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David Cox

David Cox

20 Yr Music Exec / CLK Creative Works - Manager / Remix Project Music Biz Teacher / Stylus Awards / A&R
I've been involved in the music industry for the past twenty years in many different areas. My experience ranges from marketing for BMG Music, signing artists at Universal Music as an A&R rep, to artist management. I'm very passionate about music and have contributed to numerous music organizations over the year and built industry focused panels at CMW, NXNE, and more. Not only have I represented renowned artists, but was also part of an award winning rap group. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and currently music business teacher at The Remix Project, which is an organization committed to helping disadvantaged youth interested in creative industries and furthering their formal education. Also, handle the content management for digital music distributor IDLA. Lots on the table, but I devote the majority of my time to managing artists on CLK roster.
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Alan Cross

Intense. I like it a lot. We need more stuff like this.

Tell you what: Send me a high-quality MP3 to alan@edge.ca along with a three-line bio and I'll see if I can get this some exposure on The Edge. Deal? 

David Cox submitted media.

What Did I Do by SATE

Andrea Young

Bluesy, raucous, strong, rockin’ --this tune literally propels you forward with its energy!  I’m not sure what to say about the production on it at this point – Sate’s voice could be much more prominent in my opinion, I have to strain to listen to it, and would love to hear her voice more front and center!  Thanks for pointing out that this is the long version, I believe I prefer a shorter version without the intro.  Are you all touring?  For me, this type of blues hard rock a la Hendrix really builds and hits with live touring/performances.  Would like to hear more refinement, more sophisticated production values, but no doubt Sate is a force to be reckoned with.  Will pass along to colleagues who might help spread the word. Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music. 

Brian Hazard

Great job with your description and questions! You're really using Fluence to its fullest.

Wow, that's a long intro for a single. I bet you lose half of the listeners before the vocal comes in, and another half before the groove kicks in. And that's where it really pays off!

Really digging the vocals and the vibe - super high energy! You've got some great vocal colors there, and I love the way they shift with the doubling and harmonies.

To answer your questions:

1. "Blues in the style of Jack White"

Maybe? I dunno. I mostly listen to electronic, so maybe there's a newer hipper reference.

2. Not by name, but I'll tweet it out to my followers, which will definitely get you some plays!

Thanks for sharing this with me!

D Grant Smith

Slow build but powerfully solid once Sade's vocals light up. 
One of the best songs I've heard all week. The Hendrix/Jack White influences pop with rich glory.
I want to hear more music from this artist after just 1 song. That's not common for music submissions.

David Cox submitted media.

David Bass

Damn this is fresh! Love the video really beautifully shot - really well done.  Track is ace, love the vocals love the riff - I could pitch this 100% for ads so pls get in touch! Is there more from this band?  Are they signed? Published? Great hook, bags or energy, well produced. Well done.

Wiley Koepp

GREAT drum fill to kick off an intense Janis Joplin "Move Over" vibe. Love the high level of energy throughout the verses and chorus. The song breaks off into a more melodic lean during the 'bridge' section leading into the vocal-drum breakdown--harmony vocals are as tight as it gets!  I'd add Sate's "Warrior" to my 'Kickass' playlist any day!

Tom Matthew

You've got a real high energy sound! It reminded me of Lenny Kravitz and Gary Clark Jr. You shouldn't have any problems getting the crowd moving with a vibe like that. The band sounds tight, the vocals are great - sounds like you guys are doing things right.

In a sentence: "SATE is an in-your-face, full-throttle blues-rock band with a sound that will amp you up and get you grooving". 

I'm happy to share this with my followers on Twitter. Thanks for making good music!

Cortney Harding

The video is fantastic -- the production values are great, as is the camera work. This honestly isn't the type of music I listen to on a regular basis, but the talent here is undeniable -- great voice and absolutely fabulous guitars. For fans of harder stuff, this will resonate. I'd reach out to Kim Kelly at Noisy at I know this would be in her wheelhouse. 

Ollie Russian

I like this! Got an old school dirty garage rock vibe to it, it's dirty, gravel voiced, sludgy brilliance. Love the Bv's, great hook and the main vocal is really strong! Fantastic guitar playing too.
Could work for Radio 1 or 6music here in the UK.
Video is a bit dark, would like to be able to see the band properly to get a better feel for who they are.

Valida Carroll

Even though it's not the type of song I'd play on my show (it's a bit too intense for my brand), it's still great music! Everything is on point...The music, the voice...the choreography...If Janelle Monáe was making hard funk, she might sound like this...Also....Made me think of Gary Clark JR's "Bright Lights" because of the obvious "You're Gonna Know My Name" line...In any case, great stuff! I'd be curious to hear a more mellow track...

Bree Noble

This song rocks! I love the confident swagger in the vocals, the band is super tight and the instrumental and vocal hooks stay with you even after it's over.  Probably the best thing I've heard on Fluence so far. Please contact me so I can get this on the air on do a feature on our video blog.

Paulie Hips

Thank the fucking LORD! I'm so happy I just heard thIs song. It's like Betty Blowtorch screwed the dudes from Foxy Shazam, and then Wolfmother and  Mary Weiss. Got jealous and fought to the death on a fucking neon colored dance floor. The music is fast and chopped up- but incredibly dance and groove filled. Every lyric in the winters song can be an "audience chant" and the best part is.... I believe it. I believe this is the music this band wants to play. That is why you can hear the FUN!  I'll buy this record, and I'll play it on the radio- and people will dig it. The Rock n Rollers will dig it, because it makes sense- and it is refreshing as hell. The d-bags will love it because it's edgy and the Rock n Rollers dig it. The chicks will dig it because it's big girl music, and the energy is relentless. It's catchy as hell- Jesus Christ that's what you call a hit! Haven't heard an ACTUALLY ROCK N ROLL bonafide HIT that could be all over the radio since "Hate to Say I Told You So" . Get yo shovel and dig this tune!

Matthew Linsky

Fuck yea. Love everything about your intro. For realsies. Forgive the lack of professionalism on my end, but I want to dickslap a fighter jet so goddamn hard that it just might cause World War III. This song makes me want to rip off all my clothes and run straight to the nearest ironman competition. I want to stare down a mountain lion in heat, just fucking DARING it to make a move. This song makes me want to mainline Mountain Dew until I get super-diabetes. So yes: y'all fucking rule. 

It's at this point that I realize the entire song has gone by, and I need to listen again (definitely a good sign). Warrior is just as good the second time through, y'all have a pro-level grasp on song form. And if I wasn't clear in the above paragraph, the song is hands-down badassery of the highest level. 

(Pesci) Jeff Gray

Honest Feedback?  I watched the video, "liked" it; sat down to give feedback and then got pulled away and came back to finish.  When I came back I received this in my email:

"Hi (Pesci) Jeff.  Thanks for reviewing SATE - Warrior [Official Video].
Here is my feedback:
	Am I satisfied with your review? 1/5
	Does it adhere to the Fluence community guidelines? 1/5
	Would I recommend you to others? 1/5
	Comment: Hi Jeff,
Is there a reason you didn't review or check out the video?"

So Fluence told the user I finished the session?  This whole system is a complete turnoff and I don't appreciate getting passive aggressive feedback

The song is good. The video is the worst promotional tool ever as the artist is barely visible. There's no mystery or suspense...it's terrible promotion.

Also this manager is annoying and passive aggressive.  Also his due diligence is suspect as he called me "Robert".   Big turnoff. 

Mike Boris

Obviously a great band and great musicianship! It's bad ass. If I am reviewing the video, i am disappointed that it is too dark to see anyone. In a live video I want to feel like I am there with good lighting not like I am there with bad lighting.

I want to hear more songs from these guys.

Kier Lehman

This is great. Love the energy and swagger and such a great vocal. I search for things like this in projects often. I would love to have your music in my library for future projects. Please reach out so I can give you my direct contact info. 

Indie Band Guru

That is a great friggen song!  The raw energy and attack of "Warrior" grabs you by the balls and refuses to let go.  The melody humming hook is infectious.  The musicians she uses (drummer and guitarist) are amazing.   If this song reaches the right people it could be a mainstream hit.
We will share the video on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Victoria Parkey

The video is v cool, I liked the raw and authentic feel to it. The singer and drummer sound great - I think the video could have done with focusing on the singer front on more without lighting obstruction.

Mike Mineo

Thunderous percussion and a lively, squealing guitar lead ushers in the explosive "Warrior", an impressive attitude-forward rock track that touts a style appreciative of blues and classic rock. The mechanical percussion and bluesy howl is certainly reminiscent of The White Stripes, and in doing so treads a fantastic line between radio-friendly ear candy and nostalgic-friendly innovation. The "baby baby" interlude around 01:53 is a particularly great hook, establishing the track's melodic mid-section in quality form. The track's conclusion, with the howling vocals reverberating over the hypnotic guitar/vocal effect, caps this excellent effort off in energetic style. Fantastic track!

I would recommend visiting http://hypem.com and searching for blogs who posted material from Jack White, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Dead Weather, The Kills, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, etc. Send them an email with a Soundcloud link to the track along with a bio and press shot; this track is high-quality and shouldn't have any trouble achieving some press in the blogosphere.

Mark Schoneveld

The video helps - very well produced. The speed is infectious. The lyrics are a bit old, but I suppose it matches the vision. 

Evie Nagy

This is awesome, I hope it gets some exposure, would love to see you perform in the U.S.

Michael Brandvold

Very surprised, it wasn't what I was expecting. Hard to pin down the style... hard rock? Maybe metal? Rock? The female lead vocals are great.

Raziq Rauf

This is some really great rock 'n' roll. It does sound like a female Danko Jones! At 3mins, it's a great length.

Brody Ramone

Two words: HOLY CATS! Hot, steamy, wanna have a love affair with this band! The driven blues rock laced with attitude instantly caught my attention and kept me hooked throughout the song. Connect with me on my social media sites and let's get you featured on my shows and arrange an interview.

Liane Chan

This is a really high energy track and well done video. Exciting sound with a lot of momentum, seems like it would be a real crowd pleaser. It's good mix of rock with big band sound, I'd love to hear more!

David Cox submitted media.

Derrick Lee

Good production and vocal mix. The laid back vocal delivery of the verses fits the mood of the beat, but I think that some of the lyrics take away from the story being told. References to other personalities (whether fictional or not) oversaturate the story of the song with ideas of characters that don't really add much to the weight and true value/meaning of the song. I think there were at least 5 or 6 references to personalities/characters, the lines of which could have been used, at least in my opinion, to tell the listener more of the character directly rather than compare them to others. I went to your Soundcloud page and took a listen to a couple of tracks.  I think your lyrical deliver on "Pretty Girl" is one point to what I'm talking about. In that song, you it's all about the "Pretty Girl". Not one simile or comparison to another personality, and I think it really paints the kind of picture that Chemical Romance was trying to achieve.

Matt Mason

I liked this a lot. The drum programming is tight and the intro was nice. The lyrics are on point and I like King's laid back flow - I miss this type of hip hop. Please consider publishing this as a Bundle, would love to give it the push it deserves. 

Victoria Parkey

This is good. I like the Frank Ocean feel from the sample and the singer on the chorus sounds really perfect with the rapped verse. Generally has a really good laid back feel which works well and the ending sounds great fading out to the speaking. 

Bill Werde

really like this. strong vibe, nice track, good flow, good story. the whole thing is strong. it makes me want to look for more from the artist, as i think there's real potential here. that said, this track feels more like an interlude or an album cut, and not a hit unto itself (though I'm not sure thats your goal, here, anyway). the backing track isn't quite unique/melodic enough to real stick in my mind, and the "she never had a chance" hook, while definitely memorable/sticky isn't quite the sort of "addictive like crack," bombastic hook that works at radio today (in general, the tempo isn't whats happening at radio). None of this is a negative, really - its all to just say its a good track that makes me want to hear more. i could hear a hit coming from this artist. 

Patrick Ross

Nice lyrics and smooth flow. Dig it. The world needs more Canadian hip-hop.


I really like the music and the feel of the song. It's real smooth. I'd be interested in hearing more from you. 

Ilana Michelle

This is one hip-hop slow jam I can get down to. I don't cover hip-hop that often, but this track is really awesome. I like the dark hints of electro-pop mixed in with rapping. It's pretty sexy, the track name is clever and I could see this appearing on VICE/Complex. I think that this could definitely get some cool remixes as well. 

Drew Thurlow

Nice beat with an interesting hi-hat pattern. I also like the Rhodes-type key line and the interesting synth line. Good flow on the verses and a strong chorus.