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Party Never Ends by 3 Parts Dead

Mike Mineo

"Party Never Ends" begins with a melodic onslaught of crunchy guitar riffs, propelled by vocals that are fondly reminiscent of '80s hair-friendly rock and metal. The verse around 00:35 to 00:41 picks the ferocity up a bit, with more focused riffs and melodic vocals leading into the chorus. Little additions - like the guitar slide at 01:18 - add nicely to the crunchy arsenal, with a chorus that admirably treads the line between dark metal and pop-minded alternative, much like some of Rammstein's work. "Party Never Ends" is a very well-executed track that touches on a style that most attempt to replicate and fail in doing so. 3 Parts Dead, however, integrates an infectious central chorus with a furious rockin' sound to prevail strongly. Look out for a post on OS in the near future, and contact me at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in details regarding my digital PR servicing. -Mike

Ed Cohen

A great kick-ass rock 'n roll band.  Good production and solid vocals.  Liked the whole Soundcloud page.  Would love to catch you guys live.

Chelsea Schwartz

It amuses me that within the first few seconds I thought "Motley Crue & Rocklahoma would love this" and then I read the bio to see 3PD has shared stages with/at both. Solid rock n roll track, but doesn't stand out to me. Thanks for sharing but not interested in doing any further at the moment.

Victor Salazar

This is a great track.  I'm loving the way the music is put together but the vocals really stick out to me.  Definitely a band to keep an eye, and ear, out for.

Frank Serafine

This is quality radio-ready rock, although it'd be considered hard rock. Hard rock doesn't have as much of a place on radio nowadays as it used to, but this song is quite catchy and ready to be put out there. All the elements are well-balanced, but that does also mean that nothing seems particularly unique about it. What makes a band truly unique is not how well it balances everything, but by how the one element that is unbalanced about them is so cool that it sets the music apart from the rest of the pack's. That guitar solo showed real promise. Some work on making the guitarwork more technical but at the same time more concise could step it up.

Bo Caldwell

Right on, I love anything rock!  Here we go...

I dig the opening riff.  Sound quality is good.  All good things right there.  I was grooving along pretty well until it hit the 39sec mark.  The chorus structure seems right for a hook.  But the lead vocals are just not getting it.  Sounds like the vocalist is trying to sing out of his range.  Same in the break.  Background vocals could also be better.  Lead guitar is pretty good tone seems a little off.  Like it could use some more ball$.

Aside from that.  Checked out the rest of your stuff online as well.  Website is looking good.  Socials are inline.  Although they are current you guys could be more active though to help continue to grow your fanbase.  Also, not a big fan of the cover art.  You can do better!

Last.  You live photos... you guys all look like you put a lot of work into how you look on stage which is great!  Only thing is.. is the look that you guys are going for a clean/preppy rock look?  I see a vest in a photo and clothes that look like they were all bought that day at the mall.  I would say that if you are going to be writing a bio that talks about fast driving hard drinkin rock music... you might want take another look at the overall band look.  I know a look of those bigger rock acts do similar things... but most are established already.  I would work more on looking like a bad ass band that I would not want to get in a fight with and ditch anything that would hinder that look.

It was a pleasure and I hope the constructive criticism helps.  I try and be as honest as I can with these things!  Please feel free to contact to me if you have any questions or are interested in working together.

Good luck and be well!


Paulie Hips

Good job dudes! My only qualm is with the guitar tone is really heavy. This is by no means a bad thing! My personal preference, is that it just sounds sleazier a little softer, and a bit crunchy. With that out of the way, channeling the greats here, like Hanoi Rocks (your singer nails it) and of course, every band Stiv Bators ever did after the Dead Boys. I would play the hell out of these guys on my show, and my listeners WOULD dig it with the biggest of shovels. I love when you can tell a band ACTUALLY has a good record collection.  More importantly, if I don't think a Rock N Roll band gets laid, I tend to move on. I'm guessing this band enjoys coitus. It's something in the sound. Motley Cru had it, Johnny Thunders had it, 3 Parts Dead has it. Thank you for playing Rock N Roll, and not just calling your music Rock N Roll, I don't have time for that. Well Done. 
PS this Immediately reminded me of "Dead, Jail, or Rock N Roll" by Hanoi Rocks. 

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