Knut B Lindbjør

Knut B Lindbjør

Knut B Lindbjør

Featherfin is an art and music project from Norway.

Featherfin likes to mix the highly electronic with the organic. Experimentation is close to his heart, but so is pop, melody and harmonies. His music can be diverse, from the very light and childlike to the dark, aggressive and moody. 

His music and his digital collages are created in similar ways; layers upon layers of sound and images, a bit of this and a bit of that, often with elements that doesn’t match in “real life”. 

“I don’t want my art nor my music to be “realistic”, even if I often use "real" sounds, photos or people’s life-stories in my works. I want to tell stories, but not so much the stories the original elements tell. I pick elements that fit what I want to express. Often this is a very intuitive process for me, and it is the feelings that run the process, not so much the head.”

Featherfin has previously played in both synthpop-, electronica and industrial bands, but is now working with the iPad as his main music tool. He is also a part in the team who run the indiepop netlabel EardrumsPop.

The name “Featherfin” comes from his interest in marine life, and it’s the name of the feather-like fins of several species of fish.

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Tom Johnson

The video is great and the song is intriguing, need to hear it in context of the rest of the EP I think so I'm off to listen to that! In terms of promo, concentrate on blogs that cover this kind of considered, thoughtful pop music; there are plenty of them. Be personable and just send them a link with the bare details of what you're releasing/what you'd like from them; this is good enough for some coverage. 

Sean Adams

This is a really pleasant track. | like the idea of taking a poem and putting it to music. There are a couple of bits where the words perhaps don't quite work but maybe I'm being pernickety.  Great video. I'd imagine adding something about Emily Dickinson and approaching literally blogs to build up a footprint would be a good idea, rather than going for the crowded music blog work - especially as this sort of music is perhaps a little out of style with what a lot of sites are currently focussing on. Best of luck.

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