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Garage and Breaks Djs based in the south west.

Run the Mixed up Promotions events in plymouth.
Exeter / Plymouth

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J-T ADSB submitted media.

Danielle Langley

Super cool track! Enjoyed the combination of electronic tones and reggae style vocals mixed. Everything transitioned nicely. Over 8 minute epics can be a somewhat daunting amount of time to listen, but because the groove progressed into different highs and lows, it easily kept my attention, and was over before I even knew it. 
Overall job well done!

Alan Poyer

Thanks for starting off my weekend the right way!

The Fluence description is only asking for promotion and not feedback so I'll refrain from any type of production feedback : )

Smooth, chilled 2-step vibes washing, flowing, irresistibly moving the listener ever-forward. Reminds me of everything I enjoy about Synkro, and Synthetic Epiphany. I'd love to help share this out on socials and in an upcoming playlist here I think it would be perfect for: https://8tracks.com/awakingdream

Message me back on Fluence if you'd like to collaborate with a post on my blog, and is there somewhere I could download the track? I'd also recommend filling out the Fluence description a little more with a press release and showing more about you as an artist. Here's a helpful guide we just finished writing a couple days ago: http://blog.fluence.io/7-step-diy-pr-guide-for-creating-an-amazing-campaign/

I'll include some recommendations for other people on Fluence as well, and thanks for sending this my way!

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