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Darrell Smith

Hey guys. Great back story.  Would have loved to hear the finished song in its entirety.  The concept is great.  The technical details about how you turned an instrument into a playable instrument were a little much.  I think most people will appreciate your music and your personal connection to the instrument in your studio that you magically brought back to life for this song.  

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Hey - thanks for sending this to me. I would have preferred a full-on music submission - of course it is interesting to see how the track came together and get behind the scenes on the recording process.. From what I can hear, it's really beautiful - folk vocals meets synthy goodness, and I love that piano side. Really lovely, and I like how you introduce the instruments, I just want more of the song besides the backing track to the video.

Jen Dan

Hi guys!  What an absorbing "Making Of" for your song "Established in Baltimore"!  I had a great time listening to and understanding how you constructed this song.  The process of creation is not something that the average person thinks about when listening a tune, so it was really interesting to find out the sonic and lyrical backstory of this song.

The idea of creating sounds out of an old, broken down piano that only had its strings and soundboard left is pretty ingenious, and while I don't quite understand the jump from sampling the sounds of the strings to building a sampler instrument (and then performing each note on a keyboard), I could see the complexity and challenge in, like you say in the video, making "something out of nothing."

I especially liked the segment about the drum sounds; about using your fist to bang on the piano's wood to replicate the sound of a kick drum and hand slaps to mimic a snare drum.

As for the song itself, which runs through your video, and is the focus of the end of the video, it has a nice percussive rhythm and there's a pleasantly old-time feel to the piano strings.  The storytelling lyrics are great, about someone who's climbing a ladder ("You're looking down at the distance that you've gone."), I'm assuming figuratively, and I like the vocals that are touched with longing.  

This "Making Of" definitely whets the aural appetite and makes me want to listen to "Established in Baltimore" in full!!  Oh, and the meaning behind the song title is sweet.  :)

Michael Senchuk

That's pretty cool. Very ingenuous and ended up with a really great song, ambient-drone-folk. Simple but complex.

Joe Taylor Jr.

I wish there was a little stinger or frontsell at the top of the piece to hint at what was going to happen, it might be tough for some viewers to get through thirty seconds of intro before we find out what's actually going on in the piece. However, this is a really strong and savvy introduction to the band, to how they work, and to what makes this track special. Focusing attention on how these organic sounds got made could open up audiences via maker blogs, not just music blogs. And it's really effective to bring viewers into the track itself with the YT link at the end -- definitely stronger than if you had just pitched the song on its own. Good job!

Aaron Suplizio

This is such a creative idea.  Before I even looked up at the video, I was drawn in by the dulcimer-like quality of the piano.  Just a very cool timbre.  I really enjoyed learning about the story behind the unique tone, and I think it's inspiring how a piano with a missing keybed became a project to a bunch of modern musicians with sampling tools and open minds.

Shayne Locke

Guys this is what music is all about. Creating a sound that is unique and beautiful. The story of how it was made is as worth watching as the song itself. I would play this track in a heartbeat. Well done Filligar.

Tom Matthew

I really like your innovative approach. Music is all about creativity, and it's inspiring to see people looking at something like a busted piano and making beautiful music with it. You've got an interesting story, nice video, and what you did with the piece is really nice. Happy to share this along.

Bruno Natal

Really cool project! There's a Brazilian artist by the name of Lucas Santtana who went on to make a whole album simply using the acoustic guitar,  taking it as far as he could and in a couple of tracks he went into a similar approach as you had here.

Lauren Gribble

Hi guys! This certainly sounds like an interesting project! I'd love to hear more from you guys. Feel free to send any submissions over to Listen Here Reviews (my website) if you are interested in getting coverage. 


Tom Johnson

The instrumental sounds lovely and it's a really nice idea that you've put together there. It's difficult to offer much advice without hearing the full track is the lyrics/vocal will be the key part here, so I'll go and listen to the full track now if I can find it. Best of luck! 

Michael Moretti

Interesting concept. Thank you for including the backstory when going into the song. I'm not sure if there is a 2:30 minute intro to the song or not or if that was just an editing aid so you could tell the backstory. I would have liked to have heard the song from the beginning to the end (or maybe I did?). Regardless, the minute or so that I listened to everything going on without a narrator was good. Kinda reminds me of a Gotye meets Radiohead type vibe. Seems very organic. Good job. 

Peter Anderson submitted media.

Olga Knapinska

At the beginning I was a little skeptical about how this song goes with the music video, but half way through it all started to make sense and went out pretty cool. What I really like about this tune are definitely the vocals - I would recommend that the singer could try exploring his voice a little more, I feel like it could be a starting point for a lot of listeners to get interested in your work. It’s already pretty intriguing and engaging, but I know it could be even better. Other than that, I love the darker atmosphere that this tune gets me in.

Going Solo

The video is extremely cool! I like the concept behind it and It kept me glued till the end.
(Un)fortunately, your band already have some records and a good career behind and it doesn't fit to the mission of our blog. We wish you luck anyway!

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. I really enjoyed this. Reminded me a little of a British band I loved a decade ago called The Cooper Temple Clause and a band I heard a lot on KROQ when I was in the US last week called Big Data. Definitely the sort of thing I'm into, please send the album over to me Many thanks.

Chelsea Schwartz

What an incredible video! Has it officially been released yet? Or looking to premiere it somewhere? Really digging the tune as well, High Voltage would love to do something with Filligar in the future (video premiere, interview, and/or radio play). 

Peter Anderson submitted media.

Larry Lootsteen

I love the opening.  Fantastic vocal as well.  I like the fact that you mix in some noise to break up the mainline of the song.  It would be very dull musically if you didn't do that.  If I have a complaint it's that there is a bit of a drone quality to the song.  You do that step up in the chorus that you thankfully build into more later in the song.  I really love the sound and vocals.  You've taken it to a better level than the core of the song would have.  Well done!

Greg Gali

Filligar , firstly thanks for sending me your new music.  I thought this song was very anthemic , and the originality of the music and vocals  was very refreshing!  I don't know that i could call this a smash hit, but honestly, i  know  I could not say that it was not a smash hit !
Overall i think you guys are on to something with the direction and sound of this band!

Best of luck on your musical venture

Greg Gali
 i would love to hear any new music in the future.

Daniel Oakley

Great vocals! Love the tempo too. Would love to see the band live as well - let me know if you make it back to LA. Venice is the place to be! What are the plans for record release? EP? Could definitely see this sound doing well in LA, NY or even Nashville. Good tunes...will check out the rest of the Soundcloud. "Motor Shine" is also good, beachy vibes. Keep up with the tunes - why no releases for over a year? 

Good luck to you guys!                    

Charlie Ashcroft

This has grown on me with repeated listens. I wasn't too sure about the intro at first, but I've since gone on to appreciate the song's sense of control and how it builds. There are moments that I really like - particularly the chorus and the repeating "eh-hey-eh-hey-eh" refrains which have become lodged in my head. The vocals take me back to my early love of classic 60s and 70s voices, exuding warmth and a reassuring feeling of familiarity.

Eric Chen

 good work on this song.  loved the acoustics and keyboard mix.  

Kami Knake

Love it and immediately want to hear it again! Will add to my Spotify playlists and share. Thanks for sending!

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