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Phil Strickland

Phil Strickland

Music Composer and Founder of Planet27Music
Music Composer/Founder of Planet27Music - focused on providing a go-to plat­form for instru­men­tal Elec­tronic and Hip Hop music for media professionals.
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Phoenix, AZ

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Good Morning by Anaamaly

Leks Maltby

The song's intro immediately recalls Radiohead circa Kid A, but the song quickly evolves into something considerably more pop influenced, with an upbeat rhythm section that is oozing pure optimism from every beat. The simple repetition of the lyric "Good Morning" is effective, especially when it is rendered through an array of different female vocalists.

Alan Poyer

Laidback, relaxing, luxuriant vibes lay the mind to rest with this track. My new alarm clock has arrived : )

A few notes while listening:

Like the vocals, crisp snaps, and general form. The section from 1:20 -  1:33 was a nice respite, and could present the opportunity to move into a different progression, but I see now that you're going for the background cafe / lounge audience, so that makes more sense. I do find the recurring F (in the synth keyboard?) to be slightly repetitive - if that was removed I think I'd be completely fine with just hanging out in this tonal area. I think it's because that's the root, and since it doesn't progress all over the place it makes it okay weave around the root instead of reinforcing it every bar. Just a note : ) Oh - before I forget - I really like the water / stream in the background. Sets the mood really well. There's a lot to enjoy with this track, and thanks for sharing it with me. I'll do what I can to share it around, and I think Guillaume may enjoy it as well:

Jeremy Silver

Great mellow beats, I like the good morning sample - could hear it again.

Mike Hoy

Perfect title for this song. The tune makes me feel like I'm strolling the streets after sunrise. So smooth, great additions in the high and while the piano drives the melody it doesn't have to be over powering and intricate. Well done.