Alexander Lindsay

Alexander Lindsay

Alexander Lindsay

Slow-Fi...A mix of downtempo electronica, trip hop, dream pop and shoegaze
Catmando is me. Alex Lindsay. A Northern Ireland-based electronic artist from Derry, with an eclectic range of influences including dreams, SNES music, cats and all manner of artists, both musical and none. I have taken to describing it as Slow-Fi, which is more a running joke than anything else, which came about from a previous band, which we found hard to categorize. Slow-Fi takes elements from dream pop, electronica, glitch music and shoegaze.
I played guitar in original rock bands for years and without one I felt a bit lost. I discovered that making electronic music could be done on my own and artistic visions could be realised in my own bedroom. It was like having a huge weight lifted from my chest.
I have recently recruited the help of a few of my friends; “Blind” Stuart Doonan on bass and the lovely Una Dunne on vocals. Both will feature in my upcoming releases and with the help of Stuart, I will now be able to play this project live.
I have remixed a number of artist's tracks and have also collaborated with fellow Irish musicians, GRIM, Joel Harkin and Avian Chase. I am always interested in new collaborations

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Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending! I wasn't sure from your description whether you're looking for direct production feedback or more for promotional advice, so I'll just add general thoughts and referrals for both.

Notes while listening:

- Love the entrance, the kick, and that spacy synth. d-minor is where it's at : )

- The guitar chords on the downbeats at 3:15 - 3:47 is wonderful. Well done. I'd even consider using a variation of that section as the intro up until Una comes in at 1:52 instead of the current guitar line. Having the guitar do less in the beginning could give the track more of an arc; allowing the last 1/4 of the piece be an even larger climax. Also would love even more sexy reverb on that guitar!

- Love the feeling of dark cold rage. for the last 1/4 as well. Listened to the EP on Bandcamp.

Let me know if you guys are looking for any particular help, and I'll be more than glad to recommend people to help.  Cheers!