Pronounced "KEPT". KPT ALIVE BY MACHINES. coming 11/20 via Polkadot Mayhem. |
In a relative short amount of time, KPT (pronounced “KEPT”) has established himself as a definitive player in the future of electronica. Lauded in review as “brilliant”, “among the most innovative”, an "exciting new kid on the block with his own brand of dark, hypnotic electronica” as well as having “a distinct element of unpredictability", KPT employs an uncommon approach to both writing & performing.

Focusing on the critical (often recently overlooked) live performance aspect of dance music, KPT composes unique arrangements for most events, constructing his official releases using elements from those performances.

Recent Submissions

KPT submitted media.

Victoria Parkey

This is pretty cool - genre wise I don't have too much knowledge of this kind of thing so I can't really give feedback on what could be improved, but I could definitely see this working in a movie trailer or something. The dark production sounds really great.

Alan Poyer

I'm pumped for this. Excellent choices of audio/visuals to set the tone. I'll have a look at your work on BC right now, and let me know when the single and pre-order happen ( You have my attention! Will share it out now, and can't wait to experience this!

Kevin Hugger

KPT just exemplifies why much that is progressive and boundary pushing is emanating from the EDM scene. That’s why the trailer for his new album ‘KPT Alive By Machines’ is akin to the promo for a dark Sci-Fi blockbuster where the shadowy burst of noises ably capture the tension and intrigue about to unfold. The fact that it doesn’t unfold within this short submission makes it very difficult to critique the music but at the very least there is a build-up of tension in the air while we wait for the full feature to reveal itself.  

Brian Hazard

There's really not much to go on in this short teaser! I'll go ahead and give you the benefit of the doubt, and tweet it out to my followers. I look forward to hearing an actual track! :)

KPT submitted media.

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