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Posers by The Shanklins

Achal Dhillon

Am liking this a lot - while I don't personally feel there is a lot by way of a brand-new sound that I've never encountered before, you can almost straight away hear the underlying classic rock influences and I'm reminded of latter-day Foo Fighters at several points, yet I almost want this to go into a bluesy rock direction like The Black Keys. The production of the track is pretty strong; however, somewhat ironically, I'm more inclined to see a live show from you guys off the basis of listening to this. While the composition is strong, I feel the problem you may encounter in the future may well be criticism for not standing out enough. For the immediate term I would suggest reaching out to gig promoters and agents to try and bag some decent support slots or start to gather a following live; and simultaneously, have a strong think about what sort of band you want to be and start getting more creative/ambitious with your writing. This sounds good, but I think you could be so much more.