. Were I in the market, I'd be swayed!

Aurora Berill

I find this video very interesting. Basically, The SubPac is the ultimate solution for monitoring low frequencies. Music is often played very loudly and it can cause significant hearing damage and hearing loss for the performers. Many musicians often experience a painful ringing in their ears and they are forced to retire.

The SubPac provides accurate frequency response ranges of 5hz to 130hz and you’ll get the deepest lows possible, it's portable and you can use it anywhere, anytime. TheSubPac is ideal for making music, films and games. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Musican are faced with some of the most common studio problems, like small and cuboid rooms which have the biggest acoustical problems. With TheSubPac the room you are in and how it effects the bass response is no longer an issue. Your level of inspiration will be increased and it can even create a higher state of relaxation.

Thanks for sharing!

Priya Shah

Love love love! 

Buying it, sharing it, boasting about it. 

Nick Suell

I have a ton of questions about for Team SubPac. What's your plan and method of customer acquisition ? Any event activation plans? Where can I purchase or demo SubPac? I am very interested in collaborating with SubPac. Send me a message via so I can 1) get specifics on the feedback your wanting, and 2) so we can talk more about product promotions.

Sub Pac submitted media.

Ayesha Mathews

great concept and smart marketing. makes me want to learn more about the sub-pac product.

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is an awesome video. I LOVE the w ay it opens up. I feel like the video and audio go really well together. It rumbles and rocks in a deep serious way and moves me into action. It's just the right length and is feels bad-ass. More people need to see this video. Well done.

Jono Kane

WHOA bass! As mentioned by Hank Shocklee, I can't help but be skeptical, but if this product produces an accurate low-end response, this could be a boon for home-studio musicians. I like that he addresses the skepticism right off the bat, I think that does a good job of stoking my curiosity and adding validity to this product. The price point seems right, as it's just a hair under what I paid for my KRK10S... which continually pisses off my neighbors. If I could feel the bass without making anyone angry, I'd be happier. That said, I'd want to try this first. A few things the video misses: 1. A final call to action. You list the URL, but there's no reason to do go there. "See more demos", "on sale at", etc might help. Would be cool to show thumbnails of videos and allow the user to click through to some demos or more informational (less advertise-y) videos. 2. Any sort of product specs to appeal to the nerds and pros: Frequency response specs, connections, crossover, etc. Also, it brings up some questions, like is it wireless or how does it connect to my monitor setup? All in all, an interesting idea. I like it. 

Trygge Toven

Reminds me a bit of the hardcore gamer chairs with the subwoofer built in, but I'm assuming this has a totally different purpose?  I'd love to check it out though.

Greg Savage

Wow, this looks absolutely amazing. I wish I had paid more attention to kickstarter in 2013 as I would've loved to be backer of this product.

I recently went to a LAN party with a friend and there were three players who used the Subpac and I just had to give it a try.

I asked and they were generous enough, so I strapped it on. It's everything you guys says it is... not just for music, but entertainment as a whole.

You mention how much of a game changer it'll be for producers, djs and musicians.... think about the gamers, especially those who play FPS's, it's a whole new world for them.

Keep up the good work, I love seeing promo and hearing about this product and can't wait to see what you bring to the table in the future.

Keep up the good work.

- Greg Savage

Brian Hazard

This would save me from the constant back and forth to my car to check my mixes on the subwoofer! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing it with me! I'll share it in turn with my followers.

Mike Hoy

Not sure what I am evaluating here...the quality of the commercial or the idea of the product. 

Doesn't matter, I LOVE both. The commercial is incredibly compelling, well shot, great subject...truly intrigues me to learn more about the subpac.

The subpac itself looks SICK. Can I haz one? :)

Matt Mason

This thing looks amazing!

Nina Ulloa

This seems really cool. I'm currently testing a device that is similar, but it's a cube thing you clip on your clothes. It's pretty uncomfortable. I like that this is catered to producers and has a non-intrusive design. 

This video definitely caught my attention, although I'd recommend keeping the text up with his name for a little longer. I had to replay the video to read it all.

I'm really interested in learning more if you want to email me at nina @ digitalmusicnews