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VIIV.TV | AWAKENING by ayesha mathews

Bob Andelman

Looks good, sounds good, but I'd get to the point expressed at about 1:00 sooner -- the huge financial impact of women on the economy. As we say in the news business, you're burying the lede.

Kara Dake

This is a really well done teaser video, and makes me want to learn more about and it's offerings. The company appears to have a very inspiring (and important) vision as the world is now waking up to the fact that women are huge economic drivers but are undervalued in their representation and voice. I think the video would be even more powerful if a short description of the product offering was included, as well as a call-to-action at the end. I'm the LA Chapter Lead of Girls Raising, an organization that connects female entrepreneurs to female investors, so I'd love to learn more about your organization!

Louise Smith

Absolutely fantastic video. I felt I was learning a whole load of information, but in a way that made me want to know more, rather than feeling 'forced' to take it all in. Loved it!

Jeremy Silver

Great attractor video - not sure what the product or service is but I'm already attracted in by something that is at once familiar and unrecognised. As a man watching this,  I saw the power of invoking the female economy and rather than feeling undermined or threatened by it, this feels new and exciting.  Great work, great teaser. Now we want to watch VIIV.TV before we even know what's on it. As a vehicle to carry branding and attract a particular kind of advertising, this channel has established its credentials ahead of its content - novel. 


Visionary platform to appreciate the values of women and what she could achieve in her life.Strong platform to awaken women power. Never seen or heard of anything before of such in social channel.I am really impressed about the video and your company commitment towards women empowerment. This platform gives a big platform for women to see the change they want to bring.Women can really shape their careers using this innovative platform.I also liked the Vimeo uploaded videos and they are really inspiring. We have created a small post to showcase your platform creativity and how its brining change in women values hope you like it. 

Chelsea Schwartz

I'm intrigued by this video (as I'm a woman who is thinking outside the box on a regular basis), but this video doesn't really say what is, how it works or what VIIV is doing. Additional information would be great.

Arthur Martins

The video message is pretty clear for me, based directly on the feminine power behind the global economy nowadays. In the beginning there's an introduction with the human qualities that are directly to women, but we don't have all the certain yet by the video. Then it introduces the feminine power and the women participation at the world wide economy. 

I believe is a very good approach to introduce such a theme to society, with the video graphics and movement in contrast with photographies. However I think it has been explored too much, because there's too much text to be read on a video, and the graphics also are too much. 

In my thinking, I would make a video, with footages of cities, like New York... and showing businesswomen routine over Manhattan, while visual graphics, and statistics could be used in conjunction, makind good visual interventions. Also to be textless, I would prefer to use a female, strong and confident voice over to narrate that text which is pretty strong and appealing for the cause. This is just a suggestion, but I really like the video and the iniciative, congratulations Viiv TV! 

Matt Mason

I like the sentiment here but at no point was it explained to me what Viiv TV is, or what the viewer should do next.


This video is very informative and inspiring! I love it! I'm interested in checking out more of this initiative!

Claire Jacobs

sounds great but would want to know what it actually is as it doesnt seem to inform me about that at all.

Brody Ramone

Well composed video. Women need more empowerment and recognition for our hard work in the marketplace, no matter what industry it may be. Gender should not play a role in today's marketplace it should be based on the ability to get the job done before deadline and under budget. Afterall, it’s the village girl who will change the world. So know and own your worth ladies!

I fully support the ViiV cause!

Bill Werde

its a good teaser - great energy, some good defining of the power of the female demo as a business target. but what is viiv? perhaps edit down some of the big picture positioning and give me some sense of what viiv actually is? by this i mean share some specifics, some tactical knowledge. is it a content site? an advertising network? a cable network? a movie studio? when is it rolling out? etc. When i first started watching this i thought it was cool that someone finally used Fluence to pitch a media idea as opposed to a song. I thought i'd share it on my networks. But i don't know enough about what it is to do that... 
Also, and somewhat to the same point, you may want to insert some form of direct call to action? You display what i presume the URL is at the end of this video, but 1. i shouldn't presume, you should tell me, "visit" and you should tell me why: " sign up for future updates" or " see our slate of fall programming" or, and ideally, to receive something of value--some free piece of content, etc. 
my 2 cents. love the energy and the idea, like i said. good luck!