Neal Liggins

Neal Liggins

Neal Liggins

Indie musician? Then you know products, (i.e CDs) are dead. Create a channel to sell your music as a subscription instead. Ask us how.
artist and creative talent relations, music marketing, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, graphic design, crowdsourcing
hip-hop, jazz, indie rock, alternative, indie, blues, indie electronic

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Leslie Mac

I don't necessarily agree with everything you said.  From a filming perspective, you should have zoomed in on you and filmed horizontally instead of vertically.  An intro/title is needed at the beginning. otherwise, I like where you are going with it.

Brent Tactic

cool breakdown and accurate statements.  a little hard to hear though. 

Kevin Hugger

Hard to argue with anything Neal Liggins has to say about the music industry today. His thesis that access to music rather than ownership of it is all that music fans care about is one that the behemoths still trying to control the industry would do well to listen. The truth in all of this however is that the middleman (the traditional label) is quickly becoming redundant which sadly explains why those directly affected have steadfastly refused to believe that ground beneath them is quickly crumbling. Liggins is an easy listen and his arguments are well thought out and pretty much watertight. Spotify and its ilk are today’s record store with the traditional gatekeepers themselves increasing locked out of revenue streams.