Plugin Fest

Plugin Fest

Plugin Fest

Plugin is innovation as entertainment - a great space filled with smart new products and the people who love them.
San Francisco, Saturday, March 28th, 11am-7pm

Meet 2000 potential customers
at our festival of new things

Plugin is innovation as entertainment - a great space filled with smart new products and the people who love them.
A market place where great new products are showcased for an enthusiastic public.
Plugin is a huge sales opportunity mixing exhibition space, pitches, live music, panels, debates and tech experiments.
This event gives startups a unique opportunity to start relationships with new customers and potential employees in real life.
Whether you’re new to the game or established and looking for further traction – Plugin is the event for you!
2000 early adapting San Franciscans coming to an event on a Saturday for fun and eager to find out how your product can make their life better. 
There will be food, entertainment and the buzz of super fans getting to meet the people who bring great products to life.
Plugin is an essential event for anyone creating products for mass use.
The feedback you get in real time face to face from thousands of people could take you months on-line. You’ll also be able to make sales on the spot commission free.
That’s Plugin - a real-life social network.

Recent Submissions

Plugin Fest submitted media.

Karen Allen

I'd re-edit this so the voice is louder than the music. I had to really concentrate to hear what you were saying over the music. Sounds like a great event.

Anita Motwani

His enthusiasm is palpable. I like the idea. Let's see if it works. I would love to come, but I have kids that weekend, wondering if they are allowed!

Parker Crystal

Dude...this sounds like an AMAZING IDEA!!!  Something specifically for gigs and similar events instead of competing with miscellaneous projects for support via kickstarter.  Rates seem transparent.  If you're reading this, head over to

Matteus Åkesson

Video feedback: simple does it. Don't add a lot of visual. Possibly, you may want to highlight each main part of the message somehow, and the transitions between the parts. One way could be to always change perspective when a new part starts. Another thing to add a split-second pause in the flow of words (and maybe music, even). 
Biggest problem right now is that the music sometimes is to strong and overpowers the voice. The recording quality of the speaker is very "garage". You could perhaps benefit from using a better microphone, that will help filter out resonance/echo and allow you to raise the volume of the speaker's voice without quality issues. 

Love the concept. The beauty of it is that the company that sells the most tickets is likely to also be the most able to sell and succeed their own product - the most deserving startup will actually be the headline act. 

Victor Salazar

This is a great idea that can really turn into something huge.  More and more are creating wonderful products but simply do not have the means to get their products to potential investors and/or buyers.  The Plugin event can change all that and offer a means for dreams to become reality.  Kudos!

Devender Singh

Nice Initiative and Innovative Idea

Steve Palfreyman

Great looking event! You should take a quick look at Pause Fest - a different but similarly focused festival here in Melbourne. I appreciate the passion coming through in your story. One suggestion is to think a little more about communicating why you're doing this - it'll improve your messaging from the start. In fact, Simon Sinek's book Start With Why would be a brilliant read for you.

Aaron Suplizio

Love the enthusiasm in this video, and the messaging about the event is very clear. 

For any new event, there is a certain "chicken and the egg" element to building new supply of startups and demand for tickets.   What is missing for me in this video is some signal of quality of the startups or even a keynote speaker.  With such a spark, you could start to build buzz that might attract both startups and passionate members of the startup community to attend your event. 

Is there any prominent VC or Founder that would be willing to speak at your event?  Incorporating a name and a face into this or future videos will help take your marketing to the next level. 

Shamal Ranasinghe

I love this and can't wait to come! I'll refer you to some folks. I'm going to share it as well. How do we start selling tickets? Only feedback I have is to put more information in the description so we can share it and find out more info via links. I'm going to share this.