Andres Aloi

Andres Aloi

Andres Aloi

Musician at Robot Garden
Robot Garden was born when a couple of musicians from Buenos Aires, Argentina grew tired of the local scene and decided to make music for the globalized age.

In 2013, songwriter and singer Andrés Aloi met up with producer Guillermo Porro to begin recording original material in the latter’s home studio. There was no plan—Aloi was just tired of semi-passionate band members and Porro wanted a break from semi-passionate productions. The result—an idiosyncratic blend of alternative rock with refreshing chord progressions and eccentric lyrical content—took both musicians by surprise. They could pick apart the synthpop, the reggae, the hard rock; but layered, in synch, it was surprisingly unique.

The studio came after and the momentum followed, and soon, the project was well on its way. Stemming from a yearn to break away from the chains of the local scene (the limited venues, the latin pop, the aversion to English), Aloi drew from his background as a filmmaker and writer and started crafting an image to go along with the music. Something appealing to present to the world, and distribute to everyone with a mobile device and wi-fi. Thus, Robot Garden, as a concept, was born—the old and the new, the past and the future; both in content and presentation. Fitting, if you consider this struggle for balance is well represented in the band’s lyrics and sound.

Porro’s deft, experienced touch serves as the unifying force behind Aloi’s anxious compositions. Though his roots lie in blues and rock, the latter can’t even cite an influence. “Today, its Bowie,” he says. “But ask me every three months and I will name you someone new.” As such, Porro’s imprint is essential, imbuing the songs with his perfected indie, lo-fi electronic audio—much like filtering raw expression through a calculating, well-oiled machine. What proves true in most productions proves truer here, as Porro’s vast experience (currently working on the next album by La Ley) helps identify and exploit Aloi’s songwriting talents.The result: compact, compressed and wildly inventive stratocaster-driven alternative rock; with regular forays into synthpop and reggae, and lyrics that go from the philosophical to the humorous. As a singer, Aloi is a blast from the past; a crooner, like Morrison, with vaster range. 

The debut album, Robot Garden, is hitting the internet right now. Both the music as well as the accompanying aesthetic have met with potent and growing enthusiasm. The LP would fit right in in a collection featuring The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and Franz Ferdinand.
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indie rock, classic rock, reggae, alternative rock, house, dub, film / video
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Andres Aloi submitted media.

Joel Sumerling

Not bad. Well produced. Sounds retro. Very Radio 2.  Video doesn't really do much for me. If I was you I would add BUY and stream links in your YouTube description!

Abdul Karim Siraji

The songs sound good. Reminds me of ColdPlay. I think if the MIX can be reworked then his could actually turn out superb.
Some of my suggestions about the MIX.
There is some wrong note in the synth chord (third bar).
Backing vocals in the Chorus can get louder.
1:41 Lead synth can be a bit louder
The hats can be Stereo Split widened.

Philip Andrew Mayol

The song and its tune is indeed nostalgic as I usually hear familiar rendition of this when I was younger. I was born in the 80s and hearing this song would really bring back the memories, hence attaining it from the theme, "Nostalgia".

As for the video, interpretative as it looks, it would be much fun, meaningful if it tells a story about people or about you seeing your ex-girlfriend and have the Tron-ish concept in the background (either seen on a TV set or as a digital backdrop.

Overall, I would love to have a copy of that song on my mp3 player or have it included on my road trip playlist while in the car with old friends trying to escape the busy city.

Song: 4/5
Video: 3/5

Naomi Manvell

Good road trip music! Really enjoyed - would listen on a chilled afternoon :)
The video is really awesome too - love the Nintendo style!

Claudia Grimaldi Marks

Hi Mr. Robot Garden!

I liked this track and video very much! Its very well done and a sweet song!  But I do think you can push it to the edge with something less floaty and more 'flashes of memories' driven - take a look at this:  - yes its a totally different song but still has a floating through memories vibe.  Yours definitely plays on the 80's/90's nostalgia that in a good way but I would also maybe find a way to work your lovely selves in there.  I realize the clip above doesnt have any faces but I think those guys are DJs and thats a different genre....I feel like (unfortunately) whether or not a rock song/band gains success depends a lot on people connecting in one way or another with how the bands look.  

Anyway - that is my two cents - hope it makes sense!  


Tillie Elvrum

Love the synth work and really good lyrics! And the video was mesmerizing. Keep up the good work!

Latanya Rene Barrett

Hey there!

The video is visually relaxing and the singer's voice reminds me of Hedwig And The Angry Inch which is a good thing. The song is very well produced, written, and sang. 

I think the video also has a nostalgic quality about it. It could be the VHS video effects that are used in the video? Is that a thing? It just feels like something awesome from my 90s childhood. I am into it. 

I feel like the video and song don't link up necessarily. I would image the video to be more of a sparkly galaxy quest style life action video over animations but I am drawn to videos for bands more when you can see the actual band. 

Nice and Loud

Song was ok but the audio works better without the video.  Video work was very good but it was distracting so concentrating on it over shadowed the audio.

Jennifer McGillan

I like the song and the video. The retro look is great. Definitely captures the "I miss you but you couldn't PAY ME to be 21 ever again" feeling.

wayne leeloy

great hook and melody! really enjoyed this listen. I'd listen to more.

Emilie Lorre

Thank you for sending me your song. Your song is familiar to me, in particular the chorus. Maybe I have already hear it on another music platform.
I don't really like the style of your music video, but it's not the video but the music that matters and your song is good. I like that touch of nostalgic sounds in it and I have enjoyed listening to your song.

Leks Maltby

Robot Garden are back with their latest offering, "Fountain of Youth", which opens with a sparse piano melody and a delicate lead vocal. The song is propelled forward by an internal momentum that explodes in the chorus, unleashing a fury of synth and electric guitars, moving world's beyond the song's unassuming beginning. A radio-friendly song to be sure, "Fountain of Youth" stays true to its nostalgic yearnings by channeling a decidedly 90's sound. Robot Garden have yet to disappoint with their previous offerings, and "Fountain of Youth" is no exception. These guys have serious potential beyond the world of internet hype.

Kami Knake

This song grows on me with repeated listens. I like the hook and chorus very catchy, strong melodies, good lyrics, vocals, and produciton. Would like to hear more by this artist. 

Going Solo

I like both the song and the video but separately. The song is catchy and radio-friendly, it draws some memories from early '00s years. The video is more a psych-trip and (don't get me wrong on this) I don't feel it fits well with the song. You should think to create something that tells a real story, related with the lyrics of the song. I know it might be a problem because of its cost, so it's just a little tip that you can follow or not. I also recommend to send the mp3 of the track to radio stations and try to earn more radio plays as possible.
All the best for your future.

Brian Hazard

Ah yes, I remember this song!

Great job with the video! It's got a strong 80's aesthetic. Very creative use of the digitized female body! ;)

I'd be happy to help spread the word to my Twitter followers. Let's get you some more views/listens!

Mee 丰

I like this! Intelligent, mature lyrics, hooky and poppy but with substance. And cute, ambitious, nostalgic video.

Please upload it to so our DJs are able to play it!

FAQs here:

and here:

Thank you!

Liane Chan

I like the song itself and the lyrics, though I think the opening is very different from what the song ends up sounding like. It actually kind of reminds me of a lot of music from the modern rock songs of the 90's. The video is interesting, it reminds me of early computer animation. It's kind of retro and modern all at once. 


very cool and unexpected visual for this track. it really feels like a journey into another world.
i like the song too, it has a great vibe! definitely something i'd listen to regularly! keep it up guys. 

Bob Lugowe

This is a really great song and video, awesome work!  I don't really have anything constructive to say about the music or the video as you really nailed it all around and the description below was wonderfully put together.  I will definitely check out the full album as well. 

From a promotional standpoint, I would just suggest you include links to hear more music in your description on Fluence as right now there is no info for someone to find out more about the band unless they click the actual YouTube video.  I would also include links to buy the digital single and album (especially on bandcamp) in the youtube description for the video.  If the album is relatively new and you haven't hired a publicist yet that could be worth exploring.  Best of luck! 

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. The song is strong and your voice is interesting (reminded me a little of The Housemartims and Harvey Danger) but I'm not sure the visuals really go with the track visually in both an aesthetic sense or in terms of giving the track more oomph. The visuals oddly make the track feel too fast compared with the graceful widescreen space in the video. 

I'm guessing you have a long list of US radio stations to send the track to. Perhaps looking for a radio plugger who can help would be your best investment as it's unlikely there's there space at press until you have an album and there aren't lots of outlets I can think of that would run the track online. 
Best of luck. 

Andrea Young

Appreciate the backstory on this one, really helped me connect with the track.  There is SO much to like in this song, I turned up the volume when it first started!  I love the ELO-like sound and production of it, the vocals, the harmonies, great songwriting, and the production too.  I get a bit lost in what I’d call the ‘bridge’ of the song (instrumental around 1:40 and at end), it sort of slows things down for me in a way that disengages me a little bit.  The video is fairly intriguing, but doesn’t really relate to the song for me, even though I get the Tron/Nintendo voyage angle.  I’d rather see a video of the band playing!! Love you guys!  Send a high quality mp3 to me at and I’ll include it in an upcoming show and on playlists.  If you’re looking for further promotion, I’ve got a few ideas that might be worth discussions, just get in touch. Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.  

Andres Aloi submitted media.

Haydon Spenceley

This is a really cool. The verse groove is really smooth, really dig the reggae vibe, it's a nice twist on the indie rock thing. Keep exploring creative ways to stand out from the humdrum like this.
The solo and the octave up chorus at the end are a great lift to the track too, very cool,
If I could give you any advice it would be about the earlier choruses. Your sections on this track don't start and stop with clarity, and because the verse and the chorus are similar melodically and chordally it was hard to pick up exactly where one ended and the other began. I think the chorus melodic hook is a good one, but you could perhaps make it stand out a bit more with a diamond, or a fill in to the chorus, or a synth swell or something of that nature.
Overall though I was extremely impressed and pleasantly surprised. I'd dig hearing more of your stuff and would happily review an EP or whatever release you have coming up. Thanks for reaching out.

Zachary Gelfand

I thought this was a really interesting tune that continue to get more and more intriguing as it moved forward rather than just continuing at the same pace. Good work!

Reji B

Wow. I really liked this song! The roots/dub vibe was really different and cool to hear. I'd like to hear more from this band.

Olga Knapinska

I like it. I can hear that you still need some time to get to the point where you’ll be 100% sure what kind of music you want to make, and maybe you’re young or have played together for a shorter bit of time, but I know that your music will be getting better and better with time. I like the fact that you already know how to transform the lyrical meaning into sound - when I first started listening to this song, two words came to my mind: “reggae” and “aliens”, and I thought of it before looking at this song’s title. Great job. And the mentioned reggae elements are giving this tune even more depth and making it a little more fun. I think this one has a lot of potential. 

Christopher Euton

Right off the jump, I love both the band & song names!
The vocal is strong & soars above the reggae inspired groove. I'm enjoying this, fellas. The synths that enter at the 1:30 mark are on point. I can't quite put my finger on the many influences here... but overall, it works. It works well! 
The track is thought out, arrangement wise - & accessible enough to appeal to folks of a broad spectrum of musical tastes. The guitars are up in the mix here & that's a good thing.
I'm now listening a second time.. great bass playing. Again, I can't seem to pinpoint the vocal influences, but it doesn't matter. this is alt reggae at it's finest. 
The overall production and addition of synths sealed it for me. This is a killer track. I'm now on your facebook, checking out what you guys have going on. I'm impressed, fellas. Impeccable style & a fun & interesting song. I appreciate you sending this to me! Keep it up.

Travis Keller

I dig this man, it's cool. I really like your singers voice, solid delivery... good lyrics.

I would suggest maybe ramping it up toward the end... feels like it should build and maybe get messy... although I do like the solo you guys have (reminded me of pink floyd) maybe think about a solo like Jesus & Mary Chain's cramps cover. Super dirty and one note. It's a suggestion. I'd like to hear some feedback and maybe an ending that isn't safe. Think danger and chaos.

All in all this track is great tho... I dig it. It's got it's own vibe. Would like to hear more. Keep it up dudes.


Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

You had me at the title - then the curious opening (fab). All spacey, a bit of Thomas Truax-meets-Muse going on there - can we call this 'creep rock'? Great strong vocal with a good range, slight reggae rhythm, good drums - this is a really strong track that I'm going to listen to again for sure. I particularly love the bass, softly underpinning the track but completely owning it...and at 3 mins that riff, really didn't expect that but it's brill. Thank you for sending this my way - it's a monster of a catchy track and I hope your sheep are okay.

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed this song and thought it was quite creative and unique and reminded me a bit of 311 with a more psychedelic edge.  The songwriting is strong as it contains a catchy chorus, interesting concept and a great ending.  The guitar solo and swirling electronic elements were exceptional strong points.  

I would suggest including the lyrics in the description instead of just mentioning specific lines and taking some promotional photos to look more professional.  The album art is good and fits the sound and you're on all of the right social sites.  Perhaps make a low budget music video and hire a publicist to get the word out about the album once you have all of the pieces in place.  The music is definitely enjoyable! 

Andres Aloi submitted media.

I Want To Know by Robot Garden

Alan Cross

The cool thing about making music today is that the financial barrier to entry has never been lower. Back in the 90s, something like this would have cost at least $50K to make. And I applaud your use of social media and emojis, Clever.

Cool summer song, too. And it's certainly radio friendly. It's almost like a happy National song.

The question is "Now what?" It's a solid song with a cool video. What are you going to do with it?

I like the song so much I posted it on my blog as a recommended track:

Bob Lugowe

This was a great song that was complemented by a really fun, innovative video.  After watching it and writing some notes I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is almost at 50k views on youtube within a month which is a great sign.  The band is clearly on the right track, being able to not only write a catchy song but also release a low budget music video that is creative and more importantly having an effect on people.  There isn't really anything I would change except maybe the band playing Settlers of Cataan instead of Monopoly but that's a personal preference.  

If you're able to produce music videos with this much of a unique voice and aesthetic I would keep it up.  It looks amateur but in an endearing way and that seems to fit your music perfectly.  Besides that, continue to build your online presence and most importantly hone your live show so that people can see you're more than just a "cute" internet band.  Everything looks good so far though, keep it up! 

Kristin Pedderson

This is a very entertaining video to watch and the song is very good as well. Some of the lyrics were a bit difficult to understand, and required repeat listening.   I enjoyed the use of hashtags, which helped me to understand more of what  you were attempting to say in the song and video. There was much drinking and smoking, which to me is not super impressive- but reality and I believe the song was saying there was a seeking for more. Anyway, it was entertaining and the song had a sixties/seventies feel.  I would want to hear more from this artist. 

Daveit Ferris

Cool stuff. Here's some honest feedback;

- I had to check my speakers upon the video playing as there's nothing to audio-inform me that the sound has started. The music kicks in at 0:26 but there's nothing more than a small bit of room noise proceeding this - it makes for uncomfortable watching to be honest - if possible, i'd recut and maybe have a portion of your song playing at low volume under this introduction or have some significant actor/room noises.

- I started off disliking two things immediately, but then as the song went on, i actually found myself liking both more and more. Those two things were the comic video effect and singers voice. I genuinely ended the video by appreciating both and singing along to the chorus. I guess it's just unique to see the comic book effect employed here so it took a little bit of getting used to. In terms of the singers voice, i think the introductory vocals could have been a little more subtle, gentler and lower in the mix; that's why i don't think i took to them straight away.

- GREAT video concept and i love all the little icons [smiley faces, money from trees etc] in the video as it suits the comic angle - i think the theme is very clever and well executed here. Good job.

All in all, i think this is fantastic for a first music video, especially as you've done it all yourselves. Congrats!

Heather Frazier Behling

I really enjoyed the song --- and though I haven't heard any of the other songs, I agree that this one is radio-friendly. The video was great -- it kept me interested and I really like the idea behind it as well (even though I wouldn't have thought of it like that until I read the description). Best of luck!

Ollie Russian

Hate the video, find it pretty cheesy and can't tell if its ironic or not. Vocally I find the track pretty interesting, the chorus is pretty string too, got a 90's college rock thing going on which I like. I think it could have some scope at BBC 6music over here in the UK, its definitely got a good radio feel to it!
I think if I had heard it without the video I'd probably like it more, sorry!

Danielle Langley

I like the style of your video, with all of your friends hanging out and enjoying a walk around town and having a party. I think the verses of your songs could use more of a melody to the lyrics, but when it comes to the chorus, you seem to have it down for tying it all together. Love the harmonies of background vocals coming in as it adds another meaning to your music. Perhaps just a few touch ups of buildups could change it around a bit, but you have a very cool vibe to your overall sound.

Brody Ramone

An upbeat song that is catchy and could be the indie song for summer. Production value of the song is well done and the video, for being a grass roots effort, is fun and was a little reminiscent of early music videos with the "cartoon/comic book" effects throughout. It has a nice little "vintage" vibe to it! I would be interested in scoping out more of your material for perhaps possible airplay on my shows. Connect with me via my socials and lets talk! Keep up the great work! 

Brian Hazard

I really like this! I can't imagine how much work it must've been, filtering on a frame-by-frame basis.

Yeah, you've got a catchy, feel-good song here. The perfect soundtrack to the video. Wait, isn't that supposed to be the other way around? ;) I confess I was mainly focused on the video. I think that's because there was lots of reading involved, and it's hard to listen to lyrics while reading different words onscreen.

I'll share it right now! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Ola Bogg

Makes me want to hear more from the band. Powerpop!

Tyler Martin

- I think the video is awesome! You guys did a fantastic job, and the DIY style is almost cool/more effective sometimes!
- Its a good song, well written. I could definitely see it getting some radio airplay. Try to hit up some college radio!
- Love the "Batman Bams" in the corner, definitely add to the comic book
- Also funny use of hashtags!
- Also btw, you guys have a great bandname! 
- Keep promoting your song, or your album whatever you have, someone will pick up on this! Try to aim for some DIY record labels, it may be a good fit! 
- The fire and lighting bolts around the end of the song are hilarious, i actually really enjoy watching this video.
- Try to get some blogs to post the video!
- Good luck with everything!

Jess Shanahan

Really interesting video and social commentary. As someone who spends a lot of time on social media (for both work and in my personal life), this makes so much sense to me.

Considering this was done with no budget, it works really well. You get a great sense of the story and message behind it all. The song is great too, very catchy and will no doubt inspire the over-use of hashtags.

Brian Lush

A very straight-forward and timely music video and more-than-pleasant indie pop tune.  I love the DIY fell of the clip and the track itself has me very curious about what else the band has up it's collective sleeve.  I tend to write these things without reading the statement from the band and I've just now noticed that the band is indeed a DYI project. Would be very interested in featuring the band on Rockwired Magazine and our podcast Rockwired Radio Profiles. 

Patrick Ross

Good song. Reminds me a bit of Better Than Ezra if I'm honest. Also, nice video concept. Very #meta.

So for my professional advice, web presence & digital marketing. Finish setting up your YouTube channel. Add in links to your other social properties and official site. Also, link & verify your website under This will help your channel come up higher in search. Get a watermark going, and either add a suggested video across the channel or make use of YouTube cards to send me somewhere else. Presently, the video ends and I'm likely to disappear into YouTube land.

On the video itself, get a link in the description above the fold. iTunes perhaps? If you use a smartURL via you can get a nice looking link that you can keep track of. Also, make sure to add "http://" in front of links here, like your website, as without that links are not clickable. Get your social media links in as well. You want people to have an instant way to connect with you if they are into the song. And finally, make sure to always use a custom thumbnail. 

Black CaesarX

It fits well with the genre of music. Interesting comic additions although I thought the call outs may have been a little to excessive and only used where they would be of important value.

The track is fine although not your favorite, I believe this video would speak to the target audience your trying to reach.

Frame by frame graphics were well done I've done some before and it is painstaking, but work was spot on.

Overall because of the song not really hitting me 
╭∩╭∩╭∩ (︶︿︶)∩╮∩╮5THUMBS UP

Cougar Microbes

Considering the low budget of the video I really enjoyed that. Personally I think it picks up visually once the party scene begins. . For example the thunder coming out of the guitat as well as the money bags falling off the tree where pure genius and Swapping people's faces for emoticons was inspired. Perhaps could benefit from a couple more scene cuts and a few teaser shots of the band playing earlier.  

Musically I enjoyed the track; had a slight Bowie doing Rebel Rebel vibe in parts updated for a garage rock generation. Definitely holds a radio friendly sound as described. I'd be interested in hearing more material. 

Stephen White

There's a peppiness to 'I Want To Know' that is held together well by hooky choruses and enough indie-pop edge to never let it fall into overtly safe pop-rock territory. The grit in the song's backdrop is the key to it's success as a track, fitting in with the current garage/indie-pop scene.

The video however, was incredibly distracting and awkward. While the social media aspect is an understandable concept, it will date the music rapidly just by pure association. Perhaps a rethink of this stylistic choice is needed.

Liane Chan

The song was good and the video was funny and engaging. I liked the comic book elements and funny hashtags and emoji. Definitely made for the modern user of technology. It sounds very radio friendly too. I hope it gets played!

Going Solo

The video is funny, a very nice idea to blend Instagram filters, FB's emoticons with real life. A nice intro to the band indeed. About the song..We can agree that's a very good start. It's catchy and breezy, something that easily get stuck in listeners' head. Definitely radio friendly.
I recognize many influences here, from Pavement to Bowie's Rebel Rebel. It has a really interesting developing, it sounds pretty heavy for an indie-pop jam, but in the end I like it. I'm very curious about the record, please send it over at

We'll share soon the video through our socials. All the best.


The  song was very catchy!! Potential to be seen by a lot of the main stream market! Will definitely share with folks! Great video concept!

Alan Poyer

A clever exploration of our humanity in the new uncharted era of the digital age; a place where self-doubt soars and self-esteem struggles to breathe.

By caricaturizing this reality, Robot Garden gives us a chance to breathe, laugh, and realize we're not alone.

I really enjoyed this - the replays gave something new to smile at each time. Well done!

A couple small pointers from a promotional standpoint:

- Adding "http://" before your YouTube description links helps increase clickthroughs by stripping out the extra copy/paste step.
- Adding those links along with your social account links in your Fluence description can help with engagement as well.
- Site looks great - well done via Bandzoogle!

Downloading the album from bandcamp now - will certainly add to the listen queue and help share it out on socials. If you're ever in San Francisco let me know ( and we'll have a few beer pong games haha. Cheers!

Leks Maltby

Fuzzed out electric lead guitar kicks off this track with an incredible frenzy of sound. The song has sounds reminiscent of 90's era indie rock, in the vein of bands like Teenage Fan Club. The lyrics are catchy and memorable, packed with hooks in the chorus and pre-chorus, Definitely a memorable song, loaded with ear-worm catchiness not soon to get out of the listener's head!

Hugh McIntyre

This was a great tune. I really enjoyed it, and I can see where plenty of others would as well.

Donna Brown

I thought this was a clever concept and really dug deep into the ideas of social media and the different personas we put on or express through each medium. 

Because the sound didn't start for a while, I was fiddling with my speakers, thinking there was an issue, I'll be honest. I'd maybe trim 10 seconds or so of silence off the front if you can.

The sound quality was really good and the video was well put together given that it was on a budget. Great job!

Raziq Rauf

V cool graphics on the video and the message and story is fun - it's not too callous or cynical. I like the slightly dramatic vocals. It's a good song!

Aurora Berill

Nice track! I like the idea of mixing together a bit of alternative rock with some synth-pop elements. You also may want to invest in making a high quality music video, because the song is worth it.

The vocal is clear and blends well with dynamic and energetic beat. Nicely produced! I would love to here more from this artist!

Thanks for sharing your music with me!

Andres Aloi submitted media.

Robot Garden Teaser by Robot Garden

Frank Bell

I dig the feel/vibe! The treatment here reminds me of early 90's MTV. This is definitely a cool and unique way to introduce and get listeners and fans excited about the new record. I believe my favorite from those showcased, would be the second track. Definitely will look out for more from Robot Garden, and will make that April 30th release date on my calendar. 

Andres Aloi submitted media.

Fountain Of Youth by Robot Garden

Craig Boliver

I really enjoyed the basic keyboard/electric piano sound, but I felt that it didn't fit in with the rest of the instrumentation and production. Live this might make a little more sense all together. Strong structure and likable vocals. It really think this could get some good attention through radio connections/festivals, as well as fair with more of a concert vibe. Don't take that the wrong way, some can pay very well and you can reach new people you wouldn't play to at clubs.

Heather Willensky

Good song structure! The synth patch is a bit dry - I might add some FX. The vocals are recorded nicely and I like the lyrics. Did you auto-tune the vocals? There's a bit of a "twang" coming off them - you could probably turn them down and get a similarly great vocal sound. Also, I'd bring up the guitars on the chorus to give it maximal dynamic impact. Great work - keep it up!


I really like the message and feel of the song. The vocals could be improved in some areas! But other than that, it's a great feel good song. I'd love to hear more!

Brian Hazard

Nice track, with a catchy chorus! I wonder if "I don't want to be young" would make for a stronger title? That's a strong line.

The keyboard lead is very Cars. My frames of reference are older, but I also hear some Crowded House and Gin Blossoms. You've got a really interesting blend of styles here!

I see you're just looking for promo help, so I won't bother commenting on the mix or production. Sure, I'd be happy to share it with my following on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Liane Chan

Sounds a little new wave, but starts off like a bedroom recording. Aside from that, I liked it. The song itself is very catchy and the lyrics are sweet. 

D Grant Smith

Well constructed and built pop-rock song. Musically appealing and uplifting beyond the standard fair. Nicely produced and mixed. Could fade a little faster after final chorus around 3:31. Fade is a little longer than necessary.

Indie Band Guru

The track has a cool classic rock vibe with pop sensibilities.  Catchy use of synths create a warmth that is undeniable.  This can catch on in the right retro loving circles.  


I like this song and would love to play it on the station. It is a solid song both musically and lyrically.  I look forward to hearing more from this artist. 

Going Solo

Unlike your other submission, this sounds a bit less personal. It starts as a DIY recording, but it turns soon in a well-refined pop-rock piece. I'd say that inspiration comes from Nineties' anthems (vocals have definitely something in common with britpop era) if it were not for those very Cars-esque synth-lines. Still, it's very enjoyable and I'll listen to the whole record soon.

Leks Maltby

The interplay between keys and guitar and intro is instantly engaging, and super infectious to say the least. The vocals are smooth and easy going, a perfect compliment to the instrumental tracks. There's a definite 70's nostalgia running through this song. At times the keys recall Supertramp, while the vocals in the chorus almost border on Bon Jovi territory, in a strangely intriguing way. Definitely a radio-friendly song packed with hooks and memorable melodies. The keys steal the show, especially in the outro.

Disco Naïveté

You've got a very, very classic indie rock sound so you need to target that specific kind of fan. I'd maybe work from Facebook ads targeted at people that like pages of bands with a similar, classic sound and promote a Soundcloud link of your "best"/most accessible song that way. It's not the kind of flashy sound that will do really good on blogs so most of the work will have to come from your side of things, I'm afraid. The quality is here though!

Andrea Young

Good production, arrangement values and beat.  Not sure the lyrics have universal relatability but they’re intriguing, especially your reference to ‘15th century nautical symbolism’.  Makes me want to learn more about that.  This has potential to be played on synthpop and 80’s Duran Duran style online stations especially.  Send a high quality mp3 to me at and I’ll include it in a future Aspenbeat show.  Thanks for your submission.  Good luck with your music!

Annie White

Love the synth in the intro! Great build up to the chorus (the chorus is definitely the song's strength). The song as a whole reminds me of early Rob Thomas. I would definitely submit it to radio or try getting it a few commercial syncs.

Ben Hubbird

Still trying to decide if the 3rd chord is cutting against the grain, or just harsh & dissonant in a bad way. It's really borderline. Vocal is nasal in a not-entirely-pleasant way. Drums feel a little...little?

Dig the Cars-esque Moog line post chorus.