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Lawrence Cooke

Lawrence Cooke

Based in Devonport Tasmania, I get my music inspiration from the ocean, what lies beneath, space, and the people I meet. #music
I have been playing keyboards for a number of years, spent a lot of time trying to find my place in the music world. I like writing instrumental music and interweave vocal tracks to keep things fresh.
music composition
Devonport, Tasmania

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Let There Be Light by Nocturnal Rain

Parker Crystal

This is dope!  Have you considered getting into sync licensing and connecting with music supervisors who need music for tv/film??
I'll be sure to check out your SC and share any way I can!

Brian Hazard

I was surprised at how bright and dry the drum groove is, but once the pads fill in the space, it works well enough. Still, I'd prefer if it were a little darker and spacious (without putting reverb on the kick). That would give the piece the weight I feel you're trying to convey.

Male choir at 1:36 is a bit loud, sitting on top of the mix rather than in it. Still, I love the way the arrangement builds.

I was expecting a breakdown and build back into the main groove, but you just keep layering. By 2:45 or so, I feel it's too cluttered.

The closing fade is definitely too abrupt. It almost feels like a mistake.

You've got some great material here! I think with a few tweaks, and perhaps an extended arrangement with breakdown, it could be a lot stronger.

Thanks for sharing it with me!

Lawrence Cooke submitted media.

Forever Yours by Lawrence Cooke

Brian Hazard

I think you're onto something here for sure!

I love the groove. My biggest issue with the track is that the groove just keeps meandering along the whole way, with no noticeable changes, fills, or even dropping in or out. It makes it feel like a loop.

Along the same lines, I'd like to hear a lot more contrast at the chorus. There's not much to differentiate the first half of the verse from the second, from the chorus. Just a quiet filtered arpeggio, and then another.

The vocal can come down 1-2 dB. I'm not sure if it's scratch or final, but there are some noticeable pitch problems

It would help to see the lyrics if they are open to change. I like what I'm hearing though!

I'm hearing stronger chord changes under the last line of the chorus. Wish I had a piano handy...

Love the 16th note pattern at 1:44, but it feels like it's already time for the second verse. Maybe that could come in right after the chorus.

The second verse could be cut in half. Again, that filtered arpeggio doesn't provide enough contrast.

I was hoping for a bridge or instrumental section between the second and third choruses. At the very least, you could drop out everything right at the end of the second chorus, and build it back in.

I'd also like to hear differences between the first, second, and third choruses. Maybe some harmony? A new synth line?

So I guess my word of the day is "contrast." ;)

It's probably too late for this, but I think I'd prefer it about 2-4 dB faster.

Hope that grab bag of advice helps! I look forward to hearing how it develops.

Lawrence Cooke submitted media.

I Need You (Feat. Marisa) by Lawrence Cooke