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Break Form by David DeRose

N.O.D Musik


Thanks for reaching out! The vibe of the song is lovely and the production quality is professional and nice as well. So kudos on that! This song probably could be considered for a chill type of electronic music playlist.

Is the song released on streaming platforms? I couldn't find it on any other platforms than the Soundcloud profile you provided.


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Challenge by David DeRose

Hugh McIntyre

Very cool. It definitely fits in with the trend of lo-fi electronic music, and I hear a lot of SOHN in this, which I think is a good thing. I can see this being popular with a certain crowd, and I bet you'll only get much better from here.

Brian Hazard

Glad you're back! I love the visuals here and the new name.

Cool vocoder action! You've really crafted yourself a unique and tasty sound here. It's like a darker Owl City. 😜

I can't really help with Spotify, as my only playlist is synthwave-based. I'm guessing you've tried pitching on SubmitHub? That's always my first stop. And you can try to find playlisters individually. And then there are services like Playlist Push. I cover them all on my blog: http://passivepromotion.com

A couple suggestions for future Fluence submissions:

1. Include the lyrics so we can follow along (I understood them just fine, but wasn't always focused on them)

2. Include a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

I'll go ahead and share it on Twitter, though I'm not sure I can come up with hooky elevator pitch. I guess the darker Owl City comment is enough to incite some curiosity.

I really love what you're doing here, and look forward to more! We're really similar in our piano backgrounds. I know I tend to underutilize the piano, and maybe you're coming at this from the opposite direction.

Benjamin Groff

Hi David...thanks the submission.   I like it in a chill vibes type of way and nice piece of songwriting and vibe.  For myself, and what I'm looking for both on We Are: The Guard from a blog, label and Brill Building - on the publishing side is a bit more reactive type of songs on the tempo side.  That would be my one recommendation is to try some things that are more tempo driven...as they often can drive synchs more and people reacting to the music rather than being a little more in the background.  But then there are lots of playlists audience to support the type of music you do especially on Spotify.   So I would just recommend to continue releasing music and maybe one of your songs will get picked up by the algorithm, inserted in more playlists and feeds etc.   Really nice piece but just not sure if it's the reactive lane (if that make sense) of the things i'm usually looking for.    

Scott Cohen

I think the track was super cool.  I would love some context to understand how this fits into your overall plan.  Where are you going with this?  

SD Hox

A dreamy song with good production values and solid instrumentation. The vocals seem solid and I would have loved to hear them with a bit less auto-tune. I'm finding more and more that raw vocals (even if not always spot on) make a song stand out more than those tracks where the singers have been electronically altered. All in all, good stuff though. Thanks for sharing!

Robal Johnson

This track is quite lovely. While it may not be in my personal wheelhouse for standalone music, I believe it would be perfectly suited for TV/film soundtracks. And in my opinion, that should be your target right now. If you have not already, I would put together an electronic press kit (EPK) that offers a bio, soundcloud, etc, and send it to independent licensing shops in NY and LA. Small publishing companies are always looking for new material to submit to music directors and often they are very loyal to those that get regular work. But other than that, obviously keep making music and keep putting yourself out there. There is talent here and I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to send more tunes any time. All the best. Cheers. 

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Call Me Up by David DeRose

Brian Hazard

Congratulations on your new EP!

The opening sure sounds like Owl City or Baths β€” which I like! Vocals are a bit harsh and edgy in spots, as are the snare and claps.

I'm wondering if it's a mastering issue. Overall the tonal balance is too heavy in the high mids and highs, and doesn't have enough low end for the style. Beyond that, the offending elements (parts of the vocal, and mostly the snare) don't feel glued to the rest of the mix.

I'm really digging the arrangement itself though! You've layered some interesting sounds and given an electronic arrangement an organic feel.

I'm happy to share it! Hope it gets you a few more well-deserved listens. As always, thanks for sharing it with me!

Andrea Young

There are people obsessed with 8bit based music, I know.  I'm not one of them -- but this is really well done in incorporating 8bit into a more mainstream sound, which I think is truly challenging since I haven't heard it done in a way that has worked for me up until now.  But this track does the best job of any track I've heard to date, of making the unique 8bit sound engaging. The track is well crafted and has lots of creative elements, possibly too many, its almost many different songs in one, instrument-wise.  I like all the elements, but there are so many!   This track is not for me, but I appreciate the deep creativity of it and I enjoyed listening!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

Hugh McIntyre

One of the best things I've been sent on this platform. I'd love to hear more of this, but perhaps with a slightly higher quality? Not sure if it's mixing, mastering, or a studio, but that's my only suggestion.

SD Hox

This is a fun pop track. Like the vocals and the whimsical electronic backing. Good job on this one. Please let me know when the track is available on Spotify. In the meantime, I'm happy to share with my followers. Thanks for sending!

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Never Let You Down by David DeRose

Kami Knake

I like the vocals and production and vibe but wasn't crazy about the melody. A little too repetitive for my ears but I'm sure others may dig it!

Brian Hazard

I love this David!

The lyrics are wonderful, and the Peter Gabriel "That Voice Again" reference caught my eye right off the bat. The keyboard solos and dark piano tone are fantastic, and the mix has an epic yet intimate quality.

Not to say there's no room for improvement. Right off the bat the instruments hog the high mids, leaving no room for the vocals, which don't sound as warm as I'd like, nor the mix as open.

In the bridge section, I really can't make out the lyrics, except the "s" on song leaps out.

Regardless I'm happy to share it!

As for building an audience, I'm pretty sure you've been to my blog: http://passivepromotion.com

My best leads right now are shooting for blog coverage on SubmitHub and promoting on Deezer via Feature.fm. Personally I haven't had much luck with blogs, and I'm still waiting to see if the $500 I spent on Deezer promo amounts to much in the long run.

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Low by David DeRose

Brian Hazard

Wow, this is very different from what I've heard from you in the past! I like it!

I'm having trouble understanding the words (not just the pitch shifted ones). In the future, you might want to copy/paste them into submissions.

It would also really help to know what this is about, or at least what inspired you to write it or to pursue this artistic direction. I'm happy to share it, but I'm not quite sure how to pitch it to my followers.

Ah, there's the piano I was looking forward to! It really brightens up the track.

I don't have much to say about it critically β€” it seems well-mixed, though the mastering compression is a little strong for my tastes. The arrangement is super cool and fresh sounding, though again I'm stuck with the feeling that I can't quite place it. I don't know what it wants to be, and don't want to impose my own ignorant perception.

I'm with you on streams! A pianist friend of mine has had a lot of success contacting playlisters individually. You might see if you have any luck with blogs via SubmitHub, though that's better done when the release is hot off the presses β€” or before.

Bottom line, nice work! Thanks for sharing this with me!

Kami Knake

Definitely want to hear more from this artist in the future. Reminds me of some indie electronic artists that I can't recall at the moment but he has his own unique spin for sure. I listened to it twice so it caught my attention!

SD Hox

Thanks for sharing. Solid beats and strong vocals. Love the songs hypnotic rhythm. Great job and I'm happy to spread the word.

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Pines by David DeRose

Andrea Young

Turn it up!  There's something about this track that draws me in melodically and through the arrangement.  The vocals are original, and might need a bit more power or intention behind them somehow, they're a bit hidden both within the production and just in general.  Send a high quality mp3 to andrea@aspenbeat.com with 'FLUENCE REQUEST - Artist Name - Track Title' in the subject of the email and all of your social and streaming links and we'll work it into playlists and shows and see how it fits.   The production may need to be further mixed/mastered, its a bit murky, just have to see how it plays.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

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Atmosphere by David DeRose

Andrea Young

This has some promise!  Vocals and mixing would need to be worked on further. - vocals needs to be more upfront in my opinion (and yes, need to be better).  Arrangement is a bit more MOR-ish than our style as well.  Getting it up on Spotify and the streaming and sales services isn't difficult, but promoting it without a track record will take some ambition, effort and time.  We'd suggest putting out one track at a time and working it on your socials to get your fans and friends to listen to your music on the streaming services for best results.  There's lots to like about this, its very promote-able for singer-songwriter/indie outlets.  Thanks for your submission, hope you move forward with it.

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Brian Hazard

Promotion is a daily grind for me too, but I don't think it's out of our control. Luck comes to those who put in the hours!

I'm hoping this beautiful melancholy piano track isn't a reflection on how difficult promoting music is! 😜

Clearly this style of track is more suited to licensing than trying to hook listeners directly. Especially since there's no hook!

The atmosphere seems perfectly suited to film. The slow build is satisfying but demands more patience than most will give over social media.

Of course, I'm happy to help by sharing it! But it's only one small piece in the puzzle. Have you got a publisher? I'm really happy with Marmoset. Maybe worth a look?

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Alone In The Light by David DeRose

Brian Hazard

A heavy synthpop song? Can there be such a thing? Let's see... 😬

Overall I really like this! The chorus is really driving, with lots of energy at just the right moments. I love the concrete imagery in the lyrics, and the structure, especially how it totally changes after the second chorus.

And your vocals! That's you, right? I don't remember hearing you sing before, but you've got a really compelling style. The pitch isn't always perfect, but it's off in a passionate and not-at-all distracting way.

That said, I've got problems with the mix and mastering.

Mastering-wise, overall it's way too quiet. But the fact that the verses seem to double in volume until the bass kicks in suggests heavy-handed compression. As a rough guideline, I'd suggest less compression and more limiting. Definitely stay away from multiband compression. Maybe that's the root cause of all the problems? πŸ€”

The hats and tambourine are way too loud, and the snare too dry and pokey. I know you could find a better snare sample that wouldn't feel so lightweight.

I'd be happy to share this when/if the technical stuff gets worked out. It's a great song!

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Limits & Labours by David DeRose

Brian Hazard

I'm in the same boat David! I've had very little success with licensing.

Currently I rely on two publishers: Music Dealers and Marmoset. There just aren't enough hours in the day for me to pursue placements myself.

That said, if I was serious about it, I might start by finding YouTube channels with large audiences and letting them use my work. 

For example, I support this channel on Patreon: https://www.youtube.com/user/VaatiVidya

He creates awesome videos about the Dark Souls series of video games, and he's actually solicited custom music for them. I'm sure there are loads of other channels like this that would love to feature your music, which might evolve into paid gigs.

Just an idea! In the meantime, I'll share this one. It's great stuff, though of course it would benefit from a live orchestra. The strings are pretty convincing - better than I could do!

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What Do You Want Me To Say by David DeRose

Brian Hazard

Yep, I can totally hear a female vocal over this! Great track! It's kind of chiptune, and it's even got a drop! You might have trouble making the vocals intelligible over that bright synth lead, but I guess you'll cross that bridge when you come to it.

It absolutely needs a vocalist though. It doesn't stand on its own yet, particularly in the verses. The fact that I'm calling them verses says it all I suppose!

What I suggest is doing a little legwork and looking for female singers you might want to work with, with a following on par with yours, or only slightly higher. Then message them on your strongest social network. For me, that's obviously Twitter. If one isn't better than any others for you, just do it on SoundCloud.

Be sure to make it clear whether you're looking just for vocals, or also for lyrics and melody/harmonies. If you've got lyrics and notes in mind, you might want to lay out another demo with a piano or flute playing the notes.

I'd certainly be opening to sharing this once it's done! I really like where you're going with it.

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Lost Memoirs by David DeRose

Mee δΈ°

Thank you, this has a lot of potential, but for me, the synth strings sample bank wasn't the best selection, and I also wasn't that keen on the way the strings interacted with the piano. If you're writing for licensing, then I am sure you know it's essential not to distract from the visual narrative, and I think the busy nature of this track would.

Brian Hazard

Lovely work as always David. I love the way the piano sits in the mix, generally above the strings until the storm sets in. I could, of course, see this as a much larger piece! But it works well as-is.

I'll definitely share this with my following on Twitter! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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Every Minute by David DeRose

Amazing Artists

It's great, very commercial in terms of licensing for sync, although if I were you I'd be looking to perhaps play with a better sample strings library. Also, it feels like a first pass at a great idea, but why don't you keep building to an epic crescendo in calculated measures, so that it becomes something ready to sync for a trailer or a commercial?

Brian Hazard

Love that mallet percussion little figure building in the background! It's a nice little teaser. Normally I wouldn't tweet something so short, but I'll make an exception. Great work, as usual David!

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Breathe In by David DeRose

Matthew Linsky

This is a nice sounding cue, but it could benefit from improvement in the following areas:
-Dynamics: The arrangement felt sparse. Perhaps a swelling string section would fill the space?
-Production: This is the main one. The values seemed blurry to my ears. Mix and Master thoroughly before sending out.

Other than that, I feel as if you've done a decent job. Keep on creating!

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Belief by David DeRose

Brian Hazard

From one pianist to another, I really love what you've done here. The piano sample and performance sound very natural and organic. The strings and percussion are rich and dynamic. Great work!

Fwiw, I've put all my placement eggs into two baskets: Marmoset and Music Dealers. I haven't had too much luck yet, but a few little successes. Might be worth a look.

In the meantime, I'd be happy to share this on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Kier Lehman

Nice piece. Feels like something that would fit well for a commercial. Something like a bank or insurance. It has a feeling of strength but also some softer emotion. There is a lot of movement which might get distracting during a movie scene but could work during a montage of excitement or victories. One thing I would suggest is to explore adding some non-traditional or ear candy elements to help you stand out. It doesn't have to be something that stands out but just something that feels organic but also different than what we may have heard before. something to help draw the listener in and make them really pay attention. 

Trygge Toven

Cool track.  The structure is pretty great for promos or trailers.  It's driving and keeps building to a more urgent feel.  I'd say the string samples could be nuanced a bit.  If I were you I'd connect with a trailer music library since they already have the relationships with the trailer supes and promo departments.  This song would work well for something more inspirational like a project I worked on, Disney's Million Dollar Arm.

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No Time For Rest by David DeRose

Brian Hazard

What a mesmerizing vamp to build your arrangement on! It's got almost a Steve Reich feel, until the strings come in of course.

If you're building a portfolio for film scoring, you'll probably need to invest in a pro quality string library at some point. From the first note of the strings, it's clearly "fake" and lacks the proper articulation. That said, the actual arrangement is still wonderful!

Love the analog bass and deep kick around two minutes in. Until then, I wasn't really sure if you were going for a pseudo-acoustic thing. I much prefer the sonic universe you've built.

Washed out piano is lovely too. The pacing feels spot on, and I was ready for the drums to drop out when they did, or to build - just something different.

That said, it feels like it starts to build up again, but never quite gets there. That's okay I suppose, just not what I was expecting.

Overall I love it! It's hypnotizing and holds my interest throughout. I wonder if it could've been stronger with some different chord changes in the piano/quiet section, but maybe that would've detracted from the hypnotic quality.

I'd be happy to share this with my following on Twitter! Thanks for sharing it with me.

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