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David Nyro

Songwriter, musician, time traveler. https://t.co/DJMB6FRiVwhttps://t.co/6LE060msqy
Lots of songs. Last count (February, 2021), approx. 1,400, since 2010. Genre-bending. Mostly indie-pop-Americana-rock-dream-chill-noir-Brit-pop-indie-folk-soul-jazz-lo-fi-bedroom-emo-EDM-country-rock-prog-rock-classic rock-singer-songwriter. Based in Pacific Northwest, will travel. Five ep's released since 2015.
diy music promotion, social media, marketing, songwriting, music performance
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Seattle, WA

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Skeleton at the Feast by David Nyro

Nate Maingard

This indeed has a very retro sound, it sounds somewhat like another artist whose name I can't place right now. 
It's a very beautiful song, especially knowing the meaning behind it, that makes me want to dive deeper into it and discover its treasures. 
Very lovely piano riff!
Overall a beautiful ode to your mother, and I would definitely recommend sharing the story along with the song. The story gives us an opportunity to enter the listening experience prepped to explore something of meaning (rare in so much music these days).
Very lovely, wishing you well with sharing it. Perhaps look for those who will resonate with this (people recently bereaved, perhaps (if that's not too morbid)).
Feeling is good, even when it's sad.
blessings on your journey
All the best

PS: nice guitar solo 😉

Scott Cohen

Beautiful track.  I don't think you should think about airplay.  Focus more on playlists.

Alan Cross

Hi, David

Generally, this is pretty good. I do feel, however, that something different could be done with the way the vocals are processed. There's a definite Peter Gabriel feel to your sound which is very interesting. I'm not sure what production tricks should be employed, but I'd experiment with ways with various types of processing to bring out more of the character of your voice. 

Songwriting, performance, and production are well done, too. I wonder what a different engineer would do with the overall mix? That's not to say there's anything wrong with what you present; it's just that I can hear options. 

And yes, that is a cool guitar solo. I like the tone. Almost Gilmour-esque.

A couple of questions:

1. What are your long-term goals? A recording contract? Live gigs (when we can get back to them)? Licensing and sync? Each requires different and specific approaches.

2. I'm not sure where you are in your career right now, but what you can always do is build a following of early fans. Labels love when you can approach them with a turn-key solution. That will require a social media strategy in which you can turn these people into evangelists. 

3. Send out links (and where applicable, MP3s and hard copies) to as many music blogs as you can think of. That includes British music magazines like Classic Rock and Mojo. That's where proggy stuff gets the most love these days--at least in print. 

4. If there's money in the budget, get something on YouTube, even if it's just a static or lyric video. YouTube is still insanely important when it comes to music discovery. Meanwhile, make sure you're on all the streaming services. You need to be there when someone discovers you. 

5. I'll forward this through my social networks. That's good for about 100,000 people.

Bob Lugowe

Hey David, 

I enjoyed the song and the beautiful image of who I assume is you with the sunset. I also recently lost my Mom to cancer so really respect you turning your loss and pain into a creative outlet to help others. If you're looking for feedback on lyrics you should definitely include them with your submission! In terms of your composition, it really depends who the audience is and if you are looking for a target audience. As an A&R guy, I don't like to tell an artist how to create but more guide them towards their goals so I'd suggest starting with what your ultimate goal is and work your way back from there. 

In terms of promotional advice, I would start by suggesting that you include a brief bio, lyrics, links to hear more music and your social media in your Fluence submission. This is your elevator pitch in front of the right people so you want to make it as easy as possible for listeners to get the full picture of who you are and what you're about along with an easy way to find more of your music if they're interested. 

If you're not already, be sure to use all of the available and FREE artist tools across the DSPs like Spotify for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Amazon Music for Artists and Bandcamp's artist platform as these will provide great insight into your fanbase, how your music is performing and allow you to optimize your profiles and pitch for inclusion on playlists in certain instances.

If you're looking for more promotion and building a fanbase you should consider hiring a publicist or a marketing firm that you feel you can trust and is a fan of your music to help with the release of your next single and/or album to help you get visibility on blogs, playlisting, print media, etc. If you're not already on a label, consider trying to get signed to one as they can help you with the promo and playlist pitching. Lastly, make sure you have a strong social media presence and that you're on all the right platforms (tik tok, instagram, triller, etc.) with a unique aesthetic as this will help you draw in listeners and hopefully stand out amongst a sea of performers. Having strong visual content and music videos can def help get your music out there more than just releasing it without any promotional effort. 

Lastly I said it above but can't stress enough how important it is to build your own fanbase on social media and really push your own personality across your channels and have it look and feel as pro as possible. Artists have more power than ever these days so take advantage of all the tools available! 

Best of luck!

David Nyro submitted media.

Sanctuary by David Nyro

Alan Cross

I like this. It's aimed at a mature music fan who is still into acts like Warren Zevon, John Hiatt, Randy Newman, Cat Stevens, etc. Yes, it has a nostalgic feel, but it doesn't come across as dated. The vocals south authentic, human, and without that stupid sheen of perfection so much of today's music has. 

The only thing I'd recommend is offering a radio edit. At six minutes, this will be a bit long for some programmers.

In short, I think you have something here. It's now time to start getting the word out on what you're doing. That includes getting something on YouTube, even if it's just a lyric video. Over 2 billion people watch music videos on YouTube every month. You need to be there.

Targeted Facebook ads are a great idea, too. Narrow things down by demo. Find some people to give you endorsement blurbs, too. They help.

Good luck!

David Nyro submitted media.

Cliff Goldmacher

Really nice use of the hook in the choruses. I like that you open with the chorus, too. Not sure the instrumental break after the first verse and before the 2nd chorus is the best placement. It feels like the song loses a bit of momentum by breaking there. Also, I'd like to hear the chorus again before the bridge comes in.  I like the singer's delivery very much. The production is interesting but, please forgive me, it's a bit distracting at times. My guiding principle is to ask myself again and again if the music is supporting (or distracting from) the vocal/lyric. Most of the time it does just fine but the choruses occasionally stray into the "distracting" area. Overall, it's really nicely written but some structure and production tweaks might take it up another level. Bravo David!

Alan Cross

Pretty solid stuff.

 I like the pre-chorus. It injects another hook into the song, including a couple in the first minute. Pretty good for sucking people into that magically 30-second zone on streaming music services.

A label might want to remix this to emphasize the rhythm track, which might make the song sound even bigger. I might augment the guitar in the bridge, too, bringing it up to add more of an anthemic soar to it. A couple of big, fat, layered chords might be worth a try. 

A final thought: removing eight bars on the extro. Get to that last chord a little quicker. 

Good luck. Lemme know what happens.

And you're right about sync opportunities. This has plenty of potential in that sphere. 

David Nyro submitted media.

Serious Nowhere by David Nyro

Alan Cross

You're the first guy in a long, long time to ask for specific feedback. VERY helpful!

Why, exact;ly, do you feel your vocals are lacking? I think your voice has character and an authentic flavour to it. It doesn't sound generic and has a nice rasp when you push it. Maybe what you need is a producer to help coach you through different ways of delivering lines. It's possible, too, that a good producer will help instill the confidence you need to turn in a truly stellar performance. 

So yes, you are too close to things. 

Maybe you need another approach, one that involves cultivating a fanbase via social media. Find early fans and nurture them into evangelists. Normally, you'd be able to get out and play live and start word of mouth that way. 

How about online fan concerts? Check out a site like Artery.is and see if they have something you could do.

Have you tried pitching things to public/community/campus radio?

I know it's rough, but if even people start to believe you're great, your music will bubble up organically. Good luck!

Meanwhile, let me share this on my social media networks. That should be good for about 100,000 people.

Steve Palfreyman

David, wow! I love this track. I don't say that very often as my first comment, I mean that. I read through your thoughts below and most of my feedback will respond to those points.

Before getting to that the one thing I will say is that to me, the video clip itself is actually the major thing letting the song down. That doesn't mean don't use it, it's just that to me, it's not adding anything to the experience; it's not sharing a new story or perspective, it just feels like stock footage. 

But let's look at the song. You clearly know how to write a track; the hook in the chorus has been stuck in my head for a couple of days (I like to listen a few times before writing feedback if the song is good - to see if I come back). And yes, I have now listened a few times over the past few days. It's great.

I think your voice is really good here, and the production overall is fantastic. Nothing to change. The only thing that bugs me is the incredibly long fadeout at the end. I don't mind a fadeout, but this goes on for eternity and I think listeners will tune out or skip. You don't want people skipping on Spotify as it tells the algorithm that people skip which can harm your chances of getting picked out and put into playlists...

As far as career progression, it's tough. Your music sits in a tricky spot. It's very good, but I can see how a music supervisor might struggle to get you placed. This music has a market, but it's not the flavour of the month. Can unfortunately make things tough.

As for what to do, there are people out there who love this music (it turns out I am one of them). You need to find these people. The best way to do this today is on Facebook & Instagram, with a mixture of organic content and paid advertising. It'll be an investment in time and some money, but it's arguably the cheapest way to get your music in front of people right now.

In terms of monetizing your music so you can keep making and growing etc. that's always a possibility once you find the fanbase and start putting offers in front of them. I think your best opportunity is to look towards bringing people into a community that you create in some way, and then map out a plan to give them chances to support you.

The music is good enough (most people try all this before the music is ready) so as long as you have more great songs like this up your sleeve to release, then a pathway like this will make sense. I've listened to some other tracks and I can see you have other good songs so I think there is absolutely merit in pursuing this path.

The hard part is right now you are poised looking at a myriad of pathways, you've dabbled in some, but it's hard to know which one is right for you without trying. Feel free to hit me up if you want to talk some of this through in more detail, more than happy to catch up for a quick chat at some stage.

Cliff Goldmacher

This is lyrically and melodically really thoughtfully done. Strong imagery and a simple and catchy hook in the chorus. I think the track feels good and I like the vocal performance very much. To David's point in the description, I wish the vocal were mixed more "proudly" and a little less "apologetically" if that makes sense. Less reverb, more clarity and presence. I think David's voice sells the song beautifully but could be more confidently mixed. In fact, the performances are, in my opinion, stronger than the mix which could have more power and clarity. This material could definitely work for film/TV but, as mentioned in the description, that's a long game. There is, in my experience, no substitute for the artist pitching their own material in person and on platforms like Taxi.com. I think with persistence and a little more polish on the mix side, good things will happen. Bravo!

David Nyro submitted media.

Dreams by David Nyro

Mee 丰

Hello David, I wonder if you are related to Laura Nyro? She's a cousin of a friend in Los Angeles, and I know a few of the musicians who recently worked on an album of her songs - if this isn't a relative, please skip this part of my feedback for you! If she is, follow the trail of breadcrumbs she's left you and connect with her new and rising fan base who would no doubt love to hear from her descendant. 

So, your song is lovely. The production is pretty and the mix is spacious, and it has a lovely dream-like quality. 

Thak you for sharing, and I wish you luck.


Alan Cross

Extraordinarily pretty. Very well done in terms of production, arrangement, and performance. 

You're working with a genre that's pretty specialized and nichey as far as radio is concerned, so your exposure will most likely come elsewhere--although I'd not rule out jazz stations and those who promote the Quiet Storm format. The first thing I'd do is compile a list of stations with those formats.  The next thing you should do is target syndicated shows (John Tesh and Delilah, for example) that favor your kind of music.

As for everything else, here's what I'd do:

--You need something for posting on YouTube. Even a dreamy lyric video would be enough. YouTube is still the 
biggest source of music discovery for people.

--Get a plugger to help you get on specialty playlists on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and all the rest. There are plenty--and I mean LOTS--of playlists featuring sophisticated, relaxing music. This track is perfect for one of those, but you need someone to do a little pushing for you.

--Make friends with some music supervisors. Material like this might work well for TV shows and movies. 

--It never hurts to have a social media strategy. You need to have a presence on Facebook at the very least. This is very shareable stuff and Facebook is fantastic for that.

If there's anything else I can help you with, email at alan@alancross.ca . Meanwhile, let me share this with my social networks, which should be good for about 100,000 people.

David Nyro submitted media.

Jared Losow

Arpeggios for days! The song develops in a cool way - I like the way the vocal effects change over the course of the song. 

There's a lot going on here...a bit too much in fact. There's rock and electronic stuff going on but the vocals almost have a country twang to them? The drums sound vibrant and the cymbals trashy but I feel like a more minimal sound might go better with everything else that's happening. I would work on focusing what you have here into a sound that's your own. Maybe start with the instrumentation, find your voice in that regard and then see what kind of vocals fit there. I love the dark and vibey direction you're going in, but I think it's a bit maximalist here. Sometimes less is more!

Thanks for sharing and best of luck! I look forward to hearing what comes next.

Bob Lugowe

Really enjoyable stuff here, nice work! I love your description of the music and must say it's right on the nose for this very original tune. I would suggest including in your Fluence submissions, a short bio about yourself as a musician (not just a description of the track) plus relevant links to hear more music and to your social profiles. I checked out your Soundcloud and it seems your profile is a little disjointed with different artwork for lots of different tracks, some songs including track #'s and metadata, etc. It's definitely worth cleaning up a bit and trying to hone in on your visual aesthetic if you're trying to reach a wider audience. You have so many songs so it can be a bit overwhelming for a newfound fan to know where to start. I would suggest focusing on your best songs and really presenting them in the best way possible. Perhaps make a music video or visual accompaniment for a song like this to try and reach a wider audience. Best of luck!

Brian Hazard

Volume is way up. Here goes!

That arpeggio has a space exploration vibe to me. But yeah, I hear the soul/blues too. NIN? Not so much, to me anyway. I grew up on Pretty Hate Machine so maybe I'm just setting the bar too high.

The vocals can be a bit piercing at times, though on the plus side, I can understand all the lyrics. Still, it's better to copy/paste them in your submission (next time!).

It's got a cool dark vibe, but not a whole lot of movement. After the second chorus, my ears are really hoping for some different chord changes. Which they get to some degree with the piano, for a brief moment and we're back to another verse.

So yeah, it's a great track to sort of melt into, but there's no hook. Definitely an album track, no offense!

I'd prefer the vocals a bit warmer and deeper into the mix, as they poke out a bit now. Other than that, everything sounds solid to me from a production standpoint.

As much as I listened for "the bike" I must have missed it. Very cool concept though.

I'd be happy to share this on Twitter! I'm going to call it "electronic rock" unless you have strong objections. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Cliff Goldmacher

Great groove, superb production values. Like the easy relaxed phrasing and confident vocal delivery. This would work really nicely over the end credits of a movie or TV show (as a theme). The only concern I've got is the synth strings which feel a bit less polished than the rest of the track. Might consider bringing in a live string player to layer a few parts to add more genuine depth and texture. Definitely worth submitting to a company like Taxi.com or reaching out to music supervisors in Los Angeles who are looking for this kind of vibey song. Bravo David!

Anthony. J Haworth

Superb that's what I call a track and if you do not get signed on the back of this track alone there is no justice, The drums are brilliant the voice is amazing and gets deep in to the heart it's really great and the best track I've listened to in three months ,really it's got everything and more ,give this guy a label and watch him get to number 1 around the world ,it's so good I want it now.....

Alan Cross

Interesting sound--certainly not what I was expecting. Dark soul? 

Some thoughts: 

(1) The song might benefit from live drums. Programmed rhythms are a little too...perfect for my tastes when it comes to songs with soul. I'd love to hear the track with someone who played just a millisecond behind the beat. (Apologies if these drums AREN'T programmed. If that's a real person, their timing is insane!)

(2) The track might benefit from an outside producer, someone who could hear the arrangement differently. At the moment it sounds a little too synthesized to be radio-ready for alt-rock. The bones are of the song are excellent, but sometimes you need someone who can take it to the next level.  (Note: This isn't a criticism of the song's quality. I'm just musing about what someone else might bring to the party.)

(3) At 5:11, it's a bit long for radio. Could there be an edit? 

Mee 丰

This is what I think. Your voice, delivery, lyrics and vocal production are fantastic. Also I like the synth arpeggios and elements of the instrumentation. I think the production needs to be bigger. I think this could be stripped back to allow the vocals to be more central. Or it could be beefed up in the instrumentation to match the vocals. Either way, it's all about the vocals for me, and you should build on that. You have experience and pain and maturity in your voice that can't be faked, and this is the unique thing that you have to offer. Wishing you every success, keep in touch if you're playing in NY.

David Nyro submitted media.

Over You Warmer Pf by David Nyro

Kimberly James

Another fantastic one, love the soul to his voice. I can't wait to introduce you to my partner label. I think they are going to love you a lot. Your piano playing always mesmerizes me. I like the energy of this one a lot.  Once again another very well composed, produced song with so much depth to it. We need more artists like you out there. This one would be fantastic for TV, have you tried some of the licensing companies out there? I really feel strongly that a lot of your songs would do well. I have several friends in mind that handle things like this I can refer you to.

David Nyro submitted media.

Kimberly James

I LOVE the piano in this as well as the vocals. Fantastic song. I agree in the channeling here. For sure many avenues that can be taken with this song. Please do utilize my email I sent on twitter and lets connect with my resources and see what we can come up with for you guys. I have a few friends in the business that are going to LOVE you.

David Nyro submitted media.

Kimberly James

Oh my, I love the thunder like rumble of the drums in this one, and once again just a fantastic composition. Where do you get these amazing voices and where are you guys recording at and with who? I am completely blown away. The kind of music you are sending over is so much of what is missing a LOT of times these days in musical compositions. It keeps you there because there is so much depth to it. I loved this one. Her voice has this yearning like quality to it with soul, and of course your playing is masterful as always. Thank you for what you do!

David Nyro submitted media.

Happiness Pf by David Nyro

Kimberly James

I don't think that you could ever send me anything that I would not love. This one was mesmerizing, I loved the flow of the piano and such a very deep and enchanting song. I hope you are going for some great licensing for these amazing compositions, because a LOT of them I know would get some good attention. Fantastic work!

David Nyro submitted media.

Kimberly James

David, I was excited to see a composition come in from you and it most certainly did not let me down. I absolutely loved the soaring string accompaniment towards the third quarter or so, some of my favorite of instruments, outside of the piano of course, and your playing as always was tremendous. The young lady's depth of her voice in the song left me breathless, and she's very unique as is the song. A fantastic score of music, but I didn't expect you to let me down at all. Thank you for your amazing talents, as well as the other artists you obviously have the blessings of surrounding yourself with.

Alan Cross

This isn't far from the current vibe of a lot of stuff that's played on alt-rock and AAA radio these days, but I'm not sure if the arrangement is quite right. The performances are solid but there's something missing from the mix to my ears. More soft synths? Bring the guitar up in the mix?

There's potential here, but it needs...something. It almost has too much of a 50s/60s girl group vibe in places without being soulful enough in a contemporary way. Does that make sense?

David Nyro submitted media.

Happiness Warmer Pf by David Nyro

Alan Cross

The Gary Jules comparison is apt. Coldplay would also work (I hope that's not an insult! It shouldn't be; they've sold 80 million records). 

So the music is solid. The question is "Now what?" What's your target audience? Is radio on your radio? If so, what formats? Should you hire a radio plugger?

I'd also look into licensing possibilities. This kind of material lends itself well to placement in TV shows and (dare I say) commercials. Time to make friends with music supervisors. 

If you have any other questions for me--maybe something more specific--email me at alan@alancross.ca.

David Nyro submitted media.

Brody Ramone

This is actually a very pretty song. I really love the piano and how it subtley drives the song. It's not overpowering but definitely has the lead. I'm not sure so much about the sax part though. It kind of comes out of nowhere but it is something I can look past because the overall production value and composition of the song are spot on. Keep up the great work!

Chris Wise

Hey David, 

Thanks for sending this through to me 

Well musically its a nice track, well written and produced. 

Its very mainstream, and fits into the pop genre fairly well. 

I can see this fits into quite a political frame in regards of genre, which isn't my speciality 

However, I can see a broad range of usages for this track, if it were to be licensed or published 

All in all a good track, albeit with a political message 

Keep up the good work 

All the best 


Alan Cross

It's been awhile since I've heard something like this: Supertramp-ish, Cat Stevens-ish. 

I'm not sure where it would fit in today's radio landscape--formats are so regimented these days--so maybe this calls for a grassroots promotion. What about creating a video using YouTube footage that highlights the tragedies mentioned in the lyrics? I strongly believe that the song needs a visual component to drive the message home. That's the kind of thing that will win you evangelists who feel as strongly about these issues as you do .

David Nyro submitted media.

I Believed In You by David Nyro

Nate Maingard

Overall I enjoyed this song. There's an honest yearning in the vocals and lyrics which I find attractive.

I feel the song could do with more instrumentation, the piano alone doesn't really fill it out enough for me. I would dig some rhythm and guitar to drive it forward a bit more strongly.

As it is, the song gets a bit boring due to the lack of variation.

So yes, overall enjoyable, but I'd like to hear it tightened up and filled out a bit.

David Nyro submitted media.

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Hi David - thank you for your submission today. What a fab gospel-inspired opening - reviewing this straight after your 'Into The Blue', it's great to hear a variety in your compositions and performance style. Here your vocal is deeper, bluesy, and the sense of urgency in the track is a real foot-tapping experience. One of the key things for me about vocal delivery is that I want to believe what the singer is singing, and that's very clear here. Also - great piano/drums especially in the interlude around 2 mins in, before the female vocal chant hits back in - I bet this is a great live track with female backing dancing away. Your own strong and clear vocal is a real treat, there's a real sense of artistry here with your well-considered accompaniment and crooning guitar solos.. Right now I feel Dire Straits and a huge wave of Northern Soul - a true talent, David. Thank you for brightening my day with your music :)

Chelsea Schwartz

While I get the Motown/R&B inspiration, I hear way more 70s rock a la Jackson Browne / Bob Seger here. Would definitely direct your marketing this towards that Adult Contemporary crowd as well, especially looking at the older Aquarian-age generation of folks. Production wise I get that something feels like it's lacking, but the track is pretty solid where it stands. Although, I might make that slide guitar louder in the mix.

D Grant Smith

There is so much here to love and appreciate. Excellent lyricism, amazing composition, and overall flow. 
Your nod to Motown and 60s R&B is spot on. Great work on the melodic and tempo shifts to build on the emotional engagement of the song.
While you may be looking for this to get covered by a big-named pop artist, you can definitely get some solid radio airplay and online feature with what you have here already. I'm interested in hearing your other songs and featuring you on my radio show just from hearing this song.
One suggested alteration to make is to fade out the end a little earlier. The song starts to drag a little around 4:25. Other than that great work!


I like the song.  I do think that it is a bit long.  However it is a good song.  Very solid musically.  

Alan Cross

You definitely have the late 60s/early 70s R&B feel down. I'm wondering if a old-school bassline up in the mix would enhance that feel.  The bridge seems to be need more oomph from an arrangement point of view. Strings? Some kind of Wall of Sound effects?

David Nyro submitted media.

All The Heroes by David Nyro

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Sweet and soulful - I actually feel that this could be one of your mediocre efforts, David (although it's rather excellent, I just wanted more punch). The lyrics are great, and I love those soothing female backing nods. For me, the surprise of the track is when it develops to the instrumental with the gentle drumming underpinning the piano part. It's really lovely and showcases your strong vocal especially as it drives towards the end before those heavenly echoes come in, suggesting the afterlife of the relationship you're singing about. Gorgeous. Well done!

David Nyro submitted media.

Into The Blue by David Nyro

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Hi David - thanks for your submission.
I love the opening to this, - and the gently soothing vocal that follows shortly after. There's a reassuring optimism to 'Into The Blue', it's the perfect Sunday afternoon track and has me feeling warm. When the chorus hits at 1:20 the track's development is really welcome and I love the subtle advance of the song as guitars feature alongside the vocal highs - with it being quite a long piece there's plenty of scope for variety. My only criticism really is that it's quite repetitive in parts - but that's not fair. The pace is brilliant, there's a lot of thought behind every aspect of this - even the production is great. i couldn't picked a better time to review this soaring gem, and it's put a lovely big fuzzy smile on my face. I wish you the best of luck with this! Kim x

Michael Hunter

I clicked "Like It" because I really do!  I'm not sure why it might be described as "not radio friendly" - perhaps for the unadventurous stations, but I'm sure there would be plenty of college / community stations happy to play it.  Maybe it's the rough edges (or what might be considered such) in the vocals and performance that might be a sticking point, but a) I think they may be intentional, and b) they help to give the song a certain individuality too.

A very melodic song, with generally a classic sound and structure.  It's well produced but not over produced, which I think is important.  The vocals are appropriately emotional and the arrangement comes across as well considered.

I can see why the various influences are mentioned, with elements of various 60s to 90s bands (to speak very generally) but somehow it all works well together, and the song becomes one that's enjoyable the first time, and easily lends itself to further listens.

What's it about?  It's about five minutes.  You're welcome.

David Nyro submitted media.

Life Becomes Beautiful by David Nyro

Nate Maingard

I really like the story behind the song, it's very romantic and sweet. My feeling is that this is a personal song for you two. 

Lyrically, it doesn't say anything special to me personally, which makes sense, based on it being your song for you two.

I enjoy hearing the two vocals, you singing to one another. Like it when you're harmonising too.

As you said, it's a rough demo in need of filling out with other instrumentation, etc.

Ah, there's some nice cello, I like that! Feel that could be there even sooner in the song, maybe growing into its fullness, but present from sooner in the song!

Andrea Young

Pretty and beautiful song.  And yes, I could hear Blake and Miranda or Blake and Carrie or other duos singing it easily.  It's not a fit for my radio shows though in its present form.  I'd shop the songwriting as you've suggested.  Congratulations on being madly in love! ;) Thanks for your submission and good luck with your music!

Kimberly James

Beautiful, beautiful song. I love the infusion of the cello towards the end (an instrument that does not get enough love). As a label owner, if one of my artists came to me with this song, I would instantly send them over to a producer we love and use Larry Gann. He would make this song grow very big. You are correct in your statement " Those in love will get it". I get it! Thanks you guys!

David Nyro submitted media.

Remembrance Day by David Nyro

Kimberly James

David, you stopped me in my tracks, gave me cold chills and put tears into my eyes. It made me stop and think about so much that has happened in the world. A beautiful song that should be viral. Wow, I'm so stunned I don't even know what to say. You have captured the feelings of many in an amazing song. Your voice as well is incredible. Wow, just wow.