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Roy Moore III

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Little Roy, formerly known as Gemini 3rd Twin, now goes by just 3rd Twin. Born Roy Moore III in Portland, OR. 3rd twin is a 20yr rap veteran who has done it all from winning rap battles all across the country, to being signed to a major label. 3rd Twin started writing raps at the tender age of 12. He landed his first recording contract with DM entertainment at the age of 14. Konflic his first group, was formed with three other child hood friends. One of their first performances was at Portland's second installment of its only local hip hop showcase PO HOP2. Konflic by far were the youngest to hit the stage. From then on, Konflic paved the way for the young mc's around town.
Over the years, 3rd Twin was known for his great talent, remarkable word play and powerful punchlines. He quickly became very popular and known as the hottest MC and best lyricist in Portland. With a captivating stage presence to go along with his great talents 3rd twin burst on to the Portland Hip Hop scene.
In 1999, 3rd Twin joined forces with another local rap group Pros and Cons. This was an 8 member group bred out of the great Northwest. Similar to New York's version of the WU-Tang Clan. Pros and Cons went on to become Portland's highest selling rap group, selling well over 20,000 units between two albums. Between 2000-2002 Pros and Cons traveled across the United States and on to Mexico showcasing their talents.
In 2003, 3rd Twin and two of his fellow group members from Pros and Cons branched off to form a group called DNA (DeNied Access) and got their big break signing to a major record label Bogata' Records/Universal. The company owned and operated by 6-time NBA Allstar Jermaine O'neal. The group eventually moved to Atlanta, GA where they began recording Their first album. Unfortunately the hardships of being in the music business prevented them from putting out an album.
In 2005 3rd Twin moved back to Portland and began working and recording his first solo project. This classic album was never released due to a burglary at the studio where he was recording and all his music was stolen.
In 2008 3rd Twin then relocated to Las Vegas with his two fellow DNA members where they formed the Label Wallstreet Records and began recording in Las Vegas. It was there that he would cross paths with his now Producer/Engineer Grammy winner Tiger Roberts who won a Grammy for producing the Iconic Gladys Knight. 3rd Twin made a big buzz in Las Vegas even getting the attention and eventually was offered a contract from the Great Pound for Pound Champion Floyd Mayweather's record label Philty Rich Records. After contract negotiations stalled 3rd twin decided to take the Independent route and is now back with a vengeance and ready to make his statement in the Hip Hop industry. His Latest Single "future in ya stuntin" has the internet in a frenzy and the city of Portland Highly anticipating his long over due solo album. In the words of 3rd twin "there are no bests just favorites" so get ready because he's shooting to be your favorite.
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ibz .

I like the concept. You're right, it's a very personal record. Visually, I'd suggest that you think outside the box when coming up with video concepts with your director. I think the look of the video is a bit cliche because it has been done before. With a son that is so universal and relatable, you should try to make the video equally appealing. 

Jahn Beadle

Nice.. Overall I'd say you're on the right track and appear to be making music better than a good amount of the rap released today.  It felt like an honest, sincere and heartfelt song that came from a personal place.  That being said, I think there are some areas that can be improved to make your music more appealing to a larger audience.  

Visually I think there are possibly too many different coloring techniques going on that are distracting at times.  I think if you stuck with a single look throughout the video it would look more cohesive, additionally there are times where the footage seems to vary from good quality to low quality shots which also threw me off a bit.  I would like to see a more of a story line as well, it seemed to be lacking a bit directionally as far as a plot goes.

Recording wise it sounds on par with a digital recording, I think a little bit of high end "sparkle" on your vocals could help.

Songwriting wise the verses were solid and your content matched up with the beat well, what I felt was missing was a strong hook.  There was nothing there that people could catch, sing along with and remember.  That is the biggest missing factor in my opinion is a memorable hook that gets in your head.  

I hope this feedback will be useful for you moving forward, if anything I said is unclear or your would like further explanation let me know and I will gladly help.  This is better than a lot of stuff being released today and I would like to hear more as you continue to release music. 

David Cox

I really love the honesty and lyrics. You definitely got voice and style that I dig. Unfortunately, I really feel the quality of the video and performance wasn't strong enough and lost my interest. The production value of the song I think could be alot stronger! I didn't think the composition was bad, just sound of the music & vocals was weak. I see potential, I just recommend spending more attention on marketing branding and production. Figure out how to separate yourself from everyone else.


The video is very smooth and touchy.The lyrics are great. The Music Video Cinematography is really cool and looks professional , nice work on it. Overall I like this track and the beautiful vocal.I have listen to it over and over.Very strong musically as well as lyrically. We have also shared your video on our blog and also promoted it.Please feel free to to have a look.
Thanks for posting the video.

Aleksi Leal-John

Not my kind of music, but the lyrics are good. I do like it. I thought the video was a bit typical and in some places naff, but I understand as it was probably a no budget project. I stopped watching and just listened and its a strong song. I thought that there could have been more of a instrumental part instead of just totally being vocals all the way through. 

In terms of marketing this, I would go to datpiff or going to hypem and finding specifically blogs on hiphop for your state or area. 

Hope this helps