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Carl-Marcus Gidlöf

partner and co-founder of Despotz Records, also runs the label Icons Creating Evil Art
partner and co-founder of Despotz Records and founder of Cellar Dwellers, passionate about beer. music licensing and social media promotion. Also runs the newly started label Icons Creating Evil Art (
a&r, music promotion, record labels, music licensing / syncing
folk, pop, indie folk, indie electronic

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Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Nate Maingard

No words. You guys are off the fucking hook amazing! Better and better every time, seriously, WTF!?

The video itself is a highly engaging story, which is lovely to see. 

Personally, I'm happy with the song on its own, but then I'm not into videos in the way many people are.

Lovely stuff, happy to share.

Bob Lugowe

This song and video are incredible and it seems you already have a lot going for you with press, hype and professionalism. I'll definitely be checking out the full album. I would suggest adding any tour dates to your description below if they're available as I imagine a lot of listeners would be interested in seeing this live. 

Martin Bryant

The song: A really 'close, intimate' feel to the production that acts as an interesting counterpoint to the song's haunting melody. Not the kind of thing I'd normally listen to but it won me over with a catchy tune and a video well suited to the song.

The video: high production values, (intentionally) slightly gross towards the end – not exactly what was happening in the narrative sections (why he took a sample of her oddly glamourous-looking OD vomit) but I suspect ambiguity was the point.

Charlie Ashcroft

An already beautiful song here, now accompanied by a compelling, intriguing video. I've been a fan of what I've heard by Flora Cash in the past, but this track strikes as one of their most affecting, most urgent and most crestfallen songs to date.

Jen Roberts

Brilliant video - one of the best I've seen in a while. Love the concept, the styling, the storytelling...great music, direct lyrics, hooky, very compelling.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Mammoth (Official Video) by Brothers Among Wera

Jennifer McGillan

That was actually really sweet, and playful, and then the whammy at the end - good stuff. Way less aggressive nakedness than I was expecting.

Jocelin Leige

This was a pretty good song, not something that I'd listen to very often but it does have a bit of a charm to it. 

I understand where you was going with this song, but sometimes you just can't  help seeing the nakedness of others. 

I did enjoy the song along with the video and I will be sure to share it. Thanks for the opportunity to watch it.

Jerry Doby

Great tribute to Mother Earth. Global warming message set against the backdrop of the most impressive natural beauties of nature. Excellent piece of work.  Too bad the nudity will shut this out of mainstream video shows in America. 

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

For Someone by Flora Cash

Vickye Fisher

Very relaxing and atmospheric, clearly whoever produced this knows what they're doing. It's polished and to a high standard without coming across soulless. The haunting vocals are especially nice. Obviously part of its purpose is to create a certain vibe or mood, but at 4:43 in length it could do with a couple of other thematic ideas to keep the listener engaged. However, it's still a great piece of music.

Nate Maingard

Instant like. A lovely, catchy rhythm and strum, with soaring vocals and a wistful feeling. 

Nothing to add on the production front, feels like a wonderfully complete song to me.

Happy to share, hope it helps!

Lucy Tallant

Hey guys! Thanks for sending this over it's a really well constructed record. I could definitely hear this on an advert so maybe get it to some publishers / sync companies for feedback there. I would maybe make more of a feature of the female vocals as that's when the track really struck me. Maybe bring it in as a hook in the intro somehow to catch attention - I love the contrast of the male and female vocals though! Good production and nice record, keep it up! 

Amazing Artists

Hello Cole and Shpresa, 

What an amazing story, and amazing song... and I'm confident this song will get heavy rotation on Amazing Radio if you upload it to your existing Amazing Tunes profile. As you know, Amazing Radio plays 100% of the music it plays from Amazing Tunes, so unless you upload it, they can't play it.

Also I see you've shared the video for this song on Paste magazine, it's gorgeous. You're welcome to upload the video to your Amazing Tunes profile too, and we can share it from there on the blog which is a great way to be discovered by thousands of people in the UK and beyond.

Let me know if you choose to share your music there, it's the best help I can suggest for promoting it.

Thank you,

Ray Ricky Rivera

My first thought was, "this should be all over KCRW." KCRW is 89.9fm in Los Angeles and is well regarded as a tastemaker constantly breaking new bands. With that said, the production is nicely polished and in my opinion ready for radio. I enjoyed the contrast between vocals and would have actually liked to hear Shpresa's vocal come in sooner (that's just my personal take on the arrangement, but it's still great). This particular song has a very minimal feel to it in terms of instrumentation and I love the spacing within the track. It's a modern kind of folk music. I think music supervisors would really love this. There's also a cinematic element to it that I really like.   

Cougar Microbes

Hey there, 

Lovely little track you've got here. 

The intro is very tasteful with the gradually introduced piano leaning heavily on the listeners melancholia. 

Cole's vocals specifically remind me of a cross between Edward Sharpe's more introspective moments and some Bon Iver dynamics. 

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Greg Gali

Thank you for submitting this musical video art to me. It is very refreshing to receive a submission that is not easily categorized into any genre and that does NOT sound like something every artist is doing. i thought it was very melodic and full of passion and feeling. Musically i did hope for a bit more orchestration and progressions (violin, flute, cello, etc). this would be my only musical suggestion. Much success with this very original piece!

Greg Gali

Brent Tactic

the first high quality project i've seen heard or seen on fluence yet.

Ben Sodwee

Wow. Digging this ! Sharing ...

Sean Sirianni

I really like the vibe of this track, which is only further accentuated by the hauntingly beautiful music video. Between the vocals, chord structures, and visuals, Emmecosta paints a vividly woeful and desolate scene. Somehow managing to capture the same bleakness that is only felt on a Monday morning returning to work after a fun weekend, "post-club" is as an apropos name for a genre as any for this melancholy tune.

Even as the track builds up in intensity in the latter half of the song, it keeps true to it's original tone. The minimal instrumentals accentuate the wonderful sounding vocals, and really serve as a vehicle to help drive the song forward.

While this song reminds me of some other indie/electronic/chill type tracks, it's a very unique take, especially given the strong dispassionate mood created by the combination of various song elements. While not necessarily my go to genre, I'm a big fan of this track, and I'm definitely interested in exploring what other music Emmecosta has to offer.

Going Solo

This song is so refreshing. The minimal electronic pattern unfolds in a liquid and pleasant way, while the dream-pop aftertaste gives to it a wider accessibility, which is not usual in track like this. I guess the video communicates well this feelings, the Nordic coolness and the need for a certain intimacy, a certain separation from everything but ourselves.

I'll give it a spin through our social pages. Please keep me updated at

All the best.

Cougar Microbes

The video is simple yet greatly stylish and suits the sparse production perfectly. The slowmotion-ish efects look great (particular when the girl "moves" one of the guys heads") and the shoot location is extremely fitting. I would possibly include just a handful shots that break from this mould just to break the viewers focus. 

The track itself is a great sunday comedown track. Great production value and some very "now" sounds, The way the track ends leaves the melody humming in your head long after it's over. 

I'd be happy to blog abut this. 

Steve Marchese

Solidly produced. I know the best thing we can be on Fluence is honest, so I hope I don't offend, but I like the track more than the video. While it's beautifully shot, there is a level of pretension this former writer can't get past. The pained looks at the camera, the labored choreography. It all detracts from a track that is really nicely done. Well written melody, solid sound design and superbly mixed. One of the better tracks I've auditioned on Fluence and I think the video is misaligned tonally from the track itself. There is actually some optimism hidden among the layers of drums, bass and synth. But the video reads like a near-apocalyptic land of sadness. 

Tom Johnson

Nice track, production especially is great, and the video is a nice touch too. Will add to our review pile; best of luck with the release. 

Nice and Loud

Interesting song but hard to judge from a DJ's perspective.  Feels like an album cut.  Would love to hear her voice with a faster BPM and House type kick drum.

Black CaesarX

ⓢⓗⓞⓤⓣⓞⓤⓣ※ⓣⓞ BRONTOS BY EMMECOSTA: EXCELLENT actually a short under 5 minute work of art,
╭∩╭∩╭∩╭∩╭∩ (︶︿︶)∩╮∩╮∩╮∩╮∩╮10THUMBS UP. The work stands as a juxtaposition of elements of both audio and video in conjunction with human elements in contrast to a desolate landscape of an era past, that is slowly but surely reclaiming  a human made barrier, or is it really reclaiming the souls of the artists captured in the changing landscape of symmetrical and asymmetrical shifting panoramas?

Much is left to the human imagination, as much more is answered and intimated by the melancholy perfectly constructed metaphors of both visual and audio elements, allowing us to process a perception derived from a world of both fact and fantasy.

In conclusion this is an Avant-garde work of epic proportions destined to be a short cinematic classic.

Well done
Carlos Romero founder/CEO of both Ikohaus Avant-garde artists - CPirateNetwork LLC 

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Bree Noble

Great song and video. Would love to play this on the station and podcast and would be happy to feature your video on our video blog. Message me

Amazing Artists

Like this. Also pleased to see it on Amazing Tunes.

I guess if I were given free reign over your track I'd probably build it to a greater peak, in the style of a trailer. It trots along quite nicely, but I'd love to hear the yearning quality grow even bigger, and I wouldn't allow it to fall into the little lulls throughout the song.

But that's just me. It's really lovely as it is.

Wishing you luck with this, and I'll bear it in mind.


Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Tom Johnson

This is a really nice track, and the video is really beautiful, so nice work. I think it could do really well but I would suggest changing the press release a little bit; this is a really strong offering so you don't need to tell people that it sounds like "jeff buckley meets sigur ros" - firstly because it doesn't really sound like that at all (who could?!) and secondly because SO MANY bands say they sound like "jeff buckley meets sigur ros" and it actually puts a lot of people off from even listening to the music. Be more specific to yourselves and more confident in what you do well. Best of luck, it's a good song. 

Eric mcLellan

Lovely harmonies.  Reminds me of Crosby, Stills, Nash.  Nice arrangements and vocal builds.  Very cinematic.  Video is well done too.


This is such a beautiful and moving music video.  The song is also really great.  I would love to play the song on the station.  

Tim Chipping

Superb and beautiful. It's so difficult to write songs that are both personal and anthemic at the same time but you've achieved it here. It's like a hymn. Perfect video too. 10 more like this and you're everyone's new favourite band! :) I really look forward to hearing more, thank you for sharing this.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Save Me by Flora Cash

Vickye Fisher

This is certainly a well-crafted piece of music; multiple tracks running varying melodic strands, with a very pretty focus melody that helps to induce a mood of serenity. The only thing I would perhaps say is a vocal, even just occasionally, would be a lovely addition. I don't know if this is actually an instrumental track to something that once had a vocal, but I think a short refrain (perhaps with some three or four part harmonies) cropping up from time to time would add variation and hold attention. Still, it's a lovely piece of music and I think you should be proud of it.

Kami Knake

Great melody, vocals, songwriting and production. I'd recommend this song to others and would like to hear more from this artist.

Nick Suell

Great back story on how Flora Cash came to be. Thanks for sharing. As for the song; I get the direction that you're wanting to take the song. My suggestions are mostly around production; Updating some instruments/patches so it elevates the sonic caliber song, giving it a more current sound. Good visuals and GREAT lyrics could really carry this song. Very fitting for synch-licensing. 

D Grant Smith

Lush pop sounds with a groove to move to. Male/Female duo sound ala Johnnyswim that moves well. Voices blend well with each other but don't quite sound like the other co-op guy/girl duos out there, which makes for a more interesting sound.
Definitely as AAA track, that's where you should target your promotion to, including indie folk and indie pop. 
One suggestion-cut the final chorus down a little bit to fade around 3:50-3:55 to fade. 

wayne leeloy

pretty long intro before the first lyric.  almost 25 seconds!
i do love the vocal melody and production sounds good.  strings are nice and not too heavy.

I think the vamp at the end is a little long. it;s not dynamic enough to be as long as it is.  fwiw, I think you could get there sooner w the same kind of impact.  it feels right, just a little long.

I definitely feel like there's a place for a track like this on film / tv / ads.
i do think the chorus needs a little help on timing and melody.  otherwise, it's a solid track.  thanks for sharing!

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Save Me by Flora Cash

Nate Maingard

Awww guys, this is just so lovely. Your story and your music combine to create an authentic feeling of hope, happiness and warmth.

This song is a lovely blend of folksy whimsy with an enjoyable sounding modern production. I love the passion in the singing and the movement of the rhythm section!

Well done all around I say!

Tom Johnson

nice track, will add to our reviews list. 

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Disco Naïveté

The description triggered me & I had high expectations & then I realized it was a remix. It's a lot of fun though, aiming for a wide audience with this summer-infused sound. Organically build it & make sure it's on all streaming outlets (but I assume that will be the case). One letdown for me: I fear a lot of fans that get to know her through this remix will be "disappointed" when checking out her original music because it's so different.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Run, Lucifer by Adna

SD Hox

Another great song from Adna. She continues to grow and develop in her sound and I think the future is very bright for her. Even though the song is stark, the quality of her voice and the well-balanced mix make this piece both calming and passionate. This is a balance that is hard to do. Too often, bare song are flat and without emotion. That is not the case here. Adna's voice beautifully carries the emotional quality that is often missing from similar songs. Great stuff and I would like to feature Adna as the artist of the week on my blog,  Thanks for sharing.

Birgitta Bellman

Big like. I'll keep an eye out for this and look forward to more. 

Emilie Lorre

Your music is peaceful and haunting at the same time. The perfect recipe for a musical relaxing moment. I like your tone of voice as well. I've checked out your other songs on your soundcloud page. You've got several interesting tracks.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Hideout by Martin Rubashov

D Grant Smith

Nice combination of folk styles with an alt-rock feel. Good song for AAA radio.

Achal Dhillon

Really interesting track - thanks for sending this over. From the aesthetic I was expecting something more metal (not that I don't love metal) but was somewhat pleasantly surprised to hear this as it doesn't quite fit into the classic rock category for me either; as in there's more edge to the songwriting, which I'm really enjoying. Tracking, mixing and general production sounds pretty spot on, and the songwriting seems more in the vain of a Muse-take on heavy rock. I'm not sure this is something blogs would necessarily go for, but perhaps something more intended for conventional specialist music media like Kerrang or Rocksound. Then again, you may well want to preserve your uniqueness in this track as being synonymised with one of the aforementioned brands might lamp you into a category that will be difficult to get out of afterwards. Anyway, I'd be very interested to hear more about this, please do get in touch.

Craig Boliver

This is a solid track for sure, the vocals fit the haunting vibe of this song and really brings a full experience together. Catchy instrumentation and definitely hear some strong 90's influence which you could really brand and market on.  Bio is pretty impressive too, getting a strong business team together could really bring a lot into fruition. Radio, Licensing, Touring all look like great avenues to effectively gain a fancies through.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Marble Coast Ft. Brolin by Saturday, Monday

Birgitta Bellman

Love it and look forward to hearingen it again. Will send it through my channels. Great work, keep it up! 

Pause Musicale

Really great ! Will make it on !

Tom Johnson

Really love this, will add to our review pile now. The production is really interesting, love the strings especially and the vocals are super nice. In terms of promotion, just keep hitting up blogs/sites that cover this sort of music. Find out specific writers who cover the genre rather than just sending to the main site. Good luck.

SD Hox

I like the strings opening. It really catches your attention right from the beginning. The vocals are a bit lost in the mix and this is especially noticeable because of the deeper tone to the vocals playing against the crisper notes of the strings (this also might stem from the digital compression versus the master mix). Even with that, I really enjoyed the song and the vocals. Thanks for sharing and I will definitely share with my followers as well.

Victoria Parkey

I really like the merging of genres on this, it's a really interesting approach. The vocals sound great though I think they could maybe use being a bit louder. I love the breakdown of vox with special effects towards the end. 

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Discosapien Colorado

Thanks for sharing. Not too sure what all of the activities in the commercial or the song have to do with the car the visual effects are pretty cool especially the outfits at the end that look like the car. 

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

By The Waves by Baron Bane

Achal Dhillon

This is what I'd describe as "very bloggable", which is hilarious in itself as recently it has almost become regarded as a genre in its own right by a lot of UK based artist management companies - perhaps a sign of the times when it comes to planning on launching a brand new artist and developing it in an exposed way. Admittedly I was wondering where the song was headed in the opening 30 seconds and it was really the strong aesthetic here that kept me interested rather than the track itself - although the production at this stage was interesting in itself, and sounds as if you have a very competent mixing engineer here. It then starts to get way more interesting when the vocal/musical climax starts to kick in - generally its electronica-tinged indie pop, and super ambient at that. You should consider hitting up blogs like Line Of Best Fit, Crack In The Road and Gold Flake Paint who I think would be into this - it certainly shows a lot of promised and should heighten the expectation for your release. I'll try to get this up on the Killing Moon blog at some point this week. Great work!

SD Hox

I really like the mix of edgy, industrial rhythms with the more traditional tones of the piano. This gives the song a unique and mesmerizing quality that sets it apart from others...while still maintaining a sense of familiarity that makes me want to hear more from the band. The vocals are quite effective and the layered effect around the 2:50 mark make the song stronger and more interesting. All in all, very nice effort here. Thanks for sharing.

Aleksi Leal-John

Simple but effective. Strong chord sequence, good voice, and a strength which is carried usually in  heavy rock. The contrasting power in the drums and piano sequence is effective. 

I will post this on my blogs FB and twitter pages

Trygge Toven

Very epic cool sound.  Could be good for trailers if it was a bit more driving with the drums.  It's got lots going on and feels very important but the drums don't push it forward, it feels laid back.  Nice vocals but again they don't seem to fit in with the hugeness of the track, I feel like there's a next level that it almost reaches near the end but falls short.  Would love to hear more.