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Jared Lutes

New Brunswick, Canada

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Lionheart Soul by Jared Lutes

Jason Jones

I can tell I'm gonna love this from the first note.  Right up my alley.  Turned up my volume, and am ready to be engulfed by sound...

Vocal entrance didn't disappoint.  Great sounding voice!  Nice and rich, full of texture.

Great full band entrance at 1:00, at "Lion heart soul"...    I love the photo in the background, too.  I never notice stuff like that, but this time I did for some reason.  Great sign, man.

Vocals are mixed nice and high.  Upfront and personal.  Maybe a bit too much?  The music bed sounds just as good as the voice does, and there are times when I feel the voices drown it out a bit much... But just a bit.  Little nit-pick.

At the bridge at 2:19...  So far, so good, man.

heh... Got wrapped up in the music.  It's ended now, and I forgot I was writing a review.  Yeah, man.  I loved it.  I think I'm gonna share this one.

Great message, great mix (with the vox brought down just a bit), and great performance!  That's all I got, man.  Thanks for posting!

Michael Hunter

This is a good strong song, both lyrically and musically.  The vocals are also melodic and carry the right amount of emotion for the theme.  It's interesting that while some songs with a similar "you can do it" focus can become bogged down by cliches or platitudes, this one doesn't come across as talking down to its listener.

I guess that would come down to lyrics such as “Paint a picture with your battle scars”, which is not standard fare, particularly if it is being used in the context of a childrens' campaign.  The track is substantial enough to carry its message but simple enough to be memorable, which is important if you're trying to implant its lyrics in people's minds!

It's not over-produced either - everything works well together without needing a continual aural assault.  

The song does deserve wide exposure, and getting it known via Fluence is one good way!  I'm sure you've put your mind to various other methods, including maybe trying to get it heard on college / community radio, or NPR?  Worth a try.

Chuk Jones

Great sound and build up. I love how the instrumentation builds throughout the song. Composition and vocals mix well. Love it. Would be happy to include in our music licensing library.

Maggie Murphy

Hi, Jared. I like this but I wonder if you're hitting folks over the head a bit much. Would it be better to do this without a lionheart picture. To me a lionheart is anyone doing anything brave, fierce, fighting for something. I wonder if attaching it to a picture of a lion undercuts the spirit a bit. I would love to see your music attached to video more than still pictures. I feel like you're writing soundtracks to characters you've yet to find. 

Kimberly James

Terrific production and great song. You have a fantastic voice. Definately go for licensing with this. Good spots looking are musicpage.com broadjam.com and musicxray.com

Andrea Young

Fabulous voice, songwriting, lyrics, production and arrangement on a tune with top hit potential in the pop country vein.  I will play ‘Lionheart Soul’ on an upcoming Aspenbeat show, please send high quality mp3 to me at andrea@aspenbeat.com.  It’s a great song, beyond inspirational youth music.  Let me know if I can do anything further to help you promote it.  

Jared Lutes submitted media.

Where You Are (Reprise) by Jared Lutes

Chris Wise

Hi Jared, 

Thanks for sending me your song through.

Actually, this is a really nice song.

Your songwriting is good, and the track is well put together and produced. 

The song is well carried by your vocals, and the harmonies complement the track, and the structure of verses is good. 

I'm finding it hard to fault this track, as it really a good example of a well written and produced song that could quite easily be heard in a compilation or on a big album.

Good work all round. 

Hope this helps? 

Many thanks 


Missie Faith

I need to save the link as your song needs to go on my playlist - the lyrics are wonderful as is your voice.
I'll share it wherever I can!
Thanks for a great piece of real handmade music.

Kimberly James

Wow Jared! Fantastic song. Your voice really comes through on this one. Very emotional song. Love it! You are a very good songwriter.

Maria Mouk

i think the lyrics are great, 
this folk country style is a little out of my expertise-or typical interest,
but composition wise, vocally, and lyrically it seems to have all the right components to work on a bigger scale :)

Kevin Hugger

This has the hallmarks of a Damien Rice acoustic ditty but with a distinct country edge and for that and many other reasons it should have an large audience swaying in unison. Jared has strong vocals and lives and breathes the words he sings which means this song sound 100% authentic throughout. The mix is professional and well put together which means that all the neat twists and turns that ‘Where You Are (Reprise)’ takes are seamless. While this song is probably more conventional than the stuff I’d listen to normally it builds a persuasive atmosphere throughout that is just made for a cinematic/TV drama scene. It takes quite a degree of skill to create acoustic drama such as this so the future, on this evidence, looks bright for Jared and his music.

Shayne Locke

Loved the track. We would like to add it to the new station we are launching in January called Unsigned Project Radio (http://unsignedproject.com) and our FB page - FB/unsignedproject

Beautiful track. Feel free to send me the track and also arrange an interview time - radio@soultravellerradio.com

Jared Lutes submitted media.

I Am Overcome by Jared Lutes

Josh Deane

Love the Mumford influence. My favorite parts are the instrumental breaks with the BV's. You have a great voice too.... I think you have to figure out a packaging that is a little more uniquely you though. 

Good luck. I'd love to hear more stuff. 

Ilana Michelle

I like this track - it seems to be joining the uprising of country-folk music. It falls in-between Blake Shelton, Justin Townes Earle and Mumford & Sons. I can see this track ending up maybe in Relix or Paste. I think the lyric video is a little bit cheesy, so maybe for the next single post an acoustic version or even simplistic video...something a little more engaging. I don't think lyric videos really do anything for artists - just a tip. :)

Maggie Murphy

I like it. I think the music has a mix of Celtic and Country. It also has that Lumineers new folk feel. I think the song itself isn't as good as the music, so maybe that needs tweaking. Some lyrics are lovely, others feel like you have the wrong words.  I think you want to listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter and Fun and get that songwriting to a crisper place. Make it a bit more poetic. But thank you for sharing.