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After a forced two year hiatus due to health reasons, Sonali has returned with a new sound and outlook on life. Sharing a bill with artists like Nick Jonas and Zedd, Sonali is fresh off the stage from opening for the headliner, Pitbull, at Florida’s acclaimed SunFest Music Festival. 

Studying and making music ever since she was a young girl, Sonali’s biggest plunge into the music world came in the fall of 2012 when she was invited to attend the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. There, she was afforded the pleasure of working with some of the best in the industry, studying under numerous GRAMMY award-winning professors and music industry veterans such as Questlove, Bob Power (D'Angelo, A Tribe Called Quest), Nick Sansano (Sonic Youth, Public Enemy), and Amund Björklund (Train). While there, she would also attend guest lectures by Pharrell, Benny Blanco, Rob Thomas, and Stargate. In December 2012, Sonali and her classmates collaborated to create a viral cover of Rihanna’s "Diamonds." After being featured on Buzzfeed and by Ryan Seacrest, the video garnered the attention of Rihanna herself, who invited the group to a show in Newark, where she personally congratulated them on their work. 

In 2014, Sonali showcased a dynamic mix of sparkling songs paired with her energetic and auspicious vocal authority on her debut EP, Wake Up. The EP served as the introduction to her as a performer and songwriter whose mastery of pop songcraft reached far beyond any chronological age. The strength of these tracks earned her recognition as one of the Top 20 Prospects of 2014 by Music Connection Magazine, as well as a Huffington Post feature for her politically charged "Who We Are" music video. 

Just as things were picking up and she was about to embark on her first tour, Sonali was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. Instead of spending the next few years on the road and recording as she had planned, she was forced to devote most of her time to recovering and getting back on her feet. As much of a setback as it was, the unintentional break did allow her the time to be introspective and reconsider her career and sound. While at NYU, Sonali learned a great deal about music production, which had opened her eyes to the world of electronic music. Trading in the acoustic guitar for synths and drum machines, Sonali has been in the studio recording her follow-up EP with producers Eren Cannata and KOIL PreAmple. 

Through this new sound, Sonali hopes to use her platform to help give another voice to Indian-Americans in the entertainment industry. "My family is from India and that's been a huge part of my upbringing," Sonali shares. "Growing up, I never had anyone on screen or in music that I could look up to in that sense, and I don't want that to be the case for kids today. Indians are finally starting to get a voice in the TV and Film world, and it's about time that spills over into the music industry!" 

With a new sound and reenergized passion, Sonali is ready to pick up where she left off.
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All I Wanna Do by Sonali

Chuk Jones

Very nice and clear vocals. I really like the 'feel good' pop sound you have. Nice production also. I would've like to hear a few more layers of instrumentation under the 2nd verse and bridge to help the buildup of the song as a whole but great job in all. A good candidate for licensing if pitched to the right project. Keep it up!

Shamal Ranasinghe

Sonali.. Thank you for sending this to me. This is a solid pop song. The most impressive part of the song is your vocals. I like the harmonies in the chorus. From a personal perspective, I wish it was more 'banging' in that it rocked me out more. This song sits in between tempos of a dance floor crusher and a more mellow tune. It's almost like it's waiting to bust out. One thing is certain -- the song is very well produced so either you have great production chops or the people you are working with are effective. I am sharing it to several folks on Fluence to give them a heads up about you and this track. Also a note on your submissions in Fluence -- when you do submit, I would definitely put as much info in your description as possible like your artist profiles, lyrics, and any/all information that's relevant. Some curators really get into all aspects of the song. I would submit this to some music supervisors as well as they will appreciate the range of this song as something that could work in a variety of synchs and scores. I'm happy to talk about marketing, etc. You can email me directly at shamal @ fluence dot io. 

SONALI submitted media.

Find Your Way by Sonali

Mike Mineo

Sonali's "Find Your Way" is a pleasant acoustic-driven pop song that combines lyrical yearning with delicate and technically perfect vocals. Whereas the track could have easily opted to deliver some pulsating chorus, I appreciate the decision to keep things lush and light -- with a subtle string accompaniment and percussive shuffle in the backing distance. The percussive and piano-driven additions in the second verses keep things interesting beyond the first verse and chorus, which is commendable for any pop song setting its sights for radio play. Speaking of radio airplay, I could certainly see this being quite successful on pop radio. Although not stylistically inventive enough for inclusion on Obscure Sound, I applaud the excellent vocals, melodic charm, and several commendable structural maneuvers throughout "Find Your Way" that make it a stellar pop song with tons of radio airplay potential. -Mike