Jacob Techow

Jacob Techow

Jacob Techow

Composer, pianist https://t.co/KiLQ5RKqIj http://t.co/BHsWxi5RlU

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Judith by Jacob David

Liane Chan

I like the lo-fi sound of this recording. It is relaxing with the partially muffled sound. It sounds slightly sad, so it would definitely work well in the context of a sentimental scene. It's very simple and pleasant to listen to despite evoking a sense of sadness, 

Parker Crystal

This is just what I needed in this very moment of my afternoon.  Thank you so much for sending this along!  This is very meditative.  I LOVE your other tune, "Herrens mark"!  It's just so raw and uncontrived in a very elegant way--in its simplest form.  

stan stewart

The composition, style -- awesome rubato -- and performance are beautiful. I appreciated the artistry of the piece and it clearly stands alone as an instrumental.

I was distracted by the recording unfortunately.  At first, the extraneous sounds of the piano (felts, hammers, keys, etc.)  were intriguing. After a while, I wanted them to drop into the background so that I could focus on the piano piece like an audience member would.   I understand that this was an artistic choice and I respect you making it. It just didn't work 100% for me. 
 Again, this does not take anything away from the beautiful composition and performance on the piano. I deeply appreciate your work and look forward to hearing more! 

Maria Mouk

slightly sad like spring, soft and delicate. i enjoyed.
i guess the recording is lofi? 
i wouldnt change a thing really unless you wanted to master this album :)

Alan Poyer

A special grasp of time, and the ability to delicately bend it. A special touch indeed. 

B flat has always been my favorite major key : )

The heart can't help but melt at the 1:43 arpeggio..

Can't thank you enough for sending this. If you're open to it, I'd love to send send you some questions for an interview. Honored to help anyway I can - I'll queue it up to share on socials and start putting together a post. I'd like to include the video for Andachten as well. Absolutely incredible.

Søren Lund Korsgaard

Beautiful and reflective little piano piece! The melody is just lovely. Depending on the mood of the listener it can be perceived as bittersweet as well as optimistic and be suited for gentle morning listening as well as a night time lullaby. I love the fact that you can hear the mechanics of the instrument - it adds a wonderful textured dimension to the sound and enhances the character of the piece.