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simon illa

This track has a lot of potential.  I will separate my comments into two sections (vocals and production) also, I take into consideration that this is not mixed but will provide some mixing suggestions.

1.  The Vocals are cool.  Kayla has a great voice and the melody works great for this vibe.  Make sure to brighten the vocals a touch and verb them out so they have some cool space but also the lyrics can be heard.  There are a few subtle pitch and timing issues that can be handled during editing/mixing as well.  My suggestion is to make the vocal a bit vibey through reverbs and maybe some delay throws here and there.   Try some automated filtering on a second vocal track that might use some snips from the lead vocal.

2. Production-wise, this is just what I expected from this vibe... in a good way.  The only thing I would like to hear is each hook getting bigger and bigger.  Its a chill track but there can be some simple dynamic builds throughout the progression of the song.  This way, you can take listeners on a trip without breaking out of the chill-ness too much.  Lol.

Let me know if you have any questions about my comments.  Thanks for sharing the song!  Would love to hear it when it gets mixed!

Tim Medcraft

OK - arrangement is sound, once past the opening 4 bars.
Good verse chorus structure
Lyrics get better on repeat listens
Yes, as you point out, there are mix issues!  
But more importantly you need to put pick ups in the track and make the music work as an instrumental.  Take the vocal off and there isn't much there.
The breakdowns before the chorus are good, the one rizer is good, but you need more
You need some sub bass (more sub bass?) in the track especially in the chorus to give the track more depth and more oomph.
I've put together a little mix which should show what I mean.  It's the example of the effect on the arrangement and not the actual sounds used that is the important thing.  The sound choice is obviously yours but you need to add more in your track.  https://we.tl/Aim3PT9xEt
This track has potential once you get it right too so it'll be interesting to hear it at the next stage.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Spellt (60 Second Promo) by Hollywood Principle

Adam Hill

Just clicked through to listen to the whole track, loving it. Sounding big, confident and catchy. It's a great dance-floor filling pop tune that should go over really well. I love the balls of the song to announce a drop just before it hits and when it does it's pretty huge. You seem to be getting better and more assured with each release.

I will certainly be covering it when it goes live and I'll nudge some people to do the same.

I would recommend trying a couple of electro specialist sites like Harder Blogger Faster and Electronic Rumors, I'd also go for some that cover mainstream pop like Popjustice.  

Greg Savage

Sounds great. I really like the overall mix and feel. If you don't mind me asking, what mic was used on the vocalist?

What would you like me to do in regards to helping with promotion?

- Greg Savage

Bree Noble

 Masterful  vocal and great production. Very compelling song and hit  bound . Please PM me inside  Fluence  so we can get this song on our station.

Chelsea Schwartz

GREAT pop/dance vocal, but the music feels like a mash-up of every hit of 2015 and leaves me a bit puzzled. A hit doesn't need to embody everything on the radio, but should be authentic to the artist's voice. After this preview I feel like this track was created to replicate a hit, instead of being created as a story the band/musician is personally expressing. There's no soul.

With that said, a ton of potential to be incredible! Would like to hear a full track to see if there's more cohesion in it's entirety.

The Dutch Guy

Captivating, catchy and I did fall under your spell :)
I'll definitely will be featuring you on my blog, hit me with all details and the soundcloud link I can embed through my contact page: http://dutchguy.tv/contact/

Chris Heintz

Starting out the mix on the record sounds like a rough demo. There is some good space between the elements, but overall I feel like there is some depth missing with the mix. The synth elements could sound wider/fill out the mix more and the drums could punch through harder. With that said the track has a cool vibe to it overall, there is solid musicianship shown and the arrangement has some good changes/transitions that keep thing moving forward. Vocally it's good enough to bring the idea across, but nothing blowing me away. Lyrically nothing really fresh or innovative, but the composition has some good ear candy in places. I think this could be a good record for TV/Film. Please email me the track and review to chrismach1ent@gmail.com  for more info. Thank you!

Brett Napoli

Solid vocal and buildup, love the complexity and overlays. Lyrics also solid. But preview too short! Why not the full track, can't get the whole vibe.

Music You Need

This promo of "Spell" by Hollywood Principle is very pop-oriented in terms of vocals and beat, but the drop has a futuristic sound that keeps it relevant and fun for the listener. Wish I could have heard more; 60 seconds isn't enough!

SD Hox

Sounds like another great track from Hollywood Principle. Looking forward to hearing more. Happy to feature in upcoming playlists.

Kami Knake

Love the beat and vocals and production! When can I hear the entire song?

Bob Lugowe

This song sounds promising and it seems you've already had some success with your previous single. I would suggest hiring a publicist if you haven't yet, making a music video for this track and pitching for playlisting on all digital sites / streaming services if you have a distributor. There is definitely an audience for this so you should get the right team behind you to make your goals a reality. 

Brian Hazard

I love the 60 seconds I heard, but it seems to me that you're trying to subvert the system. If you want influencers to hear the whole track, submit the whole track!

Regardless, I do have a suggestion for you: try SubmitHub at submithub.com!

I'm writing an article about it for my music promotion blog now, which should be up in a couple days at http://passivepromotion.com. I think you'd have a lot of success with it, assuming you submit the whole track! ;)

Also feel free to send me the whole track after it's released. I'm guessing I'll like it enough to share it with my 2.1M followers on Twitter, which should at least get you a few more plays.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Spell (Full) by Hollywood Principle

Going Solo

Really digging into this one. I like the way art-pop and electronics blend and find a common path within the song. Vocals are absolutely exquisite and the interlude at 2:07 is pure class. We'll do our best to feature this song on the blog. I don't know if you have fired over an email in the past days, but our inbox is quite full and we're doing our best to catching up with all the unread ones. Thanks for sending this through. Cheers!

Kami Knake

Great pop song! Would love to know when it's on Spotify and hear more from this artist. Great melody, lyrics, vocals and production!

Tim Medcraft

hey Elliott, HP
OK I've gone through the track and broken down the arrangement
You have a section at 25-33 that you only use once.  
you have verse 9-17 & 17-25, then this pre-chorus, then chorus
after the chorus at 33-41 you have 41-49 & 49-57 as verse but then no pre-chorus
where is the pre-chorus?
after the chorus you have a 2.5 bar breakdown (?) then 67.5 to 75.5 build (random length and starting points) into 4 choruses and then it finishes
So there are some arrangement issues to be sorted (especially the random 8 bars that is seen once and then never again)
track wise i would also lose the female vox in the intro in the first 8 bars
The only other thing I would maybe look at it is giving the track a little more variation 
Take things out as well as throw them in for variation and for highlighting the next sections coming in
Try 25-33 section in at 57-65 (may need a slight amendment at end)
And maybe also after the breakdown section before the 4 choruses at end (you really need to fix the breakdown section and make it longer)
The track should work a little better from then
Personally, I am not a fan of the dubstep bass in chorus bit.  it also feels a little dated to me.  The disco influenced start of the verses I like and that maybe something to look at on other tunes (don't rip this one apart as it won't work)
That's about it - hope it helps


Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Rocket League Theme Song "Firework" by Hollywood Principle

Jocelin Leige

I really like the other world feel and the vocals are amazing.  Great singer,, I could really listen to this on repeat... actually I've been playing it over and over as I'm typing lol. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to listen and review this song. Sorry about the long wait. This would be great piece to write and tell my readers about on my blog. Starting it back up soon.

Jeremie Varengo

Catchy track. Good production. Is this a sample / preview from a full song?
Some remarks: the transition when vocals come in is not clear enough / would need a better break; vocals are too weak and somehow lost in the mix, this is probably where the room for improvement is.

Shamal Ranasinghe

I'm going to refer you to some PR folks. Have you checked the Fluence lists for PR people? https://fluence.io/lists. I can't share this to my own networks since it's not a full track. 

Devender Singh

Loved the beats and flow of music!!!

Philip Andrew Mayol

Wow! This is nice. I love this song. The vocals are clear and catchy and also the beat. Spot on for a celebration or a video trailer. 

I would love to have a copy of this song for my video trailers. This is amazing.

Chuk Jones

If I'm hearing things correctly, I'm loving the fusion of Funk and EDM in this track! The only think I didn't like was how short it is. :D Great energy that grabs attention.  The vocals are a great accent. Would definitely listen to more.

Mike B

1- Mood is awesome!  Sounds good!
2- Vocal sounds good but sounded week at one spot in the track
3- Would have loved to hear more!

Victor Salazar

I think the fans of Rocket League are going to love this!  I would more than happy to help spread the word about the song once the press release is available.  Many thanks and good luck!!!

Liane Chan

A little pop, R&B, and dance music in a 60 second sample - a nice taste, I'd love to hear more! It reminds me of some 80's/90's pop hits, so it might appeal to that generation.

Sean Sirianni

Only a short preview, but I already was really feeling this track!

Lewis Lister

Really like the huge-sounding lead synth and Funk bass line on this track.  It's clear from listening that it would work really well as part of a game soundtrack, so it's no wonder that 'Rocket League' have snapped it up!  A hugely enjoyable listen but unfortunately it's not quite the right fit for our particular blog.

Morgan Crozier

Cool track. Not quite a fit with our blog, but I could hear it in a trailer of some sort. Best of luck!

Music You Need

This clip from "Firework" by Hollywood Principle has sultry vocals, a funky and futuristic bass beat, with a pop sound during the chorus, and an overall beautiful harmony and groovy vibe. Looking forward to hearing the whole track!

Wayne Baxter

Hi there

Thanks for sharing; we'd absolutely love to premiere this one exclusively. We've previously shared HP's  ‘Seeing What’s Next’ back in May, and this is a brilliant follow-up. 

Please let me know - wayne@stagedoor.fm

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Seeing What's Next by Hollywood Principle

John Kuzara

I have to say I was sceptical about the artwork when  was sent this: if you want to market the track successfully, you may have to alter the artwork that accompanies it as that can instantly affect someone's view of the artist. The track itself however was reassuringly decent, reminded me of Purity ring. The fluctuating synth use of 'Seeing What's Next' is brilliant, it provides the perfect backing to the female vocals, heavy vs. delicate. The subtle arpeggiator use is skilful to say the least, riding over the other elements with a sense of freedom and independence. The last chorus' introduction of a second synth melody is good also. In a nutshell, keep making tracks like this, but pay attention to your artwork!

Brian Hazard

Thanks for the detailed description! Maybe next time consider including the lyrics so we can follow along.

The build from the beginning through the first chorus is just amazing! As is the production all-around. The vocal is wonderful, but seems a touch out front in the versus. Still, with such a dense arrangement, better to have it too loud and be intelligible.

My favorite part is the extra synth line you added over the final chorus. Really takes it to the next level!

I wasn't ready for it to end at 3:19, but I'll get over it. I hope this is just the radio edit!

As you can tell, I really love what you're doing here. I reposted it on SoundCloud, and I'll share it with my following on Twitter next week (I've already got too many tweets scheduled). Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Seeing What's Next (Preview) by Hollywood Principle

Adam Hill

Thanks for sending this guys. We've featured a previous release from this EP and I'm absolutely going to be covering the full track on the site. I really like that you are playing with different aspects of the electro-pop genre and not just going for one sound fits all. This is a great dance pop tune, I love how (on the full version) the beat and bass really give it some depth and some ooomph.

Robb McDaniels

I really like that sample - thanks for sharing! The vocals are exceptional and the arrangement of the song sounds very promising for some play in the big rooms around the world...DJ's will surely take a closer listen to this one.  I'd like to hear the rest of the song when it is ready. I am checking out the rest of your stuff on Soundcloud now...will keep tabs on how you are doing.

Mee 丰

Phat production... looking forward to hearing the whole track, how this chorus fits into the journey. Feels like a true breakout track. Reach out when it's time to hear the full tune, and I'll do what I can to support you guys.

Johnny Ramirez

I liked the rhythm of this track, cant wait to hear the full song. Would love to hear the breaks and transitions that will give this track more depth. So far its great, cant wait to hear the finished product! 

Güney Durmus

I like the voice and the chilling sounds inside. Would like to hear the whole song for more feedback.

Nicholas Peltekakis

Hi, thanks for the submission. This is an accomplished track, almost chillstep, but with a more accessible, commercial edge to it as well, this track seems to straddle both the non commercial and commercial avenues possibilities with ease; thanks to the haunting melodic vocals and solid beats. The audio identity is strong on Seeing Whats Next, and all the elements work very well to make this so.

This track will do well, and it will appeal to both dj's, as well as listeners, and I feel will gain a non commercial and commercial following.

I would be happy to play this on my radio show tranZitions, out here in Greece, we have a spotlight section for up and coming artists from around the world, and this would fit well in there. The next show is Friday May 15th,  which is perfect timing for your release.

Let me know if you would like me to have you on the show in the Spotlight section, ill need a brief bio for the intro, and I will play your track, in full. If you have another track you would like me to play, please send me a few links, as I like to play two tracks for artists in this section.

Review edit copied to your track on SC.

Radio information below,


Nik / Dj Merlin

Station URL: www.radio-ikaria.gr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tranzitionsradioshow
Dj Merlin: www.soundcloud.com/dj-merlin

Courtney Gregg

I really liked what I heard, but the clip was short so hard to make more of an assessment. 

John Waltmann

Good preview of the song here. Definitely a very popular style in music today. Try your best to reach out to blogs and websites on your own for exclusive features and premieres. I hate to see younger bands paying big retainers to PR companies with no guarantees. Don't stop at just digital promotions either, there is something very valuable about promoting the music with flyers etc at festivals and other related music events in your genre. Good luck!

Danielle Langley

Great voice and sound! Intrigued to hear more :)

Bree Noble

I like this combination of ethereal pop and a soul vibe. I'd like to play it on the station and podcast. Please contact me.

Jake Krez

This is alright but it goes in the same direction as 100s of other songs I've heard just like this. I feel like you can find more interesting things to do with the vocals, although 33 seconds is hard to review anything in. Hit me up if you need PR help.

matt Tompkins

- Overall, it sounds nice. The song sounds like an enjoyable, fun club record.

- I can't really tell much from a 30-second preview. Ha!

Thanks for the submission, and the next time you have some new music (hopefully longer), be sure to send it through!

Lucy Tallant

Wow this sounds great! Excited to hear the full thing on the 12th. Production is relevant to today's industry and suits my tastes perfectly. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it next week! It's hard to give feedback on a short clip and I'm not very good at jokes so all I can provide you with is best wishes because you're on to something here!

Chelsea Schwartz

I enjoyed the preview, but I can't get a good feel for what's going on without hearing the full track. Some songs have 20-30 snippets that rock and the rest is a bore (not that your track would be, I just don't know). Sorry I missed helping by May 12th, but if you still are looking for publicity help -- send a message.

Amazing Artists

I *think* I like it but... it's such a brief clip, I don't feel I can make a qualified opinion about it from this. However, as always I do recommend you upload it to AmazingTunes.com when you're ready to release the full version so our radio DJ's at AmazingRadio.com will be able to play it if they like it. Sorry I can't be more definitive about it, looking forward to hearing the full version when it's released.

D Grant Smith

:30 sec of audio is a very brief taste. Would be great to have had heard the whole song to be able to give you the most optimal feedback, as well as suggestions for where to send it.

Overall the very tiny amount of music heard sounded good (from a production standpoint), but how do you critique or promote a :30 sec piece of audio? There's little to no context. Even iTunes gives you 1:30 to sample.

If you want help promoting the release, then provide a full song. Every artist who submits content on Fluence is doing that to get the most from this experience. You honestly haven't provided enough material (or experience with the material) for me to be able to do that.

Robal Johnson

The clip sounds great. Look forward to hearing more. Thanks for sharing!

Bob Lugowe

This sounds promising  and it seems you're on the right track.  Pitching blogs via Fluence is a good idea though I think it would be more effective if you included the full song as this is the first time I came across a preview and not everyone is going to follow through on the links you provide, especially if you're looking for a premiere.  Also a one week lead time until the single premieres is not too much time if you're looking for an exclusive premiere.  I would suggest pitching something like this much earlier.  Best of luck!

Andrea Young

I like what I hear and would like to chat further about promoting your upcoming release.  Please contact  me directly at andrea@aspenbeat.com if you are still looking for people who can assist with your launch.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Brian Hazard

I like what little I heard! I'm not a music blogger, and this little snippet isn't really enough to share on social media, so I guess you'll have to settle for my wishing you best of luck with the release!

Fwiw, I really don't think you have to worry about wayward sharing on Fluence. I mean, any of us could just copy and paste the link to the full song on social media if we really wanted to share it, but we're all family here, right? :)

Greg Gali

Thanks for your submission!  I thought this was very well done musically and vocally. Great production with a very melodic vocal. I have sent this to my staff at Emailsongoftheday and their feedback was good as well. I may be interested in sharing this with my network. We also specialize in paid promotion campaigns for this genre also, which include social, email, blogs, Press and PR .

Best Regards
Greg Gali


Jump Into Limbo

Sounds like something Jump Into Limbo would be interested in premiering! 

Shayne Locke

Hi there, I would be interested in listening to the whole track for our indie music station, Unsigned Project, launching later this year. Feel free to send it over to info@unsignedproject.com and I will give it a run.

Thanks Shayne.

Josh Deane

Your tracks are really cool and you have the FB numbers to get things popping... Why the low play counts? Do you have a publicist or anyone getting you blog placements? if not, that would definitely be something to look into. 
How often are you playing shows in LA? what's the live setup look like?
All it takes is ONE song... 
Keep up the good work. 

Going Solo

Hey guys,

the snippet sounds great. Send the full track preview (alongside with press sheet and HQ pics) at wearegoingsolo@gmail.com and we'll cover it, as we didi with your two previous submissions.
If you're still looking for a premiere, just let us know and we'll be happy to help.
Talk soon.

Cougar Microbes

I reviewed "Breathing Underwater" on here a few weeks ago and that song possesed stripped down verse structure which made the song stick with me beyond the a banger of a drop. 

For "Seeing What's Next" i've had a very small sample to hear so hard to pass a complete judgment (smart move with the Fluence short preview, well played) but I would say the verse is possibly a little less memorable (although by no means unpleasing) but the chorus makes up for this in bucket loads. 

I'll be happy to hear the entire track and also I will fulfil my promise of blogging "Breathing Underwater" now that the whole SXSW/Coachella work stress has quitened down. 

Thanks for sending.