Ryan Summers

Ryan Summers

Ryan Summers

Songwriter, producer, mix engineer
Producer and manager for Midwest Soul Xchange.
music producer, mastering, mix engineer, songwriting
indie rock, indie pop, electronica, alternative rock, dance, folk rock, americana, experimental electronic, indie electronic, progressive rock

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Ryan Summers submitted media.

Set A Course For Common Worlds by Midwest Soul Xchange

Kami Knake

I like it. The melody, harmonies, and production are solid. There is nothing I don't like about this song, but it's not standing out from the 100 other songs I listen to every day. It's good but it doesn't make me stop what i'm doing.

Wiley Koepp

I'm a sucker for vocal harmony so Midwest Soul Xchange caught my attention right away.  The sound, oddly enough, seems like a meld of Matthew Sweet's 90s alt-pop and...REO Speedwagon.  Somehow the vocal tones say "Kevin Cronin" to me--which is a good thing.  If you look past the late night classic rock infomercials, REO was a very vocally talented group.  So, yeah, pleasant sounds, catchy arrangement, and as the sun rises out my window in Austin, Texas, "Set A Course For Common Worlds" ain't a bad soundtrack for the moment.

And just as I was going to try and offer some constructive criticism of "spice up the typical pop song progression," you hit me with the measure of 3/4 time about 40 seconds in.  Nice job!  

wayne leeloy

really enjoyed this. thought the writing was solid and the melodies and harmonies were on point. final mix could be tweaked to tighten things up, but I also like the looser, live feel. 
this reminded me a lot of why I love a band like guster. also excited to see the little highlight in the chorus. good to shake things up and add an element of musicality to prove you can play. 

Bob Lugowe

I really enjoyed this song and felt the description below is pretty accurate to what you sound like and who your influences are.  I like the artwork too though I feel the website could be a bit more professional (try squarespace or Tumblr) and that you should put the album for free or as a pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp.  I would include official links in your Fluence bio below for people to easily find the band online after listening to it and keep spreading the good word, you're off to a great start! 

Andrea Young

There’s lots of promise in your harmonies and vocals here, love them.  The song doesn’t quite speak to me for some reason - you might want to try to record without all of the production/instrumentation behind you, I’d love to hear a bit more simplified sound.  Do hope to hear more from you, you’ve got a fun backstory about your being friends for so long and composing and recording long distances, and I can  hear the synergy in your collaboration and your harmonies and I like that.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Ryan Summers submitted media.

Some Humans Ain't Human by Cellophane Superstars

Kevin Hugger

There is a band from Pittsburgh called the Van Allen Belt, an fantastical outfit unrestricted by convention or the wholesome view of what modern music should sound like. I was reminded of this pioneering spirit when listening to Cellophane Superstars ‘Some Humans Ain't Human’ which is about as far from conventional daytime listening as you’ll get. Its closest cousin is probably the industrial sound of 90’s bands such as Sheep on Drugs or a more oblique electro tinged Depeche Mode. Given the iconography and impression of false deities this could well work best as a soundtrack to an adult cartoon or a role playing war based futuristic game. As a standalone piece of music ‘Some Humans Ain't Human’ is at times overpowering and will likely lie in the long grass until BBQ season has been replaced by its cloudier counterpart.  

Arielle J.

I LOVE the vibe of this. It's dark and scary yet so catchy and I definitely bopped my head while listening to it. I would actually like to hear less powerful vocals on this track - when they came in they came in REALLY loud and completely overpowered the music. If they were a bit quieter in comparison with the music it would really help add to the haunting quality of the song. Really digging the sort of 90s grunge-esque feel I get from this song as it progresses. For me, the song is too long. For a song to go over the standard 3.5ish minute length there needs to be a reason, or a progression in the song's story, but I found it a bit repetitive after awhile. If this were capped around 3 minutes it would be more concise and focused. But really, I'm super into it!