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David Choi

Perfect for Film/TV. Highly recommend actively pitching this to music supervisors who can place this...I think that might be a way to get seen as a band and grow a following. Has a bit of a Phoenix the Band feel. Solid writing, producing, and melody. Music video is great. Don't know how long the band has been around, but I think there's a great start here for something big.

Anthony Metcalf submitted media.

choke by band noir

Brian Hazard

How mean-spirited of you! 😜

Obviously the recording is pretty rough around the edges. I'd love to hear the full band from the beginning. It feels like it's going to be a five-minute song once the drums and bass come in, but then it's over! It's like a teaser for the full song. Maybe that's your intention!

Seems like you could "Green Day" it up a bit (if that didn't make you throw up in your mouth), and like, record with a click, add some harmonies, edit the vocal, etc. This is fine for what it is, but I think it could be a lot more.

Regardless, it's not a good fit for my following, even if were fully produced and full-length. At least you're only out $8 right? 👊🏻

A couple suggestions for future Fluence submissions:

1. Include the lyrics so we can follow along (I understood them just fine, but wasn't always focused on them)

2. Include a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

Anthony Metcalf submitted media.

'Neptune' by Terrible Sons

Brendon Veevers

As someone from Christchurch, New Zealand myself, I was particularly excited to see this one in my inbox. Always keen to see how music develops in my home country. Its nice to hear acts like this taking music in a positive direction and honing in on the raw talent that the country has to offer - especially when it comes to folky, guitar driven tracks like this which I believe is New Zealand's musical strong-point. Beautiful song, stunning harmonies and quite a mesmerizing video to accompany the track. Really nice work on this track guys. I could imagine hearing this track on mainstream radio so I think you have a gem on your hands. 

D Grant Smith

Aside from the beautifully shot video, there is a Gulliver's Travels story here. The movement is sweetly haunting and powerful in its subtly. Beautifully composed, arranged and presented, I want to hear more of this group from the experience of this song, which is the purpose of any single release. Well done!

Going Solo

I love everything of this submission. The song is very-well produced and it fits perfectly with the footage. It conveys an overwhelming sense of calm, which is a bit awkward but pleasant in the end. I'll give it a spin through our socials.

Leks Maltby

A very delicate intro, comprised of little more than a few spare piano chords and some palm muted acoustic guitar. Euphoric shared male and female vocals recalls the work of groups such as Stars, while the generally bare bones acoustic aesthetic brings bands such as The Lumineers to mind. The strings in the chorus elevate the song to a higher sonic territory all together, shedding some of the lo-fi low production aesthetic in the production. While this song is largely circular in its songwriting, ultimately taking the long road to get back to the very place where it began, the beautiful lush scenery along the way makes the auditory voyage well worth the cost of admission.

Andrea Young

Beautiful imagery and a pretty song.  Love the  harmonies and the production on it especially.  Send a high quality mp3 to and I'll include it on a future show.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Emilie Lorre

The first word that comes to my mind after listening to your song is "beautiful". The melody is all in softness with this guitar riff. The musical arrangement is well done with touches of Strings instruments in strategic moments. Your two voices go perfectly together. This song has been a pure relaxing moment for me rocked by this haunting and beautiful song. So thank you and I'm curious to discover a bit more of your songs.

Valida Carroll

This is perfect.

My only advice, besides, MAKE MORE MUSIC! :)  would be to maybe offer this as a limited free download in exchange for a "like" on your FB page or soundcloud...I noticed that your fan base is relatively this is one way to build numbers...  :)
Also...let me know when you start thinking about LA shows...I'd love to feature you at Desert Nights...
And of course...can you please email me an MP3 of this? I will play this on my show...definitely...
Love it!

Alan Poyer


There's so much to take in here. Never have three shots been so surprisingly elegant and complex. Beautifully done.

Since you're only looking for help promoting I'll focus on that. Press release looks well-presented. Only recommendation would be to include your social and site links to tie things together.

This is right up my alley. Would love to post a writeup here ( and include in a playlist here: ( Any chance you could send a link to a WAV/FLAC file somewhere? 

I'll queue it up to share out right now and thanks for sending this my way. Cheers!

Kevin Hugger

‘Neptune’ is so light on its feet it almost defies gravity. So softly focused, demure and effortlessly efficient at locating the bullseye on your slowed down beating heart. The promo vid is similarly assembled, all slo-mo images that hardly mean anything in their own right but are absorbing in their visual impact. Terrible Sons have a lot in common with another husband and wife team called Adam & Darcie who also tend to convey so very much by saying very little at all. I’m also shuffling back to the sweet sounds of Irish band the Harvest Ministers because to become this adept at affecting a listener into the gentle emotions I’m feeling takes a very special talent indeed. This is going straight on my list of favourite songs for 2015.

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