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cody kohler

cody kohler

Singer/Song writer for An Old Friend
United States

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Shamal Ranasinghe

I like the way you mixed up the song near the min 1:30 mark. There's more story to this track than I initially thought. I can sense and recognize the talent and depth of your music. I didn't get into the video and honestly couldn't figure it out after two views of it. The band shots also didn't work on me. The bright contrast whit shots with dark blue lighting on the back-drop made it feel like I was watching the band in awkward spotlight shots. Made it feel like a dark club turing the lights on after the nights over. Or it feels the band video shots were in a bathroom for some reason. I don't have a better suggestion other than wanting to see the band in total playing together. I'll recommend this track to Max Schneider and Chelsea Schwartz. Get their opinions on best outlets to promote your track. I don't think the video is doing the song or your sound justice. If you want press right away, I'll also refer you to Mike Mineo.

Max Schneider

More so than any other genre, punk rock is what I hold closest to my heart. Since I was a teenager I have identified with punk on a deeply personal level and my discovery of punk rock cemented my desire to pursue music as a career. That being said, I am also deeply critical of many "punk" bands and the potential for monotony within the genre as a whole. I gotta say though... You guys do a pretty fucking good job.
Dynamics. I can't stress enough the importance of dynamics within a piece of music. The quiet, half time section  in the middle of this song is expertly placed and arranged. It provides a refreshing contrast, highlighting the individual sections of the song without sounding choppy or fragmented. Rather, it it contributes the strength of the song a singe entity. 
The arrangements, guitars in particular, is very well done. The melodic overdubs and constant addition of background riffs adds a great deal to the the music without coming across as flashy or over the top. That's a fine line to walk and you guys have done it very well. It adds a lot to the songs. The dual vocals also provides a nice change up and contrast as well.
If pressed to find a weak spot I would point to the vocals. I think the voice is a little bit thin and whiny sounding. I think some grit (much like the second vocals that come in later) would go a long way and also match the feel of the music a little better. I know this is a very personal and individual preference, but I dislike it when vocalists "over pronounce" their words and I hear that in this song. Overall I think the vocals sound good and fit the song, but in the name of constructive criticism I had to point to them as a weak spot. 
Overall I think this is a really solid song. It is very well written and arranged. It has fantastic dynamics which give the listener the sense of a musical journey without ever sounding forced... not easy to do. The musical arrangements are interesting and ever evolving while never sounding forced or flashy. Well done guys

Mike Mineo

A lively bass line and crisp guitars help lead into the raucously fun "Fragments & Blurs", a hook-filled take on alternative/post-rock with an angsty element that reminds me fondly of Gerard Way's new album Hesitant Alien. At first I didn't quite know what to expect with this track, but by 01:40 - when the track scales back to spacious deliciousness where beautiful reverb and guitar sounds reminiscent of Modest Mouse flow freely - An Old Friend's creativity shine brightly. What follows is just as enjoyably ambitious and energetically consuming. The group is significantly ahead of most contemporary peers in their stylistic niche; they show an ability to stray from the norm and focus on truly innovative fragments, as opposed to one linear hook yearning for radio airplay. Props on the ingenuity and creativity; your ability to balance both of these with audible passion is continuously impressive throughout "Fragments & Blurs". Look for a post on OS. Thanks for the submission -- keep up the great work. -Mike