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Zach hurd

Zach hurd

Los Angeles
Zach Hurd is a Maine native and a recent Los Angeles resident. Hurd's 2013 EP, "She Never Sleeps", produced by Robert Di Pietro (Norah Jones), recently won "Best Pop EP" in the International Independent Music Awards. Hurd has continued to broaden his audience with intimate performances and a sound that blurs the lines between folk, soul, pop and americana.
His latest album, "A Million Little Lights" (released on Oct 10th on iTunes/Spotify) is a 9-song effort that tells the story of a young couple who leave their small town for the city. Each song acts as a different piece of the story creating a cinematic experience for the listener.
Hurd says in regards to the album, "I wanted to do something different for this project and take a risk. I'm from a small town and moved to the city, so that perspective wasn't a far reach but the idea of creating an actual story around that backdrop, with a whole album, felt like more of a challenge and more intriguing."

Aside from the new release, over the last year Hurd has been featured in Paste Magazine, Four Culture Magazine and performed live on Philadelphia's famous WXPN FM/ NPR station.
For tour dates and more information, please visit You can also find Zach Hurd's music on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio and Amazon.
Los Angeles

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Wasteland City by Zach Hurd

roy perez

great song for placement. good luck

Mark Schoneveld

Very Ryan Adams of you, Zach. In a good way. I dig this lead track from your album, even with the very strong reference to your influences. As another commenter put it, though, it could use a bit more bite. I'd love to hear something that opens my eyes and ears to wakefulness. 

Drew Thurlow

Hey Zach, cool song. Good lyrics, solid arrangement, and punchy playing. I like the subtle background vocals and the unexpected rhythm section that comes in the second verse. If you were asking my advice I would tell you to take more chances with your songwriting. The song could stand out a little more with some twists and turns that are a little different that the standard Americana song. All in all, keep up the good work. 

Ryan Chisholm

Hey Zach, thanks for sending. I'm digging in listening to more than just wasteland city right now on soundcloud. I just added WC and Bright Colors to a new playlists. I'll try and spend more time with the full album.

After just a few listens Bright Colors seems to grab my attention more than Wasteland City. Obviously, music is very subjective... but there is something honest and personal about this song that cuts thru.

Look forward to listening more


Shamal Ranasinghe

Thanks for sending this track to me. I really like it. It's polished and catchy. Do you have plans to play in San Francisco? You should definitely make it out here on a west coast tour, and if you please let me know when you play. I'm going to share this track now. Also, I've referred it to a few folks I think would dig it. Definitely send it to Sarah Zupko and Mark from YVYNL.

wayne leeloy

really great lyrics and melody. love the storyline and momentum of the track.
this fits nicely in the americana category right now.

only critique would be working on production, but it's not enough to be a distraction.

gets me wanting to listen to more!!

Valida Carroll

Love this song.
Here is where I think the song could improve...It's super minor and has mostly to do with the way it was recorded. The guitar in the beginning could use some less verb...Same thing with the vox...When they come in in the beginning, take out some of that verb and add some bottom end...Would sound so much better if they were cleaner and had some more mids in them. When the music kicks in the vox sound better...but still a little thin...
But seriously...Your voice is really great...The harmonies are perfect. The song has a great hook...It's really great songwriting...So many great lines in this song...
I would totally book you for Desert Nights if you ever end up coming to the West Coast.
If you did these minor changes to the way the song is recorded and send me a high quality MP3, I'd play it on air.