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Songs, songs and more songs. Some pop. Some indie. All good.
The sibling songwriting duo, Jenna and Steven Starar.

Looking back at Starar's career so far, it's hard to believe how far they've come in four short years. "I guess it was just a matter of building upon our successes, as they happened," says lead singer and guitarist, Jenna, "Each time we worked on a new EP, we'd work on a new style, blending in the best parts of every release that had pricked our ears." Steven, on the other hand, puts it slightly more bluntly, "When we put a set of songs out there, the feedback would always be tremendous, but you still have to develop a sound that is both unique as well as contemporary to your audience. If you want to build that audience, you have to try new things to keep people interested."

Working and living between various uk provinces and the capital London, the pair have explored various means of online promotion, from Youtube exploitation and Twitter fanship, to a massive Facebook following that incorporates the Instagram photoset-craze, Soundcloud free-release exclusives and more recently Vibe and Viddy clips to keep their fans on the edge of the their seats. Their sound has crosses a wide range of genres so far, from Pop Rock to Disco, Ambient Minimalism on one single, then flawlessly seguing into Country on another. These days, they have been working in the Alternative Indie area, with stunning, sterling soundwaves of melancholy atmosphere, ambiental audioscapes recalling Bon Iver, Volcano Choir, Wildcat! Wildcat!, Sigur Rós and Haim. "We wanted to focus less on the dancing and more on the beauty of the melody, if that make sense," explains Jenna, "We've experimented with both areas of pop music, and I think it's time to come back to the interaction between harmony and the sound of the track, rather than how big the production has been pushed, or how radio-friendly it is, if that term isn't even redundant these days."

For their live shows, the duo have picked guitars and sang harmonies with bass guitar backing around the shires and districts and a few impromptu sets in London to expand their fan base. "Our sets are quite dynamic, we combine our original, recorded backing-tracks sans bass and rhythm guitar, and perform live bass and acoustic whilst singing two-part harmonies," says Steven, "I love playing to a good, happy, engaged house." There's one thing for sure, they'll be keeping audiences engaged for years to come.
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Kevin Hugger

Soft rock as a rule gives me the chills, like MOR but with a modicum of cool. So when I read Starar’s (nice name btw) profile I put on an extra layer. Thankfully ‘ScrapYardLand’ was much better than I expected though it did sound a little underproduced, or else the bitrate on the recording was set too low. Regardless this is a real song, sung by a real band with a clear vision. And while that might not be what will save the music industry it is nonetheless the bedrock of what keeps music fans coming back for more. Starar aren’t in the revolution business but with mini victories like this song in their armoury they should be very pleased with themselves.   

Starar Official submitted media.

Talisman by Starar

Going Solo

You like to immediately put the record straight, don't you? Shoegaze at its purest, it reminds me a lot of early My Bloody Valentine (You Made Me Realise / Isn't Anything). I love the way guitars stretch and explode after the 2nd minute. As a big fan of Nothing's record, I really enjoy this kind of stuff. You should work more on this and try to reach the proper audience. Nothing have had a big push last year and toured basically everywhere. You could be the next, but I guess it's better if you decide which direction you want to take first. I digged a bit through your Soundcloud and noticed that other songs go towards a totally different direction. 'Talisman' comes out of the blue in between among many poppier songs. Choose a path and follow it. Cheers!

Tom Johnson

I like it. Feels a bit fragmented, which makes it difficult to get in to initially but it made me want to listen to it again. There are some pretty great blogs specifically covering this sort of music, use hype machine to find them get in touch with them personally. Think you could get some coverage with the more niche blogs. Good luck!

Kevin Hugger

I noticed Starar mentioned Slowdive in the list of bands that take their fancy but for me it’s My Bloody Valentine that they most resemble. And the parallels are most striking in the boy/girl vocals rather than the searing instrumentation which is pretty convincing in its own right. Given MBV’s status you’d imagine that ‘Talisman’ has a ready audience, a group of people willing to immerse themselves in a body of sound that to others could be misinterpreted as mere noise. It’s a skill that Starar appear accomplished at deploying which means that I’ll be keeping an eye out for their upcoming releases.

Mike Mineo

Immediately "Talisman" soothes listeners with a wave of warm guitar gauze. Combined with the near-cooing of the vocals' fragile touch, the gorgeously mysterious atmosphere is quickly and effectively concocted. I'm loving the guitar transitions from 00:50 to 01:10 -- and particularly the twangs at 01:00 and 01:10. Comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive are enjoyably evident. The dream-pop/shoegaze/alt-rock fusion is masterfully captured here, resulting in a track that really makes me look forward to what else Starar has in store. I'll absolutely be posting this on Obscure Sound in the near future. Reach out to me at if interested in details (success stories, rates) on my digital PR servicing.  Great work, a thanks for the submission! -Mike

Starar Official submitted media.

Time Under We by Starar


Firstly, thanks for sending across the track, the track has a beautiful sound and is so melodic. I especially like the delicate intro and the harmonic vocals fit nicely with the backing. I would love to hear Jenna's vocals more on the track as they only appear when harmonising but other than that I love the track. Thanks again for sending the track through.

Achal Dhillon

Thanks for sending this over. Generally sounds very happy and a fine slice of pop-rock and there's absolutely a marketing for this particularly in North America. This could do well in terms of synchronisations so you should consider reaching out to a couple of companies such as Zync or GODIY. From a label ptive - or at least my own - the production is extremely safe and you'd need a bit more of an edge in order to stand out in the very competitive landscape. Have a think about the sort of sound you're going for - on one side, this sounds like Fleetwood Mac, and on the other The Fray - and perhaps reach out to producers of the same ilk. The track length is quit considerable so think about an edit as well. Best of luck with this.

Disco Naïveté

Really moody track! Reminds me a bit of Stars. I would personally prefer to hear a bit of a duet more (hear Jenna sing more), think that could really give your sound a bit of a push, more depth. It's a nice track but lacks some variety/depth, it's basically the same melody over & over again which can make it a bit too repetitive at times. Perfect album closer though, for the same reasons.

Starar Official submitted media.

Time Under We by Time Under We