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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook & The Key of Now
Focused on the fuel that drives us all to connect with comfort, hurt and hope, Joshua Cook & The Key of Now is a band for the floaters, ramblers, and rovers who seek solace among strangers. Spinning strings of fantasy and fact into a tapestry that tells tales both simplistic and serpentine, Joshua Cook & The Key of Now explore love, luck, and the unmoored life of a wanderer.
music performance, music
soul, rock, indie, r&b, blues
San Francisco, CA

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A Prayer for You by Joshua Cook & the Key of Now

Parker Crystal

Listened to this a few times.  Really dig the tune; it gives me a 60's rock vibe!  Easy going, great harmonies, nostalgic.  I get where the visual is going and what it's trying to convey, but it doesn't connect to me as much as the song.  Will definitely help promote!

Brian Hazard

Way to show off that voice from the very first line! I love it! Fantastic harmonies.

Your playing around in the video reminds me of those old Beatles cartoons from when I was a kid. Musically, I'm reminded of The Verve.

Nothing critical to say. Great song, great performance, cool video! I'd be happy to share it with my following on Twitter.

Scott Cohen

Really cool.  Timeless rock.  


I love the song and love the music video.  I would love to play it on the station. 

Kevin Hugger

Joshua Cook has a wandering voice, a voice that has lived and one that is now ready to tell his story. It is obvious from the emotion he carries from his lungs that the words and ideas he sings about are borne of genuine feelings. ‘A Prayer For You’ is classic alt-rock, it sounds familiar but brings with it a bounce of originality so it never drops off into tired cliché. The sepia tinged visuals are a good match for the gritty reality in the lyrics. With the playing superb throughout and the periodic harmonising offering a honeyed centrepiece this makes for a fine 4 minutes that should appeal to lots of radio schedules. 

Andrea Young

I like the vocal harmonies very much on this song, along with the video.  Sort of Beatles-esque.  Send a high quality mp3 and I'll find a place for it on a future Aspenbeat show.   Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!